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About DevEX


DevEX Baseline is the best of web-based PLM Software for small and medium businesses. It modules provides for Data Management, Collaboration, Formulation and Business Process Reengineering. It reduces search time with a central database and to forecast more accurately costs of PLM integration.

Product Feature

  • Document Management
  • Project management
  • Compliance Management
  • Forecasting
  • Requirements Management
  • Mobile Integration
  • Configuration Management
  • Product lifecycle intelligence
  • Design Management
  • Product Analytics
  • Customization

Sold By : Selerant India

Get DevEX support 24 Chatting right now

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DevEX Features

Greatly reduce the time and cost involved by installing and using templates that best fit your business processes and internal workflows. Start using the software right away to create experimental and approved ingredients, formulas and products.
Easy-to-use configuration tools enable you to create and test numerous scenarios and products. Controlled status management and pre-set lists of reviewers and approvers to keep things moving throughout product development.
Control and shorten the process of gathering and promoting ingredient data, facilitating review and activation for approved ingredients and maintaining material masters for manufacturing. Use simple or complex ingredient data templates that account for cost, physical, religious, dietary, microbiological attributes and more Use automatic roll-up calculations of physical properties to improve data accuracy Auto-update product formulas and specifications when ingredient properties are created or modified
Quickly move from trial ingredients and formulas to approved and activated formulas while ensuring data accuracy. Connect approved ingredients to trial and activated recipes Automatically sync data attributes to complex formula calculations Link formulas specifications to trial or approved formulas View the history of changes to formulas or specifications Use only the most recent ingredient, formula data, documents, reports in use for your active products
Select templates for different packaging types and keep complex packaging attributes, from weight and dimensions to performance, shipping and material compositions, in one place. Create multiple types of packages in one system Use physical packaging data for different packaging requirements Connect numerous vendors to packaging materials Sync packaging data with finished products and formulas
Connect ingredient, formula and packaging templates to streamline the finished product and labeling processes. Synchronize product information across finished products, BOMs, ingredients, formulations and packaging materials Update product marketing, technical and packaging data in one place Create flat and hierarchical finished products
Specific juice, alcohol and cereal product development tools to create PLM solutions that match your specific industry. Account for juice concentrate and analytical properties Create cereal formula on dry basis or by percentage Calculate total %ABV and ingredients cost contribution by alcohol content
Improve compliance by automating and improving the accuracy of labeling, nutritional parameters and regulatory substance management. Create single and multi-product labels Combine recipes in one ingredient statement or nutritional panel Use version control and reporting on specifications Roll-up ingredients contributions to regulated substances to determine regulatory compliance

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Oct 3 2017

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