What is POS Machine? 10 Best Point of Sale Machine in India

POS Machine solution


Are you able to retrieve payment receipts at the time you need them the most? Do your customers at the store have to wait too long to get the items of their need? Are there incidences of pilferage recently?

What is Pos Machine

It’s time that you get up-to-date POS machines for your retail, departmental or kirana store. Invest in these top POS machines with POS Software to streamline processes and grab new business opportunities.

List of Top 10 Point of Sale Machine Available in Market

There are many barcode, printing and card swipe machine providers in Delhi and other parts of India. They are bringing the best of POS machines to businesses of all sizes to make payment processing easier.

  • AirPAY Mobile POS

AirPAY Mobile POS is a mobile payment solution, which makes accepting e-money and credit card payments easily. All you need is an iPhone or iPad and a card reader to take and track orders quickly. If you use this POS machine with AirREGI, which is a free POS cash register app, you will have even smoother business operations.

Key Points of AirPAY Mobile POS

  • It is available for retail shops and restaurants across different locations
  • It supports Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, etc.
  • No charge for money transfer, and settlements can be done 3-6 times every month
  • Settlement time is reduced, and remittance dates are informed via email
  • It can be used only with an IC chip and PIN code card reader, ensuring data security

Starting Price: 500.00 INR /Month

  • Rugtek POS Printer (RP80)

Rugtek POS printer is a reliable Printing solution, which ensures thermal printing with resolution up to 203dpi (8dot/mm). With printing speed up to 250mm/S, this best POS system can help in reducing the queue at the check-out counter considerably.

Rugtek POS Printer Specifications Which Make It Worth A Buy

  • Effective Printing Width: 72mm
  • Paper Width: 79.5 ±0.5mm
  • Paper Roll Diameter: 80mm
  • Paper Supply Method: Easy paper loading
  • Auto cutter: 1,000,000 cuts

Price: 10710.00 INR Lifetime

  • Posiflex Jiva XT-2614Q

Posiflex Jiva XT-2614Q features many amazing features, such as energy-based ARM based processor, 14” wide screen display coupled with Android 4.4 operating system. Plus, this POS system has a sleek look with fanless design. So, you don’t have to worry about fan maintenance issues any further.

Ideal for hospital environment & retail stores, it provides the following features:

  • Multi-position folding base
  • Customer-facing application
  • An extra VGA output
  • True-flat PCAP touch with multi-touch support

Price: 42299.10 INR Lifetime

  • NGX Billing Machine

NGX Billing Machine, popularly known as Billstar is a GST-ready Point of Sale machine, which can store up to 500 item details. It ensures hassle-free bill printing with thermal technology and can process 200 items in a single bill.

Features of NGX Billing Machine

  • Supports 2-inch paper
  • Header/Footer max 10 line
  • Capable of printing organization logo
  • You can browse through items and edit them
  • You can download data from personal computer to Billstar

Price on Request

  • Nukkad Shops’ Android POS Device

Nukkad Shop POS

Android POS device from Nukkad Shop is a must-have for efficient billing & cash management. It streamlines billing and makes e-receipt generation easier. Additionally, this Android POS machine provides up-sell & cross-sell suggestions based on buyer behaviour and previous purchases.

Nukkad Shop POS Features

  • Bill generation with every transaction
  • Cash management with e-receipts
  • Sales, financial reports & transactions
  • Analytics & marketing campaigns
  • Loyalty programs to connect with existing customers

Price: 3500.00 INR Lifetime

  • Mswipe Wisepad

Accepting payment at your retail store is much easier now with Mswipe Wisepad. This Point of Sale machine assists with easier card payment via standard debit and credit cards including VISA, MasterCard and RuPay. All electronic receipts can be stored online to be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

Why get Mswipe Wisepad for your store?

  • Accepts UPI, Samsung Pay and all cards
  • Portable, compact, wireless terminals
  • Charge slips are generated electronically
  • Integrates with your existing bank account
  • Easy accessibility to card transaction details – Online & mobile

Price on Request 

  • WeP Billing Printer (BP85T)

WeP BP-85T PLUS Billing Printer machine comes with the feature of Data transfer from PC to billing printer and from billing printer to PC using pen drive. Also, it ensures Weighing Scale Connectivity, which makes it an ideal choice for grocery outlets, bakeries, sweet outlets, hotels, etc.

WeP Billing Printer Features

  • USB interface
  • Forward and Reverse Tax
  • 3 Rate slabs
  • Stores up to 2000 items
  • Prints 2000 bills/ day
  • 250 Items in a single bill
  • Generates more than 300 bills on battery
  • Generates 20 types of reports
  • Provision to include GST and discount

Price: 18250.00 INR Lifetime

  • Snapbizz Turbo

Snapbizz Turbo billing machine is an ideal pick to transform your kirana store into a virtual supermarket. This cloud-connected POS billing machine supports multiple languages like Tamil, Hindi & English. You can use the best POS machine to manage order, billing, inventory, creditors and push offers.

What Makes Snapbizz Turbo Billing Machine Easier?

