Enhancing Your Microsoft 365 Data Protection with Commvault: Comprehensive Backup & Recovery Solutions

Enhancing Your Microsoft 365 Data Protection with Commvault: Comprehensive Backup & Recovery Solutions-feature image
July 9, 2024 13 Min read


In today’s data-driven world, data privacy is more important than ever. The vast amounts of information collected by businesses are crucial for personalized customer experiences and data-driven insights. However, protecting this data from unauthorized access and misuse is essential.

Ensuring data privacy safeguards sensitive information, such as social security numbers and financial records, and helps prevent identity theft and fraud. Companies prioritising data privacy build trust with their customers and enjoy long-term loyalty and a positive reputation.

Microsoft 365 has become an indispensable tool for businesses as it offers cloud-based services. These services include calendar, word processing, email, and more. Despite its built-in protection mechanisms, organizations need to take extra steps to secure the data they generate and share on the platform.

Microsoft 365 includes Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Excel, and Word, all of which require diligent data protection practices. Without proper safeguards, the data managed through these tools could be at risk. Companies can protect their valuable information from potential breaches and losses by ensuring proper data management.

Commvault stands out as a leading provider of data protection solutions.

It offers intelligent data services for on-premises, cloud, and SaaS environments. Their comprehensive data protection and information management solutions help organizations worldwide extract value from their data. Commvault’s services ensure that data is secure, accessible, and can be recovered quickly in case of a breach.

By implementing Commvault, businesses can address issues such as scalability, cost-effectiveness, and geographical data storage, ensuring their most valuable asset—data—remains secure and accessible.

The Growing Importance of Microsoft 365 Backup & Recovery

Enhancing Your Microsoft 365 Data Protection with Commvault Comprehensive Backup & Recovery Solution

As businesses rely more on digital tools to streamline operations and boost productivity, the importance of backing up and recovering data within Microsoft 365 has grown immensely. With threats ranging from accidental deletions to malicious attacks, having robust backup and recovery solutions in place is essential for safeguarding information and maintaining business continuity.

Increasing Reliance on Microsoft 365 for Business Operations

Businesses striving to excel in the digital era are heavily dependent on Microsoft 365 to enhance their operations. This platform encourages creativity with tools like PowerPoint Designer and Morph for crafting engaging presentations and Word Editor for producing clear and concise documents.

Its flexibility allows employees to access their work from anywhere, promoting productivity among remote and mobile workers. Additionally, Microsoft 365 provides for teamwork through features like Exchange for email and calendar management, SharePoint for content collaboration, and Microsoft Teams for communication, making it indispensable for modern business operations.

Common Misconceptions About Microsoft 365’s Native Data Protection Capabilities

While Microsoft 365 provides a robust infrastructure, it does not offer comprehensive data protection or disaster recovery. Many users mistakenly believe that native features are sufficient to meet all data protection needs. However, this assumption can leave organizations vulnerable to data loss and breaches. Understanding the limitations of Microsoft 365’s built-in protections is crucial for implementing effective backup and recovery strategies.

Misconception 1: Microsoft 365 Data in Azure Cloud is Always Available

A common myth is that data stored in the Azure cloud is always available, eliminating the need for backups. However, Azure is a large, distributed data center that can experience outages just like any other data center. For instance, a failed DNS change on May 2, 2019, caused a significant service disruption. Performing regular backups ensures that business-critical data can be restored from another location, reducing the risk of downtime.

Misconception 2: Microsoft 365 Data is Protected Against Human Error

Accidental deletion is a frequent cause of data loss in Microsoft 365 environments. Even with geo-replication, accidental deletions can propagate, resulting in the loss of replicated data. Regular backups allow organizations to recover lost or corrupted data, mitigating the impact of human error.

Misconception 3: Microsoft 365 Provides Complete Data Protection and Security

Despite its robust security features, Microsoft 365 is not immune to attacks. Malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks can compromise data. Moreover, vulnerabilities within Microsoft 365 itself pose risks. A comprehensive backup and recovery solution is essential to safeguard against these threats.

Misconception 4: Microsoft 365 Retention Policies and Version Control Are Sufficient

While retention policies and versioning in Microsoft 365 offer some protection, they are not substitutes for a true backup solution. Retention policies are limited in duration and do not prevent all types of data loss. Versioning helps recover older versions of files but does not protect the most current data. Proper backup strategies ensure long-term data retention and recovery.

Misconception 5: High Availability Through Data Availability Groups (DAG) Eliminates the Need for Backup

Microsoft 365’s use of Data Availability Groups (DAG) provides disaster recovery for mailbox databases but is not designed for individual item recovery. Lagged database copies only offer limited protection against recent changes. A dedicated backup solution is necessary to recover specific mailboxes or items.

The Potential Risks of Inadequate Backup and Recovery Solutions

Inadequate backup and recovery solutions pose significant risks to businesses. Without reliable data protection, organizations face potential data loss, operational disruptions, and security breaches. An “availability gap” between desired and actual recovery times can hinder business processes and IT initiatives. Ensuring robust backup and recovery capabilities is critical for modernizing IT environments and achieving digital transformation goals.

