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Kuta Software

Brand : Kuta Software LLC

Starting at $ 30

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Kuta Software provides math worksheets and tools for students and teachers, covering pre-algebra to calculus, aiding in effective math learning and teaching with customizable worksheets and detailed solutions....Read more

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Kuta Software Pricing, Features & Reviews

What is Kuta Software?

Kuta Software is an educational platform specializing in math software. It provides a vast array of math worksheets, exercises, and tools catering to students from pre-algebra to calculus levels. With customizable features, it allows educators to generate worksheets tailored to specific learning objectives and student needs.

Its resources are designed to facilitate math learning and comprehension, offering detailed solutions and explanations to aid in students' understanding of mathematical concepts. Overall, it is a valuable resource for students and teachers in their math education journey.

Why Choose Kuta Software?

  • Comprehensive Math Resources: It provides a wide range of math worksheets, exercises, and tools covering various topics from pre-algebra to calculus, offering comprehensive support for students and educators.
  • Customization Options: The platform allows educators to customize worksheets to match specific learning objectives, student skill levels, and teaching styles, ensuring tailored math practice for every classroom.
  • Detailed Solutions: It offers detailed solutions and explanations for each problem, helping students understand mathematical concepts and learn from their mistakes effectively.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Its intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate for both teachers and students, promoting seamless integration into classroom instruction and independent study.
  • Proven Track Record: It has a reputation for reliability and effectiveness in math education, trusted by educators and students worldwide for its quality content and educational value.

Benefits of Kuta Platform

  • Time Savings: It streamlines the process of creating math worksheets and assignments, saving educators valuable time that can be allocated to other instructional tasks.
  • Enhanced Student Engagement: Its interactive features and diverse problem sets keep students engaged in math practice and reinforces learning outside the classroom.
  • Individualized Learning: It allows educators to generate personalized worksheets tailored to each student's skill level and learning pace, fostering individualized learning experiences.
  • Improved Performance: Providing extensive practice opportunities and immediate feedback helps students improve their math skills and academic performance over time.
  • Accessible Anywhere: It is accessible online, enabling students to access math resources from anywhere with an internet connection, promoting learning flexibility and accessibility.

Pricing of Kuta Educational Software

Kuta Software price in India starts from $30 at

The pricing model is based on different parameters, including extra features, deployment type, and the total number of users. For further queries related to the product, you can contact our product team and learn more about the pricing and offers.

Kuta Software Pricing & Plans

  • 2 computers
    • Quantity
Starting at $ 150
Site License
  • Unlimited Users
    • Quantity
Starting at $ 400
Kuta Works Seats
  • 30 seats
    • Quantity
Starting at $ 30

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Kuta Software Features


Unlimited Questions

It allows users to generate unlimited math questions for practice and assessment.


Easy Spacing

It provides tools for easily adjusting the spacing and layout of questions on worksheets for optimal readability.


Presentation Mode

It offers a presentation mode for displaying math problems to students in a clear and organized manner.


Multiple-Version Printing

Users can print multiple versions of the same worksheet with variations in questions or formatting.


Scale Assignment

It allows users to scale assignments based on difficulty level or student proficiency.


Export Questions

Users can export math questions to various file formats for sharing or further customization.


Good Multiple-Choice Questions

It includes well-designed multiple-choice questions to test students' understanding of math concepts.


Merge Assignments

Users can conveniently merge multiple assignments or worksheets into a single document.


Diagrams Drawn to Scale

It can generate diagrams and graphs drawn to scale to accurately represent mathematical concepts.


Graphing & Graph Paper Utility

It provides graphing tools and graph paper utilities for visual representations of mathematical functions and data.

Kuta Software Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Business Size:
  • Customer Support:
  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • Education
  • All Businesses
  • Small Business, Startups, Medium Business, SMBs, SMEs, MSMBs
  • Phone, Email
  • English

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Kuta Software FAQ

A Kuta Software is compatible with Windows.
A The Kuta Software app is unavailable for Android and iOS users.
A Kuta platform supports on-premises deployment.
A Kuta Software price in India starts at $30 at
A Kuta Software is typically used by education to assist students and teachers in learning and teaching mathematics concepts effectively.
A A demo of Kuta Software is available at
A Kuta Software is not available for free. You can contact our product experts to learn more about pricing plans.
A Yes, Kuta Software offers a free trial.
A For Kuta software installation, you can go directly to Techjockey’s official website and buy this solution. Once purchased, you will receive a key to download the same via email.
A Kuta Software allows users to generate customized math worksheets with unlimited questions, varied formats, and detailed solutions, enhancing math practice and assessment. It provides intuitive tools for adjusting spacing, formatting, and content layout, simplifying the creation of tailored math assignments.

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