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About Square POS

What is Square POS?

Square POS is software for on-cloud and offline retailers to smoothen their operations. This POS software facilitates the collection of payment upfront or online. Retailers can get detailed insights into their daily operations for better outputs. It also saves customer details for better interaction and customer relationship management. Retailers can track their purchases and curate discounts on items purchased by them regularly. This POS software is developed to smoothen all the retail-related operations and an increase in customer outreach. 

What is the salient feature of Square POS? 

Square Point of sale assists retailers to digitalize their business. Retail owners can set geo-tags and start online delivery services for goods and services. Furthermore, it also facilitates the integration of the payment gateways for online payment collection. This Square POS system is great for retailers to amp up their current operations without issues.

What benefits does Square POS offer? 

Square Point of Sale offers numerous benefits, such as: 

  1. It saves time by automating various tasks
  2. Reduces paperwork
  3. Helps businesses in making data-driven decisions 
  4. Generates low-stock alerts to avoid stock-out situations
  5. Manages CRM 

Square POS Pricing

Square Point of Sale prices varies based on several factors, such as the method of payment, type of business operations, etc. For more information regarding the costs, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you at the earliest possibility. 

Sold By : Square

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Square POS Features

Square POS software offers a great inventory management module. It automatically makes a change in the inventory whenever an item is checked out. It also enables retailers to set a low-stock alert and provides detailed insights into the movement of goods. 
Retailers can create a detailed list of goods they are dealing with in the moment. It also allows them to see which products are moving at what pace to understand their inventory efficiently. 
the software can be used for GST compliant billing. It has a very easy user interface to customize tax rates and get it started for your business. 
This POS software assists in smart pricing for strategic marketing advantages. . 
The discount management can be used for creating lucrative discount offers to attract more customers to your storefront. It enables retailers to increase their stores footfall.  
Retailers can access in-depth information about their regular operations and increase their efficiency. 
Square POS assists in the supervision of retail stores. 
The software has an embedded barcode scanner for quick checkout. 
This POS software enables retailers to market their businesses through email and SMS to increase their customer base. Retailers can use this feature to attract new customers or convert first-time visitors to recurring ones. 

Get Square POS support14 Chatting right now

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Square POS Specifications


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Square POS FAQs

Square POS can process a refund through the payment gateway. Payments are refunded within 120 days from the day of filing for a refund.
Square POS does not allow the user to delete transactions for efficient bookkeeping. However, you can file for a refund and get the money back.
Yes, Square POS enables offline mode in the absence of a stable internet connection. It saves all the data for 72 hours before the internet connection resumes.
Square POS allows you to add notes and comments to payments for additional information.
Square POS has a hybrid storage system that includes both on-premise and cloud-based solutions for efficient working.

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