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Software as a Service- Access Your Applications Wherever You Go

Need an IT solution for your routine tasks? No need to worry about complex infrastructure arrangement and software deployment. Software applications are also available as hosted solutions that can be accessed over the internet and used hassle-freely as and when required. This software delivering phenomenon is termed as SaaS or Software as a Service. With emphasis on applications on the move that enable anytime anywhere access from any device, cloud or SaaS applications are viable options for businesses. Accompanying multi-device support and cross-platform compatibility, SaaS is swiftly replacing conventional on-premise solutions that require complex infrastructure and extensive technical know-how to operate and manage the applications.

SaaS applications, commonly known as web-based, hosted or cloud applications, are on-demand applications that run on the server of SaaS provider. Infrastructure requirements and platform compatibility is taken care of the SaaS provider. The users are provided managed access to the some modules or the entire application, storage, security and performance based on their budgets and needs. Users are just required to have an internet connection to access the hosted applications to manage their businesses on the go.

The SaaS Advantage

  • Cost Saving: No investment is required for the infrastructure as the applications are completely hosted in SaaS infrastructure. Users can access the multi-tenanted architecture and run the subscribed applications proficiently while sharing the cloud environment.
  • Flexible Pricing: “Pay as you go” pricing models for SaaS solutions provide flexible payment modes to the users. Users can opt for “subscription” plans viz. monthly, yearly, per license, per user and similar. Flexible pricing facilitates users to use only those services actually required and fruitful for them. Users can discontinue using these services anytime by unsubscribing effortlessly.

You can scale up or scale down the no. of users you require depending on time of the year

  • Scalable: SaaS applications are highly scalable and allow partial or full access of the application to the users depending on their usage and pricing plans. Nearly all applications follow modular approach and menu driven interface thereby allowing users to access either entire software or only specific features to fulfil their automation needs.
  • Automatic Updation: Software applications are automatically updated by SaaS providers and users are relieved from worries to buy the updated version of the application. Without any AMC or updation cost, users always get access to the updated version with recent features of the applications.
  • Accessibility: Cloud applications are quick and easy to access without any hassle. All users need in the internet connectivity to run the application on any device may it be tablet, PC, laptop, or smart phone. Hosted applications are readily accessible anytime anywhere across the globe.
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