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SUMMIT Service Management with its multi-tenant architecture and high configurability, can be used across multiple functions such as HR, Finance, Facilities, Marketing and Procurement etc., each with their own SLAs and Service Catalogues, thereby truly making it an Enterprise Service Management Solution. SUMMIT Service Management Solution is available in three variants that include:
  • Service Management Enterprise
  • Service Management Professional
  • Service Management Basic
Product Features
  • Enterprise class, Cloud based Operations and Enterprise Services Management suite
  • Operational Intelligence, Runbook Automation, Gamification, Service Assist, Checklist, Skill Pack, Service Catalogs, SLA management
  • Full featured native apps on iOS & android, profile based dashboards, unique SMS based flexibility for feature phones
  • Tight integration across key ITOM solutions


  • Ensures higher service availability, customer satisfaction and lower TCO
  • High configurability, improves service availability, analyses productivity, simple to configure and use
  • Mobility enabled and complete IT Ops management capability
  • Delivers higher efficiency in the form of increased productivity, reduced downtime and optimum asset utilization

About The Company
Symphony SUMMIT is the leading provider of private and public cloud based IT Operations Management Solution to enterprises and service providers. It is one of the 20+ global companies backed by the Symphony Technology Group (STG).
STG is a strategic private equity firm focused on transforming high-potential companies into definitive market leaders. Through a combination of capital and hands-on operational expertise, STG helps data analytics focused and SaaS companies develop innovative product offerings that appeal to high-growth markets.

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