  • User-friendly POS billing machine
  • You can manage all your customer credits in one place
  • Send notifications & offers to customers easily
  • Create the experience of a supermarket or an online app
  • Produce itemised bills with their savings on printed receipts
  • Three different, colour coded carts to bill multiple customers at the same time

Price: 50000.00 INR Lifetime

  • Rugtek Cash Drawer

Metal cash drawers from Rugtek has robust steel casing with a stylish front panel. Rugtek Cash Drawer is the best POS machine in India, also provides a front access slot for storing cheque, card receipt or any other paper.  It has a compact metal drawer with fixed five compartments for note & eight compartments for coins

Other Noteworthy Features of Rugtek Cash Drawer

  • Lockable lid for the cash receiver
  • Tray can be changed easily
  • Compatible Driver Control JPOS/OPOS
  • Durability up to 1,000, 000 operations

Price: 5175.00 INR Lifetime

  • NGX Bluetooth Thermal Printer

NGX Bluetooth Thermal Printer

NGX Bluetooth Thermal Printer is an ideal application for hotel billing, fast food centres, bus ticketing, grocery & departmental store. It’s built especially for field applications and can print in multiple languages.

Features of NGX Bluetooth Thermal Printer

  • 3″ thermal printer head
  • Low power consumption
  • Large capacity battery
  • Bluetooth range – 5m
  • 100km TPH life
  • Supports Android Billing Software
  • Supports Windows 7/8.1/10 32 bit/64 bit

Price on Request

How to Use POS Machine

POS machine stands for all the hardware that together helps in secure checkout. It consists of several components, such as, card machine, card drawer, barcode scanner, epos (electronic point of sale) software, receipt printer, cash drawer, etc. Modern checkout processes comprise all types of hardware and software to facilitate payment via cash and credit or debit cards. These POS machines ensure hassle-free payment via cash, debit or credit card.

  • Standalone Card Terminal: This type of POS terminal works without cash register or POS software. Once you have tallied up the items, the next step is of entering the sales figure on the card machine keypad. It further connects with merchant bank and card issuer for transaction approval and prints the receipt.
  • Integrated Terminal: This type of POS machine is integrated with the electronic point of sale software. It makes sending the transaction amount from the till screen to the card terminal much easier. It shows the payment total automatically and print a receipt.
  • Cash Drawers: Cash drawers are often connected with the main system or tablet, and open automatically as soon as you enter the amount to be paid on the till screen. It also shows the amount that is to be returned to the customers and prevents pilferage significantly.

Types of POS Systems

POS systems are being used by businesses of all sizes, be it a grocery store operating with a simple mobile payment processor or a restaurant having multiple branches.

To help you get a POS system which is suitable for your business type, we have created a brief category below:

  • Tablet POS: This type of POS services can be easily used on tablets and requires minimal upfront cost. It can be easily integrated with cash drawers and barcode readers. This type of POS system is widely used in foot outlets, small-scale retail stores and quick-service restaurants.
  • Online POS: Online POS system can be logged in from anywhere and from any laptop or PC. It doesn’t have specific hardware requirements. High-ticket retailers, pharmacy stores, spa & salon and other small retailers can use online POS conveniently.
  • Terminal POS: It’s a software & hardware-based POS system, which includes barcode scanners, cash drawers, printers and such. It often comes with cloud-based backup to ensure uninterrupted checkout in grocery stores, large restaurants and retail stores with high footfall.
  • Self-Service Kiosk POS: Kiosk POS systemsis used for specific purposes in large setups, such as retail stores, hospitals and schools. While in retail stores, it helps with patient check-ins, organizations use this for managing employee applications. Large retail stores widely use kiosk POS systems to ensure easy product look-up for pricing and availability.

What are the Advantages of POS Systems?

Are you struggling with the hassles of maintaining clunky cash registers? Chances are high that you are losing out on your loyal customers because of the poor service. People are looking for stores with faster transactions with different payment options.

If you have been hesitant in the past, it’s time for you to adopt a more cost-effective and efficient option. Here, we’ve listed some of the top benefits of using POS system for your business.

  • Sales Reports

POS systems provide details about your sales and inventory status accurately. This way, you can plan your expenses and keep a better tab on your business financial health. 

  • Time Saving

POS system keeps you updated about the status of different items in the stock, so that you can re-stock them on time.

  • Reduced Mistakes

Price of any object can be updated in an automatic manner. When prices are updated in real-time, chances of any loss or error is reduced significantly.

  • Loyalty Program

POS systems records every customer detail, making it easy for you to run loyalty programs. Also, you can run promotional offers and ensure repeat visits.

  • Employee Management

Online POS system helps track the performance of employees in terms of sales and other pre-set metrics. This way, you can keep your employees rewarded and motivated towards the larger business goal.

  • Enhanced Payment Capabilities

With an advanced POS system, you can accept payments from diverse modes, be it mobile wallet, card or net banking.

  • Inventory Management

Enjoy advanced inventory management capabilities with the latest POS technologies. Using this software, you can setup reorder triggers and know the product quantity in stock.


So, these were some of the best POS Machines in India along with the prices of the POS Machine. Depending on your business functions, you can get customized POS machines for restaurant, POS machines for hotels, POS machines for pharmacy, POS machines for grocery stores, etc.


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