BioTech Canteen Management System

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Canteen Management solutions help companies/universities/schools to manage the various day to day activities in a canteen efficiently. Organizations with large numbers of employees cannot handle a canteen with manual processes. They need a centralized canteen management system that promotes efficient operations to cover a large organizational workforce. The canteen management system provides a friendly user Interface for numerous food outlets, menu design, billing features and lots more. The solution is easy to use and install and simplifies the entire canteen management. Companies can also automate the entry of canteen usage by an employee to accommodate the financials against the salary. The system also takes into account pre-paid cards/coupons and cash for day to day transactions.

Product Features
CMS is a easy to use and user friendly solution that help caterers/canteen owners manage canteens efficiently. The solution takes into account the recording of necessary activities for effective management. Below are certain specific features of the solution:
• Helps accommodate subsidies provided by the companies to their employees
• Accommodates manual entry of transactions
• A user can preset daily limit on the amount for the usage of canteen facility
• Daily menu creation by the caterer is possible using CMS
• Ease in selection from menu by caterers
• Support cashless and paperless transactions
• Provides a fast and efficient service
• Allows usage of pre-paid cards or coupons instead of cash
• Makes easy the reconciliation between canteen and its utilization
• Has small & compact design with sleek aesthetics
• Provides salary-debit facility for employees in credit scheme for canteen facilities

About The Company

Bio Tech Systems is a technology driven company headquarter in Delhi (India) and founded in the year 2007. The company has vast experience in, developing innovative products & solutions that increase user confidence in the electronic infrastructure, increase service efficiency and build new delivery channels through the application of intelligent technologies -both Software & Hardware. Bio Tech Systems has a talented team of professionals with valuable experience who aspire to develop intelligent products at minimal cost to our customers. Company’s fine infrastructure enables them to deliver superior and high quality products along with total support and services. The company believes in offering the best to their customers. Bio Tech Systems work with many companies whom Bio Tech Systems has provided Technology, Products and Training to offer quality biometrics solutions to their clients.

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