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About Move4U

What is Move4U?

Move4U is a software designed by industry expert logisticians for managing logistical workflows. The logistic management software allows companies to establish a seamless line of communication with their customers to interact and work effortlessly. This also results in the simplification of several other tasks such as an assortment of bills, payment tracking, etc. The software enables business owners to manage removals workflows and supervise the entire process. 
Move4U offers multiple modules that cater to individual works of the businesses. The software offers an exclusive customer portal that enables them to place the logistics request with ease. Users can provide all the necessary details for pickup, load, supposed expenses, etc. which is directly updated on the dashboard. Logistic employees can cross verify the details and make the changes and send it for approval. This logistic workflow induces hassle-free and comprehensive working. 

Modules offered by Move4U: 

Here is a list of modules offered by Move4U: 

  1. Quote Form: This feature provides a portal for customers to raise their interest in working with the logistics company. It collects all the basic contact information, goods detail, preferable date of starting the operations, etc.
  2. Self-Survey Form: This module allows customers to place their inventory details for managing goods transfer orders. Customers are also allowed to place external requisitions for a load such as refrigeration, handyman, etc. 
  3. Self-Survey App: The self-survey app is a comfortable way for customers to place their service requests. The mobile application also allows including images from the camera roll. 
  4. Pre-Move Survey: Pre-Move Survey automatically receives all the customer requisitions from the self-survey module to the user dashboard. Users can confirm the date and goods (they can also make cross requests for some changes through the software) and send it for customer approval. 
  5. Digital Inventory: Companies can manage the inventory that is being moved/transferred efficiently. The software involves best-in-class inventory management and tracker to ensure the goods being moved are in good condition. 
  6. Claim Handling: This feature enables users to generate and manage coverage requests for a loss and other operations related to claims handling. 

Why logisticians prefer Move4U?

Move4U offers a standardized portal for both customers and users to streamline daily operations. The software also acts as a collaboration tool for users to ensure better communication. Move4U is designed to enhance the goods tracking too. Move4U offers integration with geo-location services to track the shipment in real-time. 

What is the price of Move4U?

The price of Move4U starts from Rs. 2200/- per month per user. For further inquiries, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you shortly. 

Sold By : Move4U

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Move4U Features

The software streamlines the workflow requisition and goods management to a great extent.
This logistic management software offers a customer portal to raise the request for quotation or estimates. 
Move4U user dashboard is directly connected to the customer portal for quotation management and workflow monitoring.
Organizations that deal with international shipment can use Move4U in their daily operation. 
Move4U assists in local logistical support as well for the hassle-free domestic shipment. 
The software offers multiple module-based mobile application for operational ease.
Move4U streamlines all the tasks required in a logistic operation. 
This feature enables customers to file for a work order and give all the necessary details.
Customers can place work order through a survey application. 
This feature enables post-delivery claims handling like bills, extra expense, etc. 
Move4U includes an inventory management module for managing the data of goods in rest and in transit.  

Get Move4U support36 Chatting right now

Buy Move4U1076 People added this product in their cart

Call for Move4U demo2519 People requested to call back

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Move4U Specifications


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Move4U FAQs

Move4U is available for both iPhone and Android platforms
This logistic management software is a web-based solution that can be accessed through web browser.
Yes, there is a monthly charge of Rs. 2200/- per month per user for consistent use of Move4U.
Move4U is available for demo that users can avail by requesting a call from Techjockey.
You will get online demo and post-sales support that will get you acquainted with the software.

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