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About Segment

What is Segment?

Segment is a marketing tool for creating customer data infrastructure. that allows users to collect, standardize, and activate the data of the customer, which is an essential part needed to run a growing business. What makes this platform stand out in the market is its feature to organize and complete all the necessary tasks of the business with a single API. Segment is the best database management software that helps create a data foundation for business by integrating first-party data across marketing and analytics stack.

How is Segment different?

The segment provides smart connections through data integration and saves the time taken by the users in writing successful codes for integration. This platform also integrates the martech stack at a quick rate with a single API for smooth data integration. With real-time integrated data flow, it helps business owners and management take quick actions.

How does Segment Manage Audience? 

With the audience management feature, the software unifies user history across different channels and also keeps a note of the preference of identities with selective control options. Segment breaks down the data of the customer to its core component parts and manages their integration codes seamlessly. The platform automates the essential functions in a given organization and allows efficiency and scalability to the business.

Pricing of Segment

The pricing of the Segment depends on its extensive use by the user. The company provides three plans to aid the users as per their business needs. The given plans are discussed below:

  1. Team: The pricing of Team plan is set at Rs 8,545 and provides unlimited sources and destinations.
  2. Business: The pricing of this plan depends upon the requirements of the customers and is available on request.

You can request a call back to get a custom package and quotes. 

How Secure is Your Customer Data on Segment?

Data security is the most essential aim for any tool that manages the data of the customer. Segment maintains the necessary data encryption by TLS in transit to enable an efficient data security level. The second step taken by the platform towards data security is that it provides users with a Segment password which comes hashed using bcrypt with AWS tools. Segment enables the users to manage and access their accounts by offering them the facilities to access the data with Single Sign-On (SSO) on the set business campaign. The platform also offers Multi-factor authentication (MFA) to provide an additional layer of security. Users need to enter a code from their mobile phone while logging into Segment.


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Segment Features

Segment provides data security management feature for its users to ensure that their business data remains safe from all possible forms of cyber threat.
By keeping a note on the process management, the platform ensures the efficient functioning of the business with scalability.
Segment provides the users with an option to analyse their data. It also ensures that business owners get an update of the real-time performance of their business.  
 By dividing the customers of a given business into groups based on common characteristics, Segment helps the companies to gather effective results.
Segment provides ease in data integration by allowing fluent transition over platforms and saves the time taken by the user in writing successful codes for integration.  
Data migration refers to the process of transitioning data over different platforms. Segment ensures the ease in the migration of data over various platforms.  
Segment simplifies the process of governing information and data, allowing you to make significant decisions in real-time.
This platform manages the master data of a business to provide fluent running of business operations.

Get Segment support16 Chatting right now

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Segment Specifications


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Segment FAQs

The mutual customers over this platform use a server-side library served over various mobile SDK’s to implement our API methods.
No, only the data over the selected mobile SDKs and Java scripts collect relevant information from your device. Server-side libraries of the app does not collect any contextual data. The users are provided with an option to provide contextual data themselves.
No, the provided segments are set as queued events in the platform and Segment cannot guarantee the order in which the event is delivered to your endpoint.
Yes, Segment retries the process of entering data, that’s nine times over the course of four hours. The above-mentioned process increases the number of attempts for messages. The platform tries to re-deliver them another four times after some backoff. However, Segment doesn’t retry after the expiry of an API key or a failed payment.

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