Axis Rooms Hotel Channel Manager

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Price: 2000.00 INR onwards

Hotel Channel Manager is an innovative platform for hotels to manage inventory and pricing with all online travel portals. The software provides user a dashboard which acts as one single platform enabling management of room inventory across various platforms, avoid over bookings, manage prices at multiple websites from a single platform, generate granular reports. This enables better pricing strategy and optimized inventory as well. View More


AxisRooms came into existence with the consolidation of need, experience and tough grind by three of the medalist’s in the Travel & Hospitality industry. In the year 2011, company was founded with an intention to increase and improve Hotel Business Distribution using breakthrough technological solution with a vision to help clients transition to better business practices. AxisRooms’s Strategic team works using clear & down to earth methodologies with the client, digging deep into its roots & shoots to come up with insights & answers.