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About Hide My Ass

What is Hide My Ass (HMA)?

Hide My Ass is a virtual private network (VPN), which helps you to have an uninterrupted and seamless net surfing experience. One can access blocked sites from anywhere in the world. It offers 20 GBPS server speed, serves over 190 countries, and doesn’t log your IP address or track what you are doing online. HMA gets around restrictions such as geo-locks, content blocks, and censorship, and provides you with access to videos, social media, music, and many stuff from around the world. This VPN software provides 256-bit AES encryption to ensure there are no data leaks and lets you have control over what you do.

How can users know if their VPN is leaking the DNS site requests? 

A DNS leak happens when one is using a VPN that fails to protect DNS queries and they leak out of the VPN tunnel. DNS takes the domain name and converts them to IP addresses and if it leaks, your status will be exposed, thus risking your data. If you manually configure your VPN connection, then there is a high chance of a DNS leak. HMA uses its own DNS servers as they are fast, secure and provides complete DNS leak protection. The software hides your location and identity, bypasses government restrictions, starts public Wi-Fi safely and streams anything and anywhere.

How can users browse anonymously using HMA?

HMA VPN gives you complete internet freedom and keeps you secure and private. The software allows you to browse privately in a tab. As soon as the connection is established, a new IP address is generated, which remains hidden. You can access any restricted or geo-blocked sites from anywhere in the world and do safe online banking without any hassles. One can surf the internet even on unsecured public Wi-Fi. The application works on any device, be it smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can protect 5 devices at once and even play online games and download apps without any worries. Users can get quick proxy access to some popular sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Pricing of Hide My Ass

There are 3 pricing plans available for HMA. They are:

  1. 1 Month Plan: The cost of this plan is Rs. 299/- per month.
  2. 12 Month Plan: The plan comes for Rs. 179/- per month.
  3. 36 Month Plan: This is a limited period plan and comes for just Rs. 99/- per month.

What role does WebRTC play in Hide My Ass?

WebRTC is a collection of standardized technologies that allows mutual communication between web browsers. However, during communication, a device needs to know the other’s real IP, which means one risks exposing his or her IP address. But HMA provides complete security in that front. If you turn off the WebRTC, there shouldn’t be any problem but still, video streaming may be interrupted. So the safe option should be to leave WebRTC for one browser specifically for streaming videos.

The software advises its users to disable WebRTC frameworks to avoid privacy leaks. If someone uses local IPs, there is nothing to worry as the WebRTC of HMA reuses and recycles them, which means no one can identify them.

Sold By : HMA

Get Hide My Ass support 22 Chatting right now

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Hide My Ass Features

Smart Kill Switch makes sure there is no data leak when the connection to the VPN server drops.
This helps you to choose which applications are going through HMA VPN. You can watch a movie and access your e-shop simultaneously.
This feature supercharges your anonymity online by randomizing your IP addresses anywhere, ranging from 10 minutes to once a day.
HMA ensures protection against IPv4, IPv6 and other DNS leaks.
The software uses the highest grade encryption, that is, 256-bit AES.
HMA helps you choose what type of connection triggers the VPN to start automatically. You can also select which networks you should trust or ignore.
All Hide My Ass servers are secured with a 256-bit AES encryption that ensures no one can access your data.
HMA servers provide DDoS protection capabilities along with robust shielding from any malicious attack.
The special peer-to-peer servers of HMA masks the users’ IP addresses for protection, without hampering the connection speed.
The core data centres have servers that are capable of producing speeds up to 20 GBPS.
The support team of Hide My Ass is always ready to help its users with any type of problem.

Get Hide My Ass support22 Chatting right now

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Hide My Ass Specifications


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Hide My Ass FAQs

Peer to Peer (P2P) servers of HMA masks the users’ IP addresses for protection without compromising on the connection speed.
Hide My Ass protects its users against IPv4, IPv6 and DNS leaks.
IP Shuffle randomizes your IP addresses anywhere depending upon the interval chosen. This supercharges your anonymity online, thus safeguarding your identity and personal data.
The smart kill switch of HMA makes sure there is no data leak when connection to the VPN server drops.
Split Tunnelling helps you to choose which applications are going through the VPN servers. This enables users to simultaneously stream a movie as well as shop online.

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