Pos-ify Business for Cashless Selling to Enhance your Business

With demonetisation of high value currency notes, going cashless can prove to be a breather to deal with limited physical currency in circulation. Businesses can be efficiently manage their sales with POS that facilitates customers to complete their transactions even with digital cash. POS involves a hardware device called POS machine connected to a terminal, generally a computer system, with POS software installed on the same. POS can be considered as a an automated cash register to capture the transaction details such as item code, description, rate, and quantity either manually of using the barcode machines. POS solutions are integrated software usually linked with inventory, accounting, barcoding, sale, purchase and billing software modules.

For best retail pos software, under listed solutions can be considered.

  1. Zeta POS: Zeta POS is an end to end solution for absolute execution and administration of sales and inventory facilitating easy customer checkouts. The solution enhances performance with intuitive features and user friendly interface. Along with processing of quotations, orders, invoices, and credit notes, the solution also helps enforcing inventory management and control.
  2. Zopper EasyPOS: Customer focused point of sale system, EasyPOS, enables retailers and small to medium businesses to boost their sales with efficient billing and entire CRM. EasyPOS is an ultimate solution for overall POS operations including sales, inventory, workforce management, loyalty programs, payments and much more.
  3. GoFrugal Retail POS: Cloud based GoFrugal Retail POS is a commendable solution for POS billing and retail business management. Features such as quick billing, inventory control, reports, POS integration, accounting module, and multi store management make it distinguished among others.
  4. HyperDrive HDPOS smart: HDPOS Smart is a windows based POS solution for smooth billing, accounting and inventory management operations. The solution can be installed on single computer or network system. This feature rich and easy to use software can be deployed hassle freely with quick and clean setup.
  5. Focus POS: One of the leading web based retail management solution, Focus POS addresses automation needs of overall operations while customizing and synchronizing with various modules. The solution supports multiple currency transactions and provides multi-lingual interface options. This POS software can also be integrated with keyboards or touch screens.
  6. Marg POS: Simple to use and easy to implement POS solution, Marg POS, comes with user-friendly interface, and is available as cloud based solution. The solution is categorised into various modules allowing businesses to manage all POS operations such as easy and fast billing, inventory control, barcode management, cash/ credit/ multi payment support, stocks, accounts, and reporting among others.
  7. Neemus NEEPOS: NEEPOS is a cutting edge software for online Point of Sale operations facilitating businesses to execute all operations flawlessly. The solution allows businesses to seamlessly manage inventory, requisitions, sales, and invoicing cost effectively. NEEPOS is simply deployable solution and does not require any extensive technical know how to operate.
  8. CodeRobotics Point of Sale: This desktop based Point of Sale (POS) is cutting edge solution that empowers businesses to manage inventory, suppliers, sales, accounting, purchases and billing effortlessly. This robust POS software with exquisite features is categorized into various modules thereby relieving businesses from all management worries.
  9. RBW Karni Retail (POS): Karni Retail POS Software is an off-the-shelf solution supports multi-location management of items, inventory, accounts, sales, purchase and report generation along with billing.
  10. Reckon Sales POS: POS software from Reckon Sales caters to the POS automation needs effectively. Supporting multi users, accounts, go downs, locations and single entry system, the software have been exclusively designed to expertly deal with vital functions of POS, sales, purchases, inventory, accounting, and reporting.

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