Why Choose Commvault for Microsoft 365 Backup & Recovery?

Enhancing Your Microsoft 365 Data Protection with Commvault Comprehensive Backup & Recovery Solution

Selecting the right backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365 is crucial for protecting your business’s data. Commvault offers a comprehensive and secure approach, ensuring that your information remains safe and recoverable in the face of various threats. With a proven track record and advanced features, Commvault stands out as a leader in data protection.

Overview of Commvault’s Reputation and Expertise in Data Protection

Commvault is trusted by over 100,000 companies worldwide. This extensive reach demonstrates the confidence that businesses across different industries place in Commvault’s solutions. The company has strategic partnerships with leading technology providers like Microsoft, which enhance its capabilities in protecting Microsoft 365 and Azure environments.

Commvault is dedicated to helping organizations build cyber resilience and recover swiftly from ransomware attacks. The Commvault Cloud platform offers true cloud cyber resilience, featuring innovations like Cleanroom Recovery for secure and isolated testing of recovery plans.

These advanced solutions are compliant with major industry standards and regulations, including FedRAMP, HIPAA, and GDPR ensuring that organizations can meet stringent compliance requirements while safeguarding sensitive data.

The Commvault Cloud platform is designed with a secure-by-design, zero-trust architecture, meeting the highest standards for confidentiality, availability, and access. It includes advanced data security, detection, and response capabilities to protect data from cybercrime and malicious attacks.

Commvault’s approach to data protection includes early warning technologies. These technologies help secure against threats before they occur, defend enterprise data in case of a breach, and ensure data recoverability.

Key Features of Commvault’s Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery Solution

Choosing Commvault for Microsoft 365 backup and recovery brings a host of features designed to protect and manage your data effectively;

  • Automated Backup: Commvault offers hassle-free backups with extended storage and retention built-in. This ensures that your data is consistently backed up without requiring manual intervention.
  • Source-Side Data Isolation: Commvault provides air-gapped protection to separate backup data from production environments. This isolation enhances security and reduces the risk of data loss from malicious activities.
  • Fast & Flexible Data Recovery: Commvault’s solution allows granular recoverability with point-in-time, in-place and out-of-place, item-level, and self-service restore options. This flexibility ensures that you can recover your data quickly and efficiently in various scenarios.
  • Robust Coverage: Commvault offers comprehensive protection for Commercial, GCC, and GCC High Microsoft 365 environments. This wide coverage ensures that all parts of your Microsoft 365 environment are protected.
  • Multi-Layered Security: Commvault implements zero-trust access controls, encrypted and immutable data copies, and advanced security protocols. These features work together to provide a secure environment for your data.
  • Compliance: Commvault enables fast and precise searching and preservation of data for regulatory compliance. This feature is crucial for meeting various legal and industry standards.

Comprehensive coverage: Emails, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, etc.

Commvault Cloud, powered by Metallic AI, delivers top-tier data protection for all your Microsoft 365 data. With its industry-leading technology, Commvault Cloud ensures your messages, communications, emails, and files are secure and accessible. It offers dedicated data security with extended storage and retention, safeguarding your information from advanced threats and enabling quick recovery when needed.

This comprehensive coverage spans across key Microsoft 365 applications like SharePoint, OneDrive, Project, Exchange, Teams, and Groups. By protecting all these platforms, Commvault Cloud helps maintain business continuity and meets service level agreements (SLAs) efficiently.

In addition to protecting against threats, Commvault Cloud simplifies locating and recovering data. Whether it’s active or deleted data, the solution allows for rapid recovery, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted. Commvault’s extensive protection helps meet compliance requirements and ensures your data is available when you need it. With long-term, extended retention beyond typical recycle bin limitations, you can be confident that your data remains safe and retrievable.

Commvault Cloud also enhances performance with deduplication and compression, optimizing data storage. It provides self-service restore options, empowering end users to recover their data without IT intervention. For more extensive needs, the Premium Microsoft 365 Backup Storage option supports high-speed bulk restores, ensuring that large-scale recovery processes are swift and efficient.

Granular recovery options

Commvault offers flexible, granular recovery options that are essential for rapid response to malicious attacks. Its advanced recovery infrastructure, integrated with Microsoft 365 Backup Storage, ensures that data can be quickly restored with minimal disruption. Granular search and restore capabilities allow for precise data recovery, whether you need point-in-time or out-of-place recovery.

These options include self-service features, giving users the ability to restore their data independently. This flexibility is crucial for maintaining business operations and reducing downtime during recovery. Commvault’s granular recovery options not only enhance security but also ensure that your data recovery processes are efficient and reliable.

Key Features and Benefits

Commvault offers a robust set of features and benefits designed to protect your Microsoft 365 data effectively. These capabilities ensure that your data is secure, easily recoverable, and managed efficiently, aligning with the needs of modern businesses.

