BatchMaster Manufacturing with SAP B1

BatchMaster Manufacturing with SAP B1

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75,000 /license

  • SAP Business One Professional- INR 99,375/license
  • SAP Business One Limited-  INR 52,500/license
  • AMC will be 17% of Product License Cost

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BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One is one complete solution designed to meet the emerging and ever-changing needs of formula and recipe based manufacturers. Designed to meet the real complexities faced by industries like food & beverages, pharmaceutical, paints & coatings, speciality chemicals, cosmetics & personal care and foundry.

Product Features:
  • Formulation- Provides an effective roadmap for the formulation, with many-lobed capabilities. It also includes the creation of formulas, revision tracking, rollback feature, material substitution and much more
  • Bill of Material- Helps associate formula, labour, overheads as well as packaging materials with the finished goods to govern the production process. It also provides the ability to add routing with the bill-of-material
  • Production- Imparts powerful set of features that guarantee precise upholding and processing of production or work orders, from start to finish
  • Quality Control- Enables you to manage the record of pass/fail statistics depending upon unlimited user defined specifications and assists you to accept or reject the product based on inspection result
  • Planning- Provides an extensive tool that eases production scheduling substantially by monitoring and analysing the production floor inventory and resources
  • Costing- Offers you the versatility to determine the most reliable, accurate and profitable cost of the products
  • Laboratory- Skilfully invent and refine your prevailing formulas into more appropriate, precise and favourable ones
  • Bin Management- Manages all the business activities such as sales, purchase and production at bin level rather than the universal warehouse level
  • FDA Compliance- Enables the company to proactively meet the FDA and GMP regulations that include food, beverage, cosmetics and nutraceutical
  • Master Production Scheduling- Assists you to compute and sustain an optimum manufacturing plan based upon sales forecast, planned purchase and production orders
  • Sales- Provides tremendous versatility, control, and power over sales and order entry policies
  • Purchase- From Procurement to quoting, from ordering to receipt and invoicing, this module helps you through all
  • Inventory Management- Helps you manage and report your inventory information and accommodate the inventory management information needs of your business
  • MPS- Helps determine the latest possible time to produce goods, purchase materials and add manufacturing value
  • CRM- Enables fostering richer, deeper and more intimate relationship with customers and prospects

About the Company:
BatchMaster Software is one of the market leaders in offering enterprise software solutions for the process manufacturing industries. With an in-depth industry analysis, gained through a vast industry experience with over 2000 implementations worldwide. Company also offers ERP solutions that are apt to support industry specific operations and handle critical processes of the micro-verticals.

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