Meshink Inventory Management  System

Meshink Inventory Management System

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Inventory management is a cloud-based solution for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. This software caters to a large audience that includes manufacturing industries, wholesalers, distributors, retailers etc. and deals with every aspect of inventory management effectively to enhance business productivity.

Product Features:
  • Systematic details of stocked goods: Keeps record of all the stocked goods, movement of stocks, warehouse transfers, etc.
  • Smooth Production: Provides innovative facilities that help smoothen the process involved in inventory management.
  • Sales Operations: This solution caters to the need of sales order processing, invoice generating and sales tracking.
  • Cloud based operating with zero hardware costs: Provides cloud based platform that helps user to deploy and manage everything from a single platform.
  • Easy Setup: The software is easy to use and provide you with simple interface to understand.
  • Data Security: Keeps all the inventory related data safe and secured.
  • Easy upgrades/ Reduce investment in inventory: Uses very less memory for the upgradation reducing the investment cost and seems to be very light on your computer.

About the Company:
Meshink is a system management solution provider, specialised in software sales such as Inventory System, Project Management System, ERP and CRM. The company provides highly integrated solutions to manage all aspects of retail businesses that help decision making perfectly.

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