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About Omex Cold Storage Management


Cold Storage warehouse management software manages almost all the functionalities of the cold storage such as reduces reports generation time and increases the quality and accuracy of information. It obtains instant up-to-date information regarding the account and stock position at any time, which leads to efficient utilization of time and enhancement services to the customers. The application can be moved on an online cloud based web application, which can be easily accessible on your all devices.

Product Features

  • Operate Multiple Companies: Provides multi-company set-up at the same time. A user can easily differentiate all the financial aspects of each company
  • Unit Master: A user can define multiple units like Katta, Liter, Pieces etc.
  • Inward Register:
    • Helps assign auto inward no. for each inward that includes lot number, floor, Chamber, & rack of that inward item
    • You may add additional expanses with each inward like freight, labour, weight etc.
    • Functionality to add multiple weights as per location
    • Easily prints the inward receipt as well
    • Notifies the customer about the inward, lot and received weight
    • A user can add multiple parties with their financial information and address information as well
  • Item Master: It helps a user to manage all types of items over here
  • Outward Register: It automatically assigns an outward number. This allows a user to outward multiple lot number at once
  • Lot/Daily/Party wise Statements: When a customer made an inquiry related to their stocked items, it allows the user to easily check and give them reply instantly
  • Searching: Master search/lot search makes it easier to find any information
  • Invoice/Billing: Helps user to create an invoice and notifies about created invoice by SMS
  • Payment Receipt: This feature helps define the mode of payment such as cash or cheque from a specific client
  • Utilities: It creates a backup of your database, restores the database and creates users inside your system etc.



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About Omex Infotech

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When an item comes to your Cold Storage or warehouse then inward register become very helpful. We will assign auto Inward No for each inward. With inward, you may assign Lot Number, floor, Chamber, & Rack of that inward item. You may lock the lot number which facility very useful when even by mistake Lot not going to be outward, For that scenario even if you have to make outward then you must have to unlock the Lot Number.

You may add multiple parties with they financial information and address information as well. Part may be having it's type like Party/Agent/Sender

You can manage all types of items over here. This become very helpful when you will made inward of your customer items.

Outward number automatically assigned. System take care like not permit to outward before inward date. You may outward multiple lot number at once. System will take care like not permit to outward on locked lot number. You may outward partial Qty as well like if you having 100 items and need to outward 50 then it's can be possible.

We know a statement is the best way to check cold storage current state. Even some customer made inquiry related to they stocked items so your representative easily check and give them proper reply very fast.

Master Search/Lot Search with that feature you may search easily your data.

You may create invoice, Once you create invoice customer get notify about created invoice by SMS.

Define in which mode cash or check for which party you got the payment.

Backup of your database, restore database, create users inside your system etc.

Plans and Pricing


Omex Cold Storage Management

Rs. 10000.00 ( Per Year )

  • Unit Master
  • Inward Register
  • Party Master
  • Item Master
  • Outward Register
  • Lot/Daily/Party wise Statements
  • Searching
  • Invoice/Billing
  • Payment Receipt
  • Utilities




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