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About Mixpanel

What is Mixpanel? 

Mixpanel is one of the best business analytics software available in the Indian market. This analytics software helps in a better understanding of customer conversion, engagement, and retention. It offers a comprehensive analysis of user behavior across websites and applications. Organizations are allowed to experiment and improve their workflows. 

How does Mixpanel works? 

Mixpanel works in a very systematic fashion; here is a short explainer on how it works: 

  1. Data Collection: The business analytics software collects accurate data from various websites and apps on customers and products in real-time. It also funnels data based on platforms such as mobile, web, etc. 
  2. Trends Identification: After the collection of data, users can define key business metrics and view the trends over time. Mixpanel business analytics software also allows organizations to check up trends on a week to week basis.
  3. Understanding the Behavior: Mixpanel offers detailed insights on why the trends are happening. It utilizes numerous approaches such as correlation analysis, look-alike modeling, and several other data science techniques to comprehend the reasons why users engage, retain, and convert. 
  4. Setting Goals and Hypotheses: Now that organizations have acquired the critical metrics of the trends. The analytics team can understand why they are moving up and down. The business analytics software will help you in setting goals to improve the trends, and thorough hypotheses on reaching those goals. 
  5. Act: Plan out your actions to test your hypotheses immediately though product experiments, messaging, and personalization. It can be later attached to business attributes like conversion, engagement, and retention individually or otherwise to enhance business performance. 

What is the price of Mixpanel? 

Mixpanel is available in two different plans; they are 

  1. Growth – Rs. 56000/- per annum for one-thousand MTUs
  2. Enterprise – customized pricing based on user demands

For further price-related inquiries and other questions regarding Mixpanel, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you shortly. 


Get Mixpanel  support 25 Chatting right now

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Mixpanel Features

Get Mixpanel  support25 Chatting right now

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Mixpanel Specifications


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Mixpanel FAQs

A. Yes, Mixpanel facilitates the integration of APIs for better analysis of your business data.
A. Mixpanel offers in-built mobile SDKs that collect data when the devices are in the offline mode. This feature is also extended to JavaScript.
A. Here’s a step by step procedure for filtering reports in Mixpanel business analysis tool: 1. Open Mixpanel 2. Click the filter button 3. Specify the “email” property 3. Select “does not contain” to exclude the domain of the group 4. Select “Add Filter.” You can add more filters for additional nitty gritty details.
A. Yes, Mixpanel allows you to customize the dashboard according to personalized business needs.
A. Yes, Mixpanel’s mobile app consists of all the features that are available in the software. It facilitates seamless operability through any location.

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