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Royal Server was designed to be extensible, flexible and customizable from the ground up. The current modules are just the beginning. Be up and running within minutes! Installing Royal Server is a breeze. Plus, the Royal Server Configuration Tool is easy to use and provides quick access to all settings and security options. Think of Royal Server as your secure gateway to manage remote systems and environments. All communication with Royal Server can also be encrypted for added security. Access to Royal Server is controlled by standard Windows Security.

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About Royal Applications

Royal Applications TS can handle documents opened by multiple users at the same time and allows you to synchronize document changes without the need for a SQL database back-end! Simply use a network share or cloud storage service (such as Dropbox). Royal TS tightly integrates with LastPass and KeePass. Documents created using these password management systems can be opened and the contained credentials can be used just like regular Royal TS credentials. Royal TS documents are fully interchangeable and compatible with Royal TS (for Windows), Royal TSX (for macOS), Royal TSi (for iOS) and Royal TSD (for Android).
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Features of Royal Server

  • Simple setup using MSI installer.
  • Standard Windows Service.
  • Extensible plugin architecture.
  • Access using PowerShell cmdlets.
  • Application logging to Windows Event Log.
  • Application logging to the file system.
  • Full request/response logging.
  • Performance data is logged.
  • Custom performance counter for monitoring included.
  • Internal log viewer.
  • Automatic and manual update check.
  • Proxy server for self-update support.
  • Hardened security configuration.
  • Support for Dynamic Folders for Royal TS/X.
  • Support for Dynamic Credentials for Royal TS/X.
  • Script interpreter configuration for PowerShell, Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby and Bash.
  • Documentation included (help file).
  • Service management (stop, start, restart).
  • Health dashboard (memory and CPU usage, threads, requests total, requests / sec and uptime).
  • Dedicated worker account.
  • Support for custom listener port.
  • Authentication built on Windows security mechanisms.
  • SSL encrypted communication (on by default).
  • Self-signed certificate support built-in.
  • Support for traffic compression.
  • Creation/Modification/Deletion of Royal Server documents.
  • Configuration of loaded modules.
  • Logging configuration.
  • Multi-language support (supported by the community).
  • Manage installed licenses.
  • Create documents, modify metadata or delete documents on the server.
  • Specify the path where the documents should be stored (no database needed).
  • Specify the number of backups Royal Server automatically keeps.
  • Fully integrated with Royal TS/X clients.
  • Configure if the MFA configuration should be off, optional or forced.
  • Configure different providers for MFA (currently Generic TOTP is available).
  • Enroll user for MFA, remove the enrollment.
  • Enable or disable access rules for documents.
  • Add read/modify operations and grant/deny permissions for windows users and groups.
  • Execute any PowerShell script or command line.
  • Return the output as text or objects.
  • Query multiple machines easily.
  • Full PowerShell like console output.
  • Support for PowerShell remoting via https.
  • Works with input parameters.
  • Support for ReturnCode property of scripts.

Royal Server plans and pricing

On Premise

Royal Server


  • Managment Connections.
  • Server Solutions.
  • Health Monitoring.
  • Scripting Support.
  • Automatic Updates.

Royal Server Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for Royal Server

Q. What is a server?

In computing, a server is a computer program or a device that provides functionality for other programs or devices, called "clients". This architecture is called the client–server model, and a single overall computation is distributed across multiple processes or devices.

Q. What is "Software Maintenance"?

With software maintenance you have access to the latest version of the product (including major version releases). This means you are entitled to upgrade Royal TS to any newer version for 1 year (or in case of extended global license, 3 years) after the purchase free of charge. Priority email support is also included in the software maintenance plan. Each Royal TS license includes at least a 1 year software maintenance plan. An extended global license includes 3 years of software maintenance.

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