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Transport Management from Cogxim is a leading edge transport management software that enables the transport businesses to manage each operation effectively from a single platform. The solution caters to the automation needs of the overall transport management system at reduced cost yet with enhanced productivity. Transport Management is a robust software solution addressing to smooth operations including generation and GR, challan, invoices, management of accounts, fleet, permits etc. and generation of many useful reports for data analysis.



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About Cogxim Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Cogxim is a software development company comprised of a technically competent and experienced team of software engineers, programmers and system analyst. Cogxim is a group of young and enthusiastic software professionals with a strong desire to stand apart and to earn recognition for positive and creative work.
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Client References

Suzuki Motor Cycle

Suzuki Motor Cycle

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield

Hyundai India

Hyundai India

Honda Motor Corp

Honda Motor Corp

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited


Generate Invoice,GP Report,List of Unbilled Gp,List of UnDispatched Gr,Master View
GP Preparation Through General,GP Preparation Through Vehicle,Challan through General,Challan through Vehicle,Trip Sheet,Lorry/Hire Slip,Pod Through General,Pod Through Vehicle
Item Master,Ledger Account,Employee Master,Delivery Type Master,Package Type Master,Insurance Company Master,Rate/Lorry Master
Voucher Register,Invoice Register
Account Link,Account Group Maintenance,Insurance Company

Plans and Pricing

On Premise

Cogxim Transport

Rs. 45000.00 ( Lifetime )

  • Generate GR (goods receipt) with variety of options
  • Insurance details can be captured; if any
  • Create Challan with variety of options
  • Generate POD; if required
  • Generate Invoice; customer wise
  • Record data when lorry will be hired and generate Lorry Hire Slip
  • Generate Trip Sheet for owned Lorries
  • Generate Unbilled / Undispatched GRs
  • Rate can be saved according to the cities
  • Reconcile all cheques with statement of bank
  • Create multiple vouchers according to the requirement.


The Transport Management enables the user to Generate Trip Sheet for owned Lorries, Record data when lorry will be hired and generate Lorry Hire Slip, Generate Unbilled / Undispatched GRs, Rate can be saved according to the cities, Reconcile all cheques with statement of bank, Create multiple vouchers according to the requirement etc


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Q. How will I benefit from cooperating with Cogxim?

All outsourcing benefits Professionalism and experience of our highly-qualified specialists Cutting-edge technologies and high quality services are at your disposal. Careful analysis of your business needs provides cost-effective, time-saving and fully up-to-date solutions.

Q. What are the benefits of outsourcing?

The main aim and benefit of outsourcing is value increase for your company. This is achieved through higher business process level, considerable cost reduction and shorter project delivery time.

Q. Can I see Cogxim previous projects?

About 100 successful software projects are added to our portfolio every year and our competence is proved by numerous success stories and testimonials from our satisfied customers and the case studies of successful projects.

Q. How can I control my project flow?

Our workflow is based on the principle of fully transparent communication with our clients. Cogxim development team will keep you updated by providing you with continuous reporting and consulting no matter the distance and time zone. Strong project management gives you a consistent overview of your project stages. Your project manager will guide you through all the development phases. Get a preview of Cogxim scheme of cooperation.

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For our clients' convenience we use various communication channels to stay in contact 24/7: e-mail, skype or instant messengers.


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