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Syscon Cronus is the blue-chip ERP product of Syscon which is targeted for the manufacturing and large trading Enterprises. The softare is a holistics solution to facilitate the organizations to manage multiple companies at multiple locations supporting multiple currencies. Syscon Cronus equips the businesses with newfangled tools to manage entire ERP efficiently. The ERP solution is a user friendly and easily deployable software with eminent operations automated and bundled in a single package.

Product Features
Syscon Cronus is a comprehensive suite accommodating all ERP automation needs in a business. This solution comes with the most interactive interface empowering the businesses to manage all ERP management aspects from a single platform effortlessly. Software following the modular approach provides an array of customizable reports creating useful business insights and helping the better decision making.
The enduring features of Syscon Cronus solution consist of:
  • Sales & Distribution: This intuitive module facilitates effective functioning of sales and distribution activities in the businesses. Sales orders can be manages, tracked and distribution channels can be well administered within this module.
  • Purchase & Inventory (Subcontracts): All purchase operations including the purchase orders management, supplier details, pricing, item coding, and purchase order status can be monitored here. the module also allows entire inventory management effortlessly from this module. Businesses can record their opening and closing stock along with all stock transfers and transactions in the Purchase & Inventory module.
  • Finance: Finance handling and management is a complex task. The software provides a powerful finance module catering to the flawless management of the financing may it be inflow, outflow or financial transