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Brand: Rocketlane

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Rocketlane is a purpose-built customer onboarding software, designed to streamline and deliver post-sales activities. This easy-to-use client onboarding s... Read More About Rocketlane img

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Agreement Express

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Brand: GUIDEcx

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Brand: Clust Technologies

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Brand: SmartKarrot

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SmartKarrot is a complete Digital Adoption Platform Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Digital Adoption Platform Software f... Read More About SmartKarrot img




Brand: CustomerSuccessBox

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CustomerSuccessBox is a complete Customer Experience Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Customer Experience Mana... Read More About CustomerSuccessBox img

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Brand: Froged

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Brand: Dock

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Brand: Mystro

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Last Updated on : 30 Nov, 2023

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Best Customer Onboarding Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Customer onboarding software helps businesses manage all the tasks related to the customer’s onboarding journey. It includes familiarizing customers with services through walkthroughs, helping with the first sign up, creating content to resolve queries, etc., to offer a better product understanding.

There are multiple types of customer onboarding tools available for business to streamline their customer onboarding process and improve customer experience. Some of these include Clientsuccess, UserGuiding, Userpilot, Apty, Nickelled, and more.

Businesses use different types of tools to manage their customer onboarding processes. Some of the popular tools include Totango,, Inline Manual, CustomerSuccessBox, etc.

To onboard a new customer, you need to create a customer onboarding plan. You can use customer onboarding software to create a successful onboarding plan and smoothly onboard new customers.  

Articles for Customer Onboarding Software

Buyer's Guide for Top Customer Onboarding Software

Found our list of Customer Onboarding Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Customer Onboarding Software?
  • Types of Customer Onboarding Tools
  • Typical Features of Client Onboarding Software
  • Benefits of Customer Onboarding Software
  • Who Uses Customer Onboarding Software
  • Steps for the Customer Onboarding Process
  • Factors to Consider While Purchasing Customer Onboarding Software
  • Top 10 Best Customer Onboarding Software

What is Customer Onboarding Software?

Customer onboarding software helps businesses in onboarding their customers and implementing the software through the problem-solving approach. It streamlines the customer journey and adaptation procedures. The software covers the entire journey of customer onboarding including the first sign-up, providing product tutorials, delivering content to resolve their queries, and more.

With this software, businesses can also segment their customers to provide a customized user experience. User onboarding software further helps create onboarding plans, import customer data, generate interactive walkthroughs, create customer helpdesk, and more. All these help organizations to improve customer experience, reduce churn rate, improve product adoption rate, etc.

Types of Customer Onboarding Tools

There are three different types of new customer onboarding software, such as:

  • Interactive On-Screen Guidance: This helps businesses provide their customers with engaging on-screen guidance with tooltips, product tours, hotspots, etc. It helps businesses to promote customer participation and interaction.
  • Learning Management System: With LMS, businesses provide their customers with guides, instructions, training programs, how to guides, and more. This helps them in improving customer understanding of the product.
  • Knowledge Base: This type of customer onboarding software contains knowledge based self-service content for customers. It might include FAQ section, video tutorials, how to articles, etc.

Typical Features of Client Onboarding Software

Here are some common features of customer onboarding software:

  • Walkthroughs: Create engaging walkthroughs on your website such as tooltips to help your customers get familiar with your products or services.
  • On-Screen Tutorials: You can create various on-screen tutorials to provide assistance to your customers and help them have a better understanding of your product.
  • Feedback Forms: Create multiple feedback forms to get a first-hand customer review regarding your products. This can help you understand what your customers are looking for and improve accordingly.
  • Targeting: Client onboarding system software lets you segment your customers into different groups to meet their specific requirements and resolve queries. You can also customize the product content accordingly.
  • Live Chat: People can go to the live chat feature to resolve their queries about your product or service.
  • Emails: It lets you send welcome emails, follow-up, verification emails, and OTP to your customers when they sign up for your product or services.
  • Content Branching: Client onboarding process software lets you branch the relevant content available on your website. This helps you to automatically provide relevant answers to the queries or issues raised by your products, resulting in smooth onboarding.
  • Q&A session: The onboarding solution allows you to create Q&A sessions to provide quick answers to the most frequently asked questions by your customers.
  • Sign Up Portal: Create and customize the sign-up portal for your customers with templates. Adding a free sign-up form eases up the onboarding process.
  • Templates: It provides you with different types of in-built templates to create product-related content for users in a short span.

Benefits of Customer Onboarding Software

  • Easily Customize Your Products: Customize each detail of your product or service including features, modules, helpdesk center, etc., to improve customer experience.
  • Multilingual Support: To provide a smooth onboarding experience, the software offers support via multiple channels in your customer’s preferred language.
  • Collaborate with Your Team: This functionality lets you collaborate with your team members. Users can collaborate by commenting, suggesting, and editing on product guides info, performing analytics, and more.
  • Perform Advanced Analytics: Study your customer data to know at what level they are in their onboarding procedure, effectiveness of product walkthroughs, etc. It further helps you in identifying bottlenecks in your product and enhance it accordingly.
  • Create Live Free Demos: Provide live free demos for your products to turn your visitors into prospective customers. It gives them a good understanding of how the product and its features work.
  • Lower Churn Rate: The software helps you in lowering the churn rate by providing your customers with a smooth onboarding experience. You can easily provide them with interactive walkthroughs, easy sign-ups, useful content, etc., to improve their experience.

Who Uses Customer Onboarding Software

  • Customer Onboarding Software for Corporates: Accountants use it to make customers aware of their services, provide easy sign-up process, send welcome mails, etc. It further helps them to validate their credentials and send guides addressing their concerns.
  • Customer Onboarding Software for Banks: This type of software helps them in verifying customer details, opening their bank account, simplifying login procedure, etc. You can also send guides on the features they can use with their services, and more.
  • Customer Onboarding Software for Law Firms: This type of software helps them to provide easy sign forms to their clients, making them aware of their services via various tutorials, blogs, FAQs, etc. All these materials help them with queries and questions, etc.

Steps for the Customer Onboarding Process

Here are the steps for the customer onboarding procedure:

  • Sign-Up Procedure: This is the first step of onboarding your customers, where you provide simple and easy to use sign up form.
  • Greeting Email: Once customers sign up for your website, send a welcoming email to them thanking them for the sign up.
  • First Log-In: The first log in experience for your users should be easy. Therefore, create an easy-to-use login page for users where they can add credentials.
  • Product Walkthrough: Provide them with interactive walkthroughs such as tool tips, guides, tutorials, etc., to help them understand your products.
  • Follow-Up Email: Once the login procedure is complete, you need to send a follow-up email containing product purchase details and helpful tips to your customers for better engagement.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Customer Onboarding Software

Consider the following factors to choose one of the best user onboarding tools for you:

  • User-Behavior Analysis: Gather and analyze all user-behavior data to gain insights and improve customer experience.
  • Segmentation: Customer onboarding solution must allow you to segment customers to learn about active and passive users, sign-up users, etc.
  • Supportive Content: The solution should offer you multiple templates and tools to create supportive content such as guides and tutorials for your customers.
  • Cost: Check the cost and ensure it fits in your budget. Go for software that offers flexible pricing options such as pay as you go, free trial, etc.
  • Features: The solution should have collaboration, in built templates, editing tools, etc., should help you manage your customers' onboarding process.

Top 10 Best Customer Onboarding Software

Software Features Best For
Clientsuccess Customer engagement/ Real-time onboarding process monitoring/ Churn management Building successful customer relationship
CustomerSuccessBox Customer communications management/ Custom playbooks creation/ Onboarding tracking status Creating customer relationships
UserGuiding Walkthroughs creation/ Customers segmentation/ Data analysis Creating smooth onboarding procedure
Inline Manual Interactive tooltips/ Customers feedback/ Content branching Creating engaging content for users
Userlist Customized messages/ Behavior data analysis/ Email campaigns Onboard and nurture your customers
Apty Product guides and walkthroughs/ User-behavior analysis/ Customers segmentation Improve product adoption process Onboarding process tracking/ Team collaboration/ Data insights Manage onboarding tasks
Totango Customer segmentation/ Feedback management/ Predictive analytics Improve customer onboarding journey
Nickelled Click-through guides/ Onsite widgets/ User segmentation Creating engaging walkthroughs
Userpilot Customize onboarding procedure/ Product walkthroughs/ Track user activities Increasing product adoption and growth

Author: Kalpana Arya

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