Top 5 Channel Management Software for Hospitality in 2023

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The term Channel Management means a process where the company designs marketing techniques along with sales strategies to reach the maximum number of customers. The channels are mere ways to market or sell your products.

To get the maximum bang for your buck, we would like you to consider using channel manager software for your organization. You will reap great benefits such as highly motivated and trained channel partners, improved job performance, more visibility for your channel, superior commitment towards your company and not to forget increased sales.

We will look at the Top 5 channel management software available in India that will help your business reach the top in a jiffy!

List of Top 5 Channel Management Software in 2023

  • Axis Rooms Hotel Channel Manager

Axis Rooms channel management software helps you keep track of your inventory and pricing in real time. Axis Rooms is an intuitive solution through which you can manage the availability of rooms and their rates with just a few clicks.

  • eZee Centrix – Online Hotel Channel Manager

eZee Centrix brands itself as a complete distribution ecosystem. It helps automate several kinds of processes such as online rates and inventory distribution while curtailing the hassles of overbooking and mismatched inventory.

EZee Centrix channel management software comes loaded with attractive features like competitor rates analysis, regulation of rate parity, eminent yield management, mobile channel manager, integrated PMS and booking engine.

  • eZee Reservation Online Booking Engine

eZee Reservation channel management solution is a robust online booking engine that helps you secure infinite bookings for zero commission. eZee Reservation Online Booking Engine is mobile friendly and serves as an advanced sales boosting software to help you boost your revenues.

Its features include hotel rate management, statistics, reports and logs, a central reservation system, and API integration.

  • Djubo Hotel Channel Manager

Through Djubo’s channel management software, you can simplify hotel room inventory distribution across online travel agencies (OTAs). It has a centralized reservation system that automates room distribution to all your OTAs seamlessly. Plus, you don’t need to update your room inventory since Djubo ensures if a room is available, it is instantly pushed out to the OTAs.

  • STAAH Channel Manager

Staah’s instant channel manager lets you manage rates and inventory enabling you to make informed decisions. You gain maximum visibility through Staah’s 200+ connections to OTAs, Global Distribution System (GDS), and best payment gateways.

You cannot go wrong with this impressive list of best channel management software which not only helps you keep track of your inventory but also manages your OTA bookings making sure if any room becomes available it is immediately pushed out to the OTAs.

Published On: February 1, 2018

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