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Advancement of technology has revolutionized everything we do and the retail industry isn’t an exception. The constant need to improve processes and systemize them in order to provide quality service to the customers and at the same time eliminate human errors, speed up processes and reduce cost, more and more retail store owners are deploying POS software in their stores.


POS system acts as an electronic cash register, a high-end Retail POS software comes with features like inventory management, billing and invoice, barcode scanning, customer management, credit card payment processing etc. This software has the capability to –

  • Calculate cash due for every order entered
  • Keep track of the cash in the cash drawer
  • Record payment methods
  • Create sales report
  • Calculate payroll data
  • Keep track of the inventory
  • Keep track of the items sold
  • Record information of repeated customers

With endless benefits offered by POS systems, installing a good system becomes important. However, with a huge number of POS software available in the market, choosing the right one is difficult. Hence, to make it easier for you to choose the best one, I have curated a list of retail POS software ideal for all retail stores. Here is a list of top POS software for retail stores –

  1. GoFrugal Retail POS: GoFrugal’s Point of Sale software for retail store is a comprehensive solution that comes with a number of advanced features, which helps streamline and improve various business processes. Some of its key features include inventory management, payment handling, sales tracking, purchase, inventory management & consumption tracking, barcode scanning, credit card payment processing, transaction processing, returns, refunds and store credits, tax management, discount management, and returns tracking.
  2. Nukkadshops POS: Nukkad Shops POS is a cloud-based solution designed to cater to the retail industry. This is not just a billing software but offers much more than that. It comes with features like billing & cash management, inventory management, up-sell & cross-sell suggestions, analytics & marketing campaigns, sales, financial reports & projections, loyalty programs etc. It also supports multiple counters and allows mobile store front.
  3. Logic POS: Tailored specifically for retail stores, Logic ERP Solutions’ POS comes with some unique features that helps retail stores to optimize customer experience as well as systemize the various processes. Inventory management, purchase, inventory management & consumption tracking, barcode scanning, transaction processing, multiple payment types¸ returns, refunds and store credits, billing management, invoices, stock management etc. are some of its key features.
  4. Ginesys POS: An easy-to-use Point-of-sale software for retail store, Ginesys POS software covers all aspects of retail business. From procurement of inventory to point-of-sale, this software helps manage all the facets helping businesses improve their processes along with customer experience. It comes with features like billing management, automated data sync, stock management, authenticated digital wallet transactions, orders and layways, sale and exchange etc.
  5. RetailGraph: RetailGraph, a comprehensive retail store management software that offers complete POS solution. Ideal for both small and mid-sized retail stores, this software is easy-to-use and comes with a number of unique features. Barcode integration, accounting, supplier and purchase order management, vendor management, sales management, warehouse management, and billing and invoice are some of its key features.
  6. RetailCore Software: RetailCore Software is an easy-to-use POS & GST billing software tailored to meet the varying needs of retail business. Some of its features are – point of sale billing, GST invoice, SMS/Email bill, customer loyalty, digital payments, inventory, purchase, accounting & expense management and GST Reports.
  7. ANV Retail POS: One of the most reliable POS software for retail stores, AVN Retail POS software helps retail stores to streamline their various processes and improve customer experience. Its key features are – Auto Discount, Customer Management, Import/Export Database, Invoice, Supplier and Purchase Order Management, Search Option and Vat.
  8. in: A free online retail POS software, EasyPOS is ideal for small retail stores. Inventory Management, Sales Tracking, Barcode Scanning, Credit Card Payment Processing, Loyalty Management, Gift Vouchers, Discount system, Pricing Management, Stock Management, Payment Handling, etc. are some of the key features of this software.
  9. Zopper POS: A complete point-of-sale system, Zopper’s Retail POS fits into all type of retail store. CRM, loyalty program, multiple payment options, inventory management, reporting, multi-store management, barcode scanning, accounting etc. are some of the key features of this software.

Are you still confused about whether you should deploy a POS system in your retail store or not? Put aside all your confusion and pick one from the list mentioned above. Deploying it is surely going to make your life much easier and help you manage your store more efficiently.

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