  • Automated Backup Processes: Commvault’s automated backup processes significantly reduce the administrative burden on IT teams. By automating the backup of critical data such as emails, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, Commvault ensures that backups are consistent and reliable. This automation eliminates the need for manual intervention, allowing IT staff to focus on other essential tasks while maintaining the integrity of their data.
  • Granular Recovery Options: Commvault provides granular recovery options that are essential for minimizing downtime and data loss. With the ability to recover individual items, folders, or entire mailboxes, businesses can quickly restore critical data without having to perform a full system recovery. This feature is crucial in scenarios where specific pieces of data are needed urgently, ensuring business continuity and reducing operational disruptions.
  • Advanced Security Measures: Security is a top priority with Commvault, which employs advanced encryption and data security protocols to protect your information. Commvault’s solutions comply with industry standards and regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA, ensuring that your data remains secure and compliant with legal requirements. These measures help safeguard against data breaches and cyber threats, providing peace of mind for businesses.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Commvault’s scalability and flexibility make it suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Commvault can adapt to your growing data volumes and evolving business needs. This scalability ensures that as your business expands, your data protection strategies can scale accordingly, without compromising performance or security.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Monitoring: Commvault offers comprehensive reporting and monitoring capabilities, providing real-time monitoring and alerts to keep you informed about your data protection status. Detailed reports are available for compliance and auditing purposes, ensuring that you can demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements. These features enhance transparency and allow for proactive management of data protection activities.

Case Studies: Real-World Success Stories

Commvault has a proven track record of helping businesses overcome complex data management challenges. Through detailed case studies, we can see how Commvault’s solutions have been implemented to address specific issues and deliver measurable benefits. Here, we examine the unique challenges faced by different organizations and how Commvault’s innovative solutions provided the necessary support to meet their needs.

1. Enoc

Industry: Resources

Enoc, a leading global oil and gas supplier, faced significant challenges in managing and restoring data. The process was time-consuming and costly due to reliance on tapes and multiple backup solutions, which hindered continuous operations. Enoc required a single, high-performing cyber resilience solution to enhance data management efficiency and reduce overhead. Additionally, they needed a SaaS-based backup solution to protect Microsoft 365 mailboxes and support future growth.

Solution: Enoc deployed Commvault Cloud HyperScale X™ to protect all on-premises workloads and cut operating costs. They also implemented Commvault Cloud Backup & Recovery for Microsoft 365 to backup and restore email data efficiently.

Results: Enoc achieved a 67% reduction in time to restore their ERP database for 220 fuel stations. The engineers saved 66% of their time managing backups and recovery. System recovery was 88% faster, minimizing downtime. Operating expenses were reduced by 40%, and storage capacity and scalability doubled to support future growth.

2. Morrison Hershfield

Industry: Engineering

Morrison Hershfield needed to manage a large volume of unstructured data, including engineering files that must be retained indefinitely. They also needed to protect cloud data across Microsoft Office 365 and Azure.

Solution: The company relied on Commvault Cloud Autonomous Recovery for automated backup and recovery of on-premises data. They optimized backups and recovery for cloud and SaaS workloads using Commvault Cloud Backup & Recovery for Microsoft 365.

Results: The move to Commvault cut 90% of backup management time. The company achieved a 4X deduplication rate and corresponding cost savings. They doubled in size without increasing backup management time. Commvault reliably protects 20-year-old data, and the company rates Commvault support as outstanding.

3. Emerson Electric

Industry: Manufacturing

Emerson Electric required a cost-effective data protection strategy for their multi-cloud, hybrid infrastructure. Their dynamic landscape, marked by frequent acquisitions and divestitures, demanded frequent data migrations and consolidation of multiple data management interfaces.

Solution: Commvault Cloud HyperScale™ X (HSX) provided industry-leading security, automation, and ease of use. It worked seamlessly across Emerson’s multi-cloud environment, including Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and soon Amazon Web Services. Commvault AirGap Protect enhanced their cyber resilience in OCI and Azure. HSX offered simplified deployment, limitless scale, and intelligent automation, including load balancing, reducing the number of interfaces.

Results: Emerson reduced year-over-year cloud costs significantly. The infrastructure services team cut its operations resources needs by more than half. The company consistently met an RTO SLA of 98%. Emerson values its ongoing, collaborative relationship with Commvault.


In the modern digital landscape, the importance of robust backup and recovery solutions for Microsoft 365 cannot be overstated. As businesses increasingly depend on Microsoft 365 for their daily operations, ensuring the safety and availability of data is critical. Effective data protection not only prevents loss from accidental deletions and cyber threats but also ensures continuity in business operations.

Commvault emerges as an exceptional choice for businesses seeking reliable data protection. With its comprehensive features, including automated backups, granular recovery options, and advanced security measures, Commvault provides a robust solution tailored to diverse business needs. Its proven track record and strategic partnerships further solidify its position as a leader in data protection, making it the ideal partner for safeguarding your Microsoft 365 data.

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