Top 5 Retail POS Billing Software Solutions for Your Business

If you’re running a small retail store or a giant retail chain ala Walmart, you would have come to realize the importance of a POS solution.

This retail system not only records and collates all kinds of sales but also keep a tab on stock levels. You can also easily detect any mismatch in figures with the actual stocks available with you.

So, to help you retailers out there, we’ve compiled a list of top-rated retail POS billing software. This will help businesses climb the next step to bigger success.

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List of Top 5 POS Billing Software

1. Maco POS

Maco POS is an all-inclusive cloud-based retail POS billing software that comes equipped with in-built GST. Maco POS is loaded with features such as barcode generation, retail sales, GST auto calculation, inventory transfer, user management, discount management, sales returns and reports & analytics that will take your business to the next level.

2. Tally Shoper 9

Tally Solutions offers a highly configurable retail POS billing software enabling you to effectively reduce errors and augment customer satisfaction. Tally Shoper 9’s flexible and intuitive interface coupled with ease of deployment lends retail businesses of all sizes the capability of dealing with different products.

3. GoFrugal Retail POS

GoFrugal Retail  POS solution is GST ready and designed specifically for retail shops and restaurants. GoFrugal retail POS solution boasts attractive features such as uninterrupted fast GST billing, inventory tracking control, smart reports, POS integrations, CRM & loyalty, multi store management, integrated accounting, purchase & reorder, security control, and cloud POS.

4. Nukkad Shops

Nukkad Shops is a cloud based POS billing software that offers billing & cash management, inventory management, mobile storefront, up-sell & cross-sell suggestions, loyalty programs and analytics. Nukkad Shops is designed for retail businesses and helps take them to the next level.

5. Digiclay Retail POS

Digiclay retail POS billing software is designed for stand-alone retails shops and retail chains. This helps you to train new workers while enabling you to open new stores. Digiclay Retail POS is easy to setup, run and assists in managing retail stores. It comes with attractive in-built features like inventory control, billing, financial accounting, payroll and client loyalty programs.

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