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Realtime RS20

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About Realtime RS20

What is Realtime RS20?

Realtime RS20 is a biometric machine equipped with a fingerprint access control. It is capable of recording fingerprints of up to 3000 users. The device has the capability of working in both online and offline mode. It has an attendance holding capability of 2,00,000 users. The verification is done in three modes, which include ID card, fingerprint, and password. The device comes with an inbuilt optical sensor to record the attendance. Further, it can work at a humidity range of 20% - 60%.

How Does Fingerprint Image stand out in Realtime RS20?

When it comes to fingerprint images, Realtime RS20 biometric has proven to be really helpful. Fingerprint impressions stored on Realtime RS20 look quite clear and accurate on the biometric system and one cannot give any proxy for others. The specifications that make fingerprint images stand out in the hardware are: 

  1. Biometric Screen 
  2. 2.4 inches Colour Display Screen
  3. Fingerprint users of up to 3000 people
  4. ID Card, Password and fingerprint verification mode
  5. Optical fingerprint sensor for smooth and efficient attendance management.

Where does RealTime RS20 find its applicability?

RealTime RS20 is used to record attendance in schools and offices. The device automates attendance for students as well as teachers, eliminating the chances of any possible data manipulation. The attendance is recorded by using one’s RFID Card, fingerprint impressions and with the inbuilt face recognition technology of the device.

The product is equipped with a push data concept for offices to record the attendance of employees. It eliminates the requirement for the installation of servers in all the branches of an organization as the system allows employee attendance monitoring from multiple locations. 

The device comes inbuilt with an access control system that grants access to registered users while denying that to unauthorized ones. As a cloud-based system, it provides user-centric access control, and every user request made to a service provider is bundled with their identity and entitlement information. It also provides GPRS on cloud solutions.

Pricing of RealTime RS20

RealTime RS20 biometric system comes at a price of Rs. 5300/-.

Benefits of RealTime RS20

  1. Product Functions - RealTime RS20 provides a precise system for recording attendance. It captures fingerprints, voice and iris patterns providing a secure attendance management solution.
  2. Accountability At Its Best - The gadget provides accurate information about the exit and entry of an individual. One can analyze, configure and report the data as and when required. 

Sold By : Realtime

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Realtime RS20 Features

To capture and read the information stored on the tag attached to the object, RF card is used.
It is a suite of communication protocols used to establish internet connectivity. When the device works in the online mode, internet connectivity is provided through this protocol.
A PIN number is used for the authentication of user access. A person can enter or exit with his or her own card only.
When the main source of power is unavailable, the backup battery provides power to the system for up to 3 hours.
This device is installed with a powerful USB link to connect it to a computer system for recording attendance.
RealTime RS20 comes with a data storage device that includes flash memory. It is removable and rewritable, allowing data on the flash drive to be stored in the memory.
In a computing environment, access control is the security technique that regulates the access to attendance data. 
The system can operate online even on Wi-Fi when the data connection is interrupted or absent.  
The system has a biometric security scanner that provides the best fingerprint security so that none of the fingerprints get overlapped.
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Realtime RS20 Specifications


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Realtime RS20 FAQs

A. Yes, the device can work in both online and offline mode. It is operational and stores attendance data, even if there is no network connection available.
A. Personal Identification Number is a unique number that is used for authentication of user access. One can gain entry access to office or school with his or her own card only.
A. The product comes with an inbuilt battery backup to provide power when the main power source is off. The battery backup provided is for 3 hours.
A. RF Card is used to capture and read the information stored on the tag attached to the object.
A. RealTime RS20 plays a critical role in granting access to users. If one is not authorised to view the data recorded, the system blocks access.

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