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Nukkad Shops

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Brand: Nukkad Shops

Type: Hardware

Operating System: Windows, IOS, Android

Free Trial Available: No

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Nukkad Shops Overview

What is the Nukkad Shops? 

Nukkad Shops is a retail POS software that can help business owners stay on top of the retail business game. It assists in the supervision of inventory, billing, purchase & sale activities, through a single interface. This POS software offers detailed reports on business analytics and marketing campaigns. 
Nukkad Shops POS is a complete retail management solution for your supermarket, mini-marts, Kirana store, and many more.

What features does Nukkad Shops offer? 

Nukkad Shops offer a lot of beneficial features to streamline daily operations and overall performance at your retail store. Here are a few listed below: 

  1. Billing
  2. Preloaded 50,000+ SKUs with HSN Codes
  3. Barcode generator
  4. Private Labelling 
  5. Refund and Credit Management 
  6. Procurement
  7. Multi-Store Management 
  8. Centralized Reporting 
  9. Store Stock Transfer
  10. GST Ready 

Why Choose Nukkad Shops? 

Nukkad Shops offers innovative solutions for regular problems faced by retailers. It assists them to improvise on their services by overtaking repetitive and tedious work like managing journals for inventory. The POS software also offers detailed and comprehensive insights into the daily operations of the retail stores. Thus, it helps retailers make better decisions based on data.

What is the Price of Nukkad Shops? 

Nukkad Shops is available in three different packages; these are: 

  1. Aspire – Rs. 39580/- 
  2. Pro – Rs. 50080/- 
  3. Elite – Rs. 53080/- 

Note: The price is for the device only.Additional cost for the software.

For more inquiries regarding the software, please request a call. Our sales team will help you with all your doubts.

Nukkad Shops Features

  • checkbox Billing & Invoicing Nukkad Shops enables users to generate bills for all their transactions. They can quickly create e-receipts and manage their cash
  • checkbox Mobile Support Users can take their business online, wherein they can build a mobile storefront and sell items online.
  • checkbox Reports Based on the store’s sales and purchase data, the software provides multiple sales and finance-related reports to the user
  • checkbox Marketing Analytics Nukkad Shops provides you with deep analytics based on your customer-related data. It also enables you to run targeted marketing
  • checkbox Service & Support The software has a powerful customer support team to provide business-grade service and support to its users.
  • checkbox Loyalty Program Support Using this software, you can enable loyalty programs in your store and connect with your customers at regular intervals.
  • checkbox Up-Sell & Cross-Sell Suggestions The software keeps track of the buyer’s behavior and provides timely up-sell and cross-sell suggestions based on that.
  • checkbox Order Management Users can generate purchase orders and make notes on the goods that are to be received by them.
  • checkbox Sales Management Nukkad Shops provides effective suggestions to its users. This helps them to increase the revenue and sales.
  • checkbox Inventory Management The smart POS feature of the software provides timely reports about your inventories. Users also get alerts before any item runs
  • checkbox System Configuration The software runs on 2GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB ROM along with RK-3288 Chipset and 1.8GHz ARM Quartex A-17 Processor.
  • checkbox Build-in options Nukkad Shops has multiple built-in modules and tools to help its users run their retail business efficiently.
  • checkbox Multiple Counter The software is able to work across multiple counters simultaneously, and it works well both for hypermarkets and supermarkets.
  • checkbox Stable and reliable performance Nukkad Shops always gives stable and reliable performance to its users, without any lags. The high-speed printing process of the
  • checkbox Ergonomic design and visually appealing The software has an ergonomic design with many intuitive features that are user friendly at the same time.
  • checkbox Ergonomic design with adjustable screens Nukkad Shops comes with adjustable screens for the ease of the user. You can change the angle of the screen as per your current
  • checkbox Industrial grade capacitive touch screen Nukkad Shops Aspire is a powerful android POS device built by the software company. It features an industrial-grade capacitive
  • checkbox Thermal Printer Nukkad Shops PRO is a powerful Android device manufactured by the software company and it comes with an inbuilt thermal receipt

Nukkad Shops Plans & Pricing

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Nukkad Shops Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows, IOS, Android
  • Web-Based, Perpetual
  • Retail
  • Retailers
  • English

Nukkad Shops Reviews

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We love to hear from our buyers! If you have used the solution already, why not share your thoughts and help others make the right purchase.
09, Dec 2020
star star star star star
No support solution
Likely to recommend : 1/10
Santosh Kyaria
18, Aug 2020
star star star star star
We can compare all retail software with Nukkad shop but no one is user friendly solution for a KIRANA STORE is Nukkad shop Only
Likely to recommend : 10/10
26, Feb 2020
star star star star star
The only pros is ..It just looks good. Else everything is unorganized
Likely to recommend : 1/10
gowri sankar
19, Nov 2018
star star star star star
I picked Nukkad shops after a suggestion from my companion and I'm exceptionally happy with its services. It is one of the best POS tools, I have come across till date. It takes care of updated inventories, detailed analytics, creates a loyalty program, and so forth. It makes retail management a lot simpler. I would definitely recommend everyone to use it.
Lekshmi G
28, Feb 2019
star star star star star
Nukkad Shop is mire than just a POS as it comes with the every possible solution for transnational process. Customer support is active and responsive.

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Nukkad Shops FAQ

Q. What is Nukkad Shops? arrow

A. Nukkad shops, the retail POS solution for every kind of retail business. You can manage your billing, inventory, customers, sales, and purchase.

Q. what are important features of Nukkad Shops? arrow

A. The Nukkad Shops POS system has some great features for your retail business. 1. You can streamline your billing process, generate physical or e-receipts and manage cash with Nukkad Shops. 2. Manage your inventory with Nukkad Shops smart POS. 3. The Nukkad Shops POS provides up-sell and cross-sells suggestions based on buyer behavior and previous purchases. 4. The Nukkad Shops POS offers multiple sales and financial reports as well as projections. 5. The Nukkad Shops provides deep analytics around your customers, allows you to create cohorts. 6. The Nukkad Shops helps you enable loyalty program for your store. 7. With Nukkad Shops create a Mobile Store Front and sell online instantly. 8. Increase your revenue through better customer retention, personalized sales suggestions and alternative revenue methods built into it.

Q. Who are the end users of Nukkad Shops? arrow

A. Basically, the Nukkad Shops POS is used by Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises etc.

Q. Which all mobile platform are supported by Nukkad Shops? arrow

A. Nukkad Shops can be used by IOS and Android users.

Q. What are the plans and packages for Nukkad Shops? arrow

A. There are 3 different plans of Nukkad Shops - 1. Nukkad Shops ASPIRE 2. Nukkad Shops PRO 3. Nukkad Shops ELITE

Q. Will I have to purchase Nukkad Shops hardware separately? arrow

A. All three Nukkad Shop packages come with POS hardware equipment. For more information regarding the hardware, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you shortly.

Q. Where does Nukkad Shops save my data? arrow

A. Nukkad Shops utilizes a cloud-based storage system; that stores all your data securely in the cloud.

Q. Who are the end-users of the Nukkad Shops? arrow

A. Retail stores of all sizes can use Nukkad Shops, be it hypermarkets, supermarkets, Kirana stores, etc. as Nukkad Shops provides scalable features.

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