Best Customer Experience Management Software in 2024

What is Customer Experience Management Software?

Customer Experience Management (CEM) software are tools that businesses use to improve the experience of their customers. These software platforms provide a holistic view of customers, capturing their interactions with the business across multiple touchpoints, channels, and over time. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Customer Experience Management Software

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Brand: Activecampaign


5 out of 5

(11 user reviews)

Infusionsoftware marketing automation software provides a set of features for business users to increase productivity and perform core functions accurately... Read More About ActiveCampaign img


Clatos CRM

Clatos CRM

Brand: Dunes Factory


4.5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Clatos CRM is a web-based customer relationship management solution that enables its users to enhance their business relationships with their clients. Use... Read More About Clatos CRM img


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Aarvi Task Management System

Aarvi Task Management System

Brand: Aarvi Technology

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Aarvi Task Management System aims to simplify all business operations with a wide variety of task management tools. It helps enhance the efficiency of a b... Read More About Aarvi Task Management System img

Price On Request

Freshworks 360

Freshworks 360

Brand: Freshworks

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Freshworks 360 is a feature-rich call center software that is easy to deploy and requires little to no maintenance expenditures. The software has a simpl... Read More About Freshworks 360 img

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Brand: Isometrica Experiences

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We are enabling businesses to deliver the best customer experience with our easy to deploy and managed technology solutions... Read More About Rectangled img

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Easyrewardz Shopster

Easyrewardz Shopster

Brand: EasyRewardz Software

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Shopster by Easyrewardz is a Conversational Commerce solution helping businesses provide customers a delightful shopping experience and increase sales via... Read More About Easyrewardz Shopster img

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Brand: Fastcurve Services Pvt. Ltd

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Varta Customer Experience Management Software empowers businesses to prioritize customer satisfaction and loyalty by leveraging data-driven insights.... Read More About Varta read review arrow




Brand: Mouseflow

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Mouseflow's User Activity Monitoring Software offers comprehensive tracking and analysis for enhanced user insights and website optimization.... Read More About Mouseflow read review arrow


Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

Brand: Salesforce

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Salesforce Service Cloud is an AI-powered Customer service software designed to optimize customer support operations. This software by Salesforce quickly... Read More About Salesforce Service Cloud img

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Brand: Service Management Group

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... Read More About smg360 img

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Best Customer Experience Management Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

In the customer management sector, the terms CRM and CXM are often used interchangeably. Both, CRM and CXM play significant roles in shaping how businesses manage their customer relationships. However, they each have unique focuses and methodologies that set them apart; CRM CRM predominantly offers quantitative insights, relying on impersonal data analysis to understand customers through statistics, data, and trends. Its main focus is on optimizing internal business processes to drive profitability and operational efficiency. CRM improves customer service through various channel integrations, streamlining communication and support operations. CXM In contrast, customer experience management tools offer qualitative insights, unifying relationship data across the entire customer lifecycle and prioritizing personalized customer experiences. CXM places a significant emphasis on customer engagement as the key driver of profitability, anticipating and responding rapidly to customer needs. CXM uses AI and applied CRM data for real-time impact on customer experience with an aim to create a seamless and immersive customer journey.

CXM, or a customer experience management platforms, empower businesses to oversee and enhance their customers' overall experience. This advanced software offers comprehensive data on their interactions with your business, including support calls, sales emails, and social media engagements. Here is an example of few customer experience management platforms; Jotform Enterprise   Hiver Tidio SurveySparrow Zoho CRM

No, CX, and CRM are very distinct concepts. While they both are critical for customer service, they have totally different focuses. CRM primarily deals with organizing and maintaining customer data, whereas CX management platform covers a broader perspective, focusing on the overall customer journey and the emotional aspect of interactions. In simpler terms, CRM manages customer information, while CX aims to improve the overall customer experience by considering every physical and digital touchpoint and customer sentiment.

Customer Experience Management Software Price List In India

Customer Experience Management Software Cost
Top Customer Experience Management Software Starting Price Rating
ActiveCampaign$39.00 5
Clatos CRM₹21000.00 4.5

Buyer's Guide for Top Customer Experience Management Software

Found our list of Customer Experience Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Customer Experience Management Software?
  • Key CXM Software Features to Look For
  • Common Features of Customer Experience Management Software
  • Benefits of Using Customer Experience Management Platform
  • Who Uses Customer Experience Management Software?
  • How to Buy the Right Customer Experience Management Software?
  • Top Customer Experience Management Platforms

What is Customer Experience Management Software?

Customer Experience Management Software, also known as CXM software or CEM software in the tech world, are invaluable tool for businesses looking to enhance their interactions with both potential and existing customers. This customer-focused digital solution improves customer engagement, satisfaction, and overall experience with the company by tracking all customer-related activities across various physical and digital touchpoints. It not only stores customer data but also facilitates data analysis and interpretation to derive actionable insights.

CXM software enables real-time decision-making based on customer feedback, sending rapid notifications to relevant departments for direct customer communication. It empowers companies with a comprehensive view, consolidating transactional, financial, operational, and behavioral data into a single, real-time customer profile. This unified, real-time, and interconnected customer profile results in more profound and more actionable insights for the company.

Key CXM Software Features to Look For

When considering a customer experience management system, it's essential to focus on key features that can make a substantial difference in your approach to customer interactions. The following features stand out as crucial elements to look for;

  • Analyzing Customer Feedback: Efficient CXM software should excel at analyzing customer feedback. It sifts through surveys, reviews, and direct interactions, converting this data into valuable insights. These insights provide businesses with an understanding of customer emotions, preferences, and pain points, driving focused enhancements and demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Real-Time Response to Customer Concerns: CX management platform should enable businesses to respond to customer issues in a timely manner and to their satisfaction. This real-time responsiveness builds up positive customer experiences and trust.
  • Product/Service Lifecycle Management: An effective customer experience management program should streamline the management of the product or service lifecycle. It allows businesses to track and optimize each phase, from development and launch to ongoing support and eventual retirement.
  • Measuring Customer Loyalty: CXM software should offer tools for gauging customer loyalty through metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). These metrics offer insights into customer sentiment and aid in devising strategies to bolster loyalty.
  • Sales Efforts Evaluation: Customer experience management software solutions should enable businesses to audit and assess the success or failure of sales campaigns and strategies. This data-driven approach enables decision-making based on data and fine-tuning of sales efforts for improved results.
  • Incident Handling and Documentation: The software should not only ensure that customer concerns are addressed properly but also help in creating a historical record of these interactions for future reference and analysis.

Common Features of Customer Experience Management Software

Customer Experience Management software offers a suite of common features that streamline processes and provide valuable insights to enhance customer interactions:

  • Feedback Management: This involves listening to customers through surveys, reviews, and direct interactions. It helps businesses understand customer sentiments and preferences, enabling targeted improvements and demonstrating a commitment to meeting customer expectations.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: This feature helps understand the entire customer interaction trajectory, highlighting key moments that shape perceptions. This empowers businesses to optimize interactions, uncover pain points, and design effective strategies, resulting in seamless and captivating experiences.
  • Customer Management: It involves storing customer accounts and information securely, ensuring data integrity.
  • Ticket Management: Ticket Management automates complaint resolution, streamlining customer issue handling.
  • Product and Inventory Management: This feature is very important for tracking product details and internal purchases in product-based or service-based industries.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: It facilitates shared work, assignments, calendars, and cohesive teamwork within and across teams.

Benefits of Using Customer Experience Management Platform

Digital Customer experience management software goes beyond transactions, emphasizing lasting connections. Here's what benefits it brings to businesses, that may include;

  • Boost Customer Loyalty: CXM platforms help nurture strong customer relationships, driving higher customer loyalty. Consistently outstanding experiences lead to repeat business, boosting revenue.
  • Build Brand Trust: Effective CXM ensures that promises are kept, exceeding customer expectations. This commitment builds trust and positive brand image. Satisfied customers become enthusiastic advocates, expanding your brand's reach.
  • Retain Valuable Customers: Customer experience management solutions strengthen emotional connections, reducing customer churn. By addressing concerns promptly and personalizing experiences, businesses maintain a loyal customer base.
  • Crisis Resilience: During challenges, CXM acts as a stabilizer. Swiftly addressing customer issues mitigates crises' impact, upholding brand reputation and integrity.
  • Minimize Customer Churn: Identify and address pain points in the customer journey to minimize churn. Proactive issue resolution boosts customer retention and revenue.
  • Enhanced Engagement: CXM enables meaningful interactions tailored to customer preferences, strengthening brand loyalty and advocacy.
  • Stand Out with Unique Experiences: Offering a memorable customer journey differentiates your brand. CXM maps and optimizes each interaction, drawing in new customers and retaining existing ones.
  • Comprehensive CXM Tools: CXM software provides a suite of tools for better customer understanding, streamlined operations, and improved profitability.

Who Uses Customer Experience Management Software?

Customer Experience Management software is widely used across various business domains. Primarily, it is employed by businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, across diverse industries. These organizations employ this software to gain insights into customer behavior, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize operational efficiency. Within these organizations, various departments benefit from CXM software. Here is a detailed overview of different businesses, departments, and roles that use Customer Experience Management program;

1. Businesses Across Industries: CX management platform is widely adopted across various sectors and it caters to businesses of all sizes, making it a versatile tool for different industries.

  • Diverse Sectors: It is utilized in various industries, including retail, finance, healthcare, telecommunications, and more.
  • Business Size: Businesses of all sizes, ranging from startups to large enterprises, find value in CXM software. It scales to meet the unique needs of each organization, irrespective of size or industry.

2. Departments Benefiting from CXM Software: CX management platform benefits several key departments within organizations with its diverse capabilities to enhance their specific functions.

  • Customer Service Teams
  1. Interaction Tracking: Customer service teams use digital customer experience management software to track and manage customer interactions, ensuring timely and efficient responses to inquiries and concerns.
  2. Feedback Analysis: They analyze customer feedback to identify areas for improvement in service delivery, leading to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing Departments
  1. Customer Insights: Marketing teams depend on experience management tools to gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and demographics in order to make more targeted marketing campaigns.
  2. Personalization: They use customer data to create personalized marketing messages and offers, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.
  • Sales Teams
  1. Customer Relationship Building: Sales teams benefit from CRM customer experience management by building stronger relationships with customers through a deeper understanding of their needs and preferences.
  2. Data-Driven Selling: The software provides data-driven insights that help sales professionals tailor their pitches and strategies for better sales outcomes.
  • Product Development Units
  1. Product Improvement: Product development units use CXM software to gather customer feedback and insights, guiding product improvements and new feature development.
  2. Market Alignment: The software ensures that product offerings align with market demands and customer expectations, boosting product competitiveness.

3. CXM Software Providers: Customer experience management vendors and solution providers are also credited for the successful adoption of customer experience management tools. They offer tailored solutions and support, ensuring that businesses can effectively implement CXM software to achieve their customer experience goals.

  • Vendor and Solution Providers: Customer experience management vendors and solution providers play a crucial role in the adoption and implementation of CXM software.
  • Tailored Solutions: They offer customized customer experience management software solutions that align with the specific objectives and needs of businesses.
  • Support and Training: These providers offer support, training, and guidance to ensure businesses effectively utilize experience management tools to meet their customer experience goals.

How to Buy the Right Customer Experience Management Software?

Selecting the right customer experience management software involves careful consideration of specific criteria in the midst of a wide array of choices. Here are the key factors that will guide you through this decision-making process;

  • Communication Integration: When assessing digital experience management software, it's crucial to ensure that it seamlessly integrates with your existing communication channels. Effective customer interactions extend across email, chat, social media, and phone platforms. The software's Communication Integration feature ensures that these channels are interconnected.
  • Data Integration: Data is very crucial for modern business operations. Thus, the capability for Data Integration is important for centralizing customer information from various sources, such as sales, marketing, and customer service, within the software. This wide information provides companies with a detailed perspective of each customer's journey that in turn enables them with personalized interactions and well-informed decision-making.
  • Business Size Compatibility: The choice of a customer experience management platform should align with the scale and requirements of the business, whether it is in its initial starting years, a growing business, or an established enterprise. The software should meet current needs while being flexible for future growth.
  • Customer Segmentation: Recognizing that every customer is unique, this feature allows businesses to categorize customers based on attributes such as customer profiles, behaviors, and buying patterns. By doing so, businesses create customized interactions, providing individualized content, suggestions, and assistance.

Top Customer Experience Management Platforms

Software Features Price
ActiveCampaign Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Newsletter, Subscription forms, Quick Segmentation Price On Request
Clatos CRM Sales CRM, Sales Pipeline Tracking, Leads Capture, Contact Management INR 12,000 excl. GST
Aarvi Task Management System Mobile App, Multi-User login and role-based access, Real Time Analytics, Email and SMS Notifications, 24/7 Remote Access in the Cloud Price On Request
Freshworks 360 Contact Management, Call Logging, Lead Scoring, Referral Tracking, Marketing Automation Price On Request
Rectangled Dashboard, Engagement, Review Activity, Reply to Reviews, Real-time Private Feedback Escalation Price On Request
Easyrewardz Shopster Personalize conversations, Make shopping easier, Facilitate fulfillment, Easy integration, Send notifications to engage customers Price On Request
Varta Surveys, Experience Management, Dashboard, Feedback Management, Easy to Use Starting at INR 199
Mouseflow Optimize campaigns & spend, Get more done, faster, Segments & visualizations, Auto-tagged friction events, Deliver indisputable context Starting at $ 31
Salesforce Service Cloud Appointment Management, Customer Service, Call Center Management, Audit Trail, Routing Price On Request
SuperLink Customer Engagement, Onboarding, Usage Tracking/Analytics, Autonomous browsing, Dashboard Price On Request

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