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Healthplix EMR

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About Healthplix EMR

What is Healthplix EMR?

Healthplix is a smart EMR that performs all sorts of clinical operations. The healthcare software is able to generate e-prescription and billing of patients. With this application, doctors can transform their lab into a high-class research center. A user-friendly dashboard helps in managing every customer-related data through deep insights powered by artificial intelligence, machine language, and big data. The software lets patients chat with doctors for any queries and solutions.

How can Users Convert the Lab into a Research Centre through Healthpix?

Healthplix serves a multitude of functions that help in carrying out various lab management operations efficiently. It is equipped with around 650 templates for a better understanding of the patients and their needs. All these can be completely customized, intended at providing sound medical care at a cheap rate. Healthplix comes equipped with a number of chemical formulae and solutions for the lab technicians, helping them perform lab functions smoothly.

Users can keep a tab on improving the lab facility with the latest technologies integrated within the software. Auto-analyzers are there to ease out the process for the lab professionals in performing a number of functions such as in-vitro diagnosis, veterinary use or even hospital use. SMS and email features of Healthplix helps in communicating with patients easily by notifying them regarding their health conditions. 

Pricing of Healthplix EMR

Pricing of Healthplix is available on request. You can request a call back to get detailed pricing details.

How Healthplix Provides Insights into the Clinic Operations

Healthplix’s dashboard helps in monitoring every aspect of a medical business, be it small or big. The software is inbuilt with a finance dashboard to monitor the payment made by patients and the ones that are due. The user-friendly dashboard of Healthplix helps in enhancing the marketing strategy and allows a clinic to stay ahead of the rest with its deep insights powered by AI, ML, etc.

A clinical test hypothesis helps in determining the outcome of the clinical trials and their justification, thus helping in getting sound and accurate analytical reports. The treatment outcomes of patients can be monitored on the dashboard and one can track their health improvements easily.

Sold By : Healthplix

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Healthplix EMR Features

 A completely customizable dashboard helps in managing finance, marketing, etc. It is driven by AI and ML for generating accurate results faster.
This feature prevents the misuse of funds. A single-screen interface helps in the generation of bills with minimum fuss.
The mobile app of Healthplix is built for patients to chat easily with doctors for resolving any query. EMR facility is provided in the app too.  
The software has the ability to prepare and review drugs along with providing additional clinical services.
Healthplix helps in managing the test results of patients for an easy understanding, helping doctors to find an easy solution.
The software provides deep insights into the healthcare of a patient through AI, ML or Big Data. You can send the reports through email or SMS, thus saving time.  
Users can send bulk SMS or emails to patients regarding the health conditions, side-effects of any medications prescribed, etc. This helps in better communication between patients and clinics.
 A mobile app for patients helps address their needs and requirements. You can store EMR in the app too and resolve your queries via chat.  

Get Healthplix EMR support16 Chatting right now

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Healthplix EMR Specifications


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Healthplix EMR FAQs

A. The software offers deep insights into the health of patients through AI, ML or Big Data for tracking every detail of patients for a faster and smoother solution.
A. The mobile app dedicated to patients helps in addressing the patient grievances by providing readymade solutions to their queries. You can also store EMR in the app.
A. All the confidential data of patients is absolutely safe in the software. Patients can have personalized communication with doctors regarding their health condition and the information is not revealed to any third person.
A. Doctors can generate e-prescription through Healthplix following the MCI guidelines for patients. For repetitive cases, doctors can follow custom case sheets for prescribing medications.
A. The software comes with a single-screen billing interface for easy bill generation. It helps in the prevention of fund misuse through its configurable workflow.

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