Cogxim Transport Management System

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Transport Management software from Cogxim is a leading edge transport management software that enables the transport businesses to manage each operation effectively from a single platform. The solution caters to the automation needs of the overall transport management system at reduced cost yet with enhanced productivity. Transport Management is a robust software solution addressing to smooth operations including generation and GR, challan, invoices, management of accounts, fleet, permits etc. and generation of many useful reports for data analysis.

Product Features
Transport Management software is a scalable and reliable software solution that empowers the transporters to execute and manage all vital operations effectively. The solution is one stop shop for all transport management concerns. This easy to deploy and user-friendly software helps efficient management of basic to complex operations including report generation. Accounts can be linked and account group can be maintained along with insurance company.The primary feature highlights of Transport Management software include:

Master: Various master files to record and manage vital information can be created here. The solution allows the master creation for items, ledger, employees, delivery types, package types, insurance companies and rate/ lorry among others.
Entry: This extensive module enables the users to prepare GP, challans, trip sheets, lorry/ hire slips and proof of deliveries effortlessly from a single interface.
Register: Voucher and invoice registers can be prepared with all necessary information on the fly.
Report: The impeccable software solution facilitates report generation for sound data analysis that can help in taking effective decisions. The module also creates list of unbilled or un-dispatched goods. Users can also view various masters and their respective records.
Utility: User preferences and rights can be specified and configured respectively with the utility features in the Transport Management software.

About The Company
Cogxim is a software development company comprised of a technically competent and experienced team of software engineers, programmers and system analyst. Cogxim is a group of young and enthusiastic software professionals with a strong desire to stand apart and to earn recognition for positive and creative work. The company provides best in class software products for automobile, petrol pumps, private financier and transporters. More than 700 clients that include branded showrooms and workshops, petrol pumps, transport and finance have benefitted from Cogxim services.

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