How to Choose Best Mobile POS: Top 12 Android Billing Machines in India


A point of sale (POS) device plays a huge role in improving the overall experience of a customer when they first interact with your business. And with rapid developments in technology, Android billing machines are now available in the form of handheld devices which drastically reduces your investment and exponentially increases efficiency.

In this article, we tell you why your business should opt for an android POS billing machine and which ones to exactly go for.

Android Billing Machines in India

What is an Android POS Billing Machine?

An android POS billing machine is a handheld device like phone, tablet with Android or Windows. It can function as on the go cash counter or point of sales device.

Android handheld POS machines need a stable network, an additional equipment that can read plastic cards and a dedicated mobile app to connect the customer’s device to the POS device.

The android POS device with printer can be coupled with a barcode scanner and printer to scan products at the time of billing and print receipts instantly.

Who All Can Use Android POS Software in India?

An Android POS machine with a printer is useful for businesses that are catering to mobile-savvy generations. Billing machine with software are useful for retailers, restaurant owners, food trucks and much more. Handheld android billing machines can also be used by businesses that have retail chains spread across several geographical locations.

Top 12 Android Billing Machine You Can Employ for Your Business

We bring you the list of android portable billing machines that are easy to deploy and use and would revolutionize customer checkout experience.

Software NameStarting Price
Clonet POSAvailable on request
IVEPOSCustom Pricing Plan
SquareProcessing charges 2.6%
Shopify Lite₹2123.83/month
Vend POS₹7250.31/month
eHopper₹805.59 per month
Mobile POS by Hike₹4320.89
PayPal Here2.7% transaction charge
Revel Systems POS₹7250.31 per month
  • Clonet POS

Clonet POS billing machine is used by restaurant and retail businesses for managing sales, orders and inventories. This restaurant POS software is best for cloud backup supports that makes it easy to manage business processes even from remote locations.

The POS system supports kitchen printers and customer display screens for easy sales and order management. CloNet POS software provides key POS peripherals like POS/receipt printers, control boards, label scales and POS printers.

CloNet POS Machine Price in India- Price of CloNet POS software is available on request with us.

  • ShopKeep

Android POS with printer

ShopKeep billing machine with software is one of the most sought after portable billing machines. ShopKeep android POS billing machine also has a BackOffice feature for easy management of different business processes from a single dashboard. This android POS billing machine accepts all modes of payment- from cash to cards.

ShopKeep keeps your office’s security in mind and thus provides the option of providing role based access to your employees. Store managers can even monitor the hours spent working by a particular employee.

ShopKeep Android Billing Machine Price- Starting from ₹3588.54 per month.


IVEPOS is the new generation of POS software that can be used or deployed on any Android Device. The best part of IVEPOS is it doesn’t require any dedicated billing machine and can be used on any android tablet or smartphone. You can generate bills, process payments directly and even manage orders directly from your device.

You can keep track of sales and inventory, process payments, and even manage loyalty programs using the android POS system. Table management and online ordering integration feature for restaurants increases efficiency and improves customer experience. Whether you’re running a small business or a large enterprise, the IVEPOS Android POS system can make things a lot easier.

IVEPOS even have a dedicated mobile app for owners to manage the entire operations. It is worth considering if you’re looking for an all-in-one POS billing solution for your business.

IVEPOS Pricing: IVEPOS has a custom pricing plan as per business requirements. Contact Techjockey team for detailed pricing.

  • Square

The reason that Square android handheld POS machine features in our list is that it is extremely easy to setup and your employees can use it efficiently. Square creates an automatic profile for each customer and provides recurring customers with loyalty programs.

Square android POS machine with printer helps in accepting payments in different modes such as invoices, checkout links, gift cards etc. It offers amazing compatibility with external hardware such as printers, scanners for barcodes and much more.

Square Android POS with Printer Price- Free to setup and use. Processing charges are 2.6% + ₹7.32 per tap or swipe.

  • Toast

Android handheld POS machine

Toast is meant for big restaurants and fast food eateries to serve their customers in a better fashion. Toast android billing machines enable customers to pay for their meals through their own device. Toast android POS software India supports all modern methods of payments which includes NFC and through digital wallets.

The hardware of Toast POS solution has been designed to remain spill proof, dust proof and spill proof for long duration of times. Its battery lasts almost 24 hours on a single charge. Moreover, Toast KDS sends alerts to servers once any order is ready.

Toast Android POS Software India Price- Starts from ₹5053.25 per month.

  • Clover Android Billing Machine

Clover handheld android billing machine is cloud based which means you can access all business related data such as reports anytime and from any device you want. It offers a high degree of customization and can grow along with your business. Clover mPOS software can be integrated with third party apps available for download from the clover’s app store itself.

You can accept payments through gift cards, debit card, credit card, online mobile wallets, NFC and more. Clover Android POS software also fastens up the checkout process in India by enabling contactless payments, thus making for a better customer experience.

Clover Android POS Machine Price in India- Available for ₹36544.51.

  • Shopify Lite

Android POS software India

Shopify Lite handheld android billing machine creates customer profiles so that your business can offer special offers to recurring customers. In addition to this, Shopify Lite allows you to add any number of employees to your existing list, manage inventory to know which items are running out of stock in real time. You can further assign role-based access to critical data.

Not only this, this Android POS billing machine has an omnichannel presence. It provides shoppers with a unique experience both online and in stores.

Shopify Lite Android Billing Machine Price- Starts from ₹2123.83 per month.

  • Vend POS

Vend POS portable billing machine provides both online and offline functionalities for better customer experience. Vend POS is known for building customer databases in the most transparent manner ever. As a customer, this can be useful for you as you can keep a tab on what is being captured during the checkout process. This includes service charges, local taxes and more.

You have the option of creating custom buttons for your in-demand products for facilitating a faster checkout with Vend billing machine with software. In addition to this, Vend POS also adds short and specific notes to customer bills. These notes can range from anywhere such as detailing discounts, wash and maintenance instructions and much more.

Vend POS Android Billing Machine Price- Starts from ₹7250.31 per month.

  • eHopper


eHopper has emerged as a popular android handheld POS machine for SMBs in recent times. This is because customers have the option of scanning the items of their choice and adding them directly to the cart. It is also an efficient solution for calculating taxes and sizing up discounts.

There’s good news for restaurant owners- eHopper now aids you in constructing floor plans and provides better control over your table orders. eHopperAndroid POS software can also be utilised by online businesses to change the theme of their ecommerce platforms and reflect their brand.

eHopper Android POS Machine Price in India- The price of the paid version starts from ₹805.59 per month.

  • Mobile POS by Hike

Android billing machine price

Hike mPOS portable billing machine is a cloud based solution which follows an omnichannel approach for you to engage with your customers. This means that you can interact with customers not just through your stores but also online. In addition to being a POS software, Hike can also double as an efficient ecommerce and inventory management tool.

The best feature about this point of sale solution is that it is dynamic in nature. This means that as your business grows and acquires more customers and employees, you can scale up Hike mPOS too.

Mobile POS by Hike Android POS with Printer Price- Starts from ₹4320.89.

  • PayPal Here

PayPal Here is a trusted android POS software for India and overseas. It is quite easy to set it up with different modes of payments such as credit cards, debit cards, online mobile wallets and more. It also supports contact-less modes of payments such as PayPal and google pay QR codes.

PayPal Here requires minimum investment in terms of hardware and charges no setup or maintenance fee. It also provides the feature of customizing your business profile, receipts and more. Plus, you can easily calculate your sales tax.

PayPal here Android POS Machine Price in India- 2.7% transaction charge for each PayPal or Venmo QR code transaction.

  • Revel Systems POS

Handheld android billing machine

Revel Systems POS can be utilised by newly established businesses and also by those who have dedicated sales solutions already in place. Revel Systems has a self servicing kiosk which drastically improves the speed of service. You have the option of creating dedicated loyalty programs for engaging recurring customers.

Revel Systems offers enhanced compatibility with CRM software to make your POS processes more customer oriented. The software also helps create and dispatch gift cards online.

Revel Systems POS Handheld Android Billing Machine Price in India- Starts from ₹7250.31 per month.


Android billing machines help businesses accept payments on the go. They have revolutionized the way payments are made and processed, especially in the times of online retail revolution. Moreover, these POS solutions can be customized to reflect your unique brand image and can be coupled with hardware such as a printer and barcode scanner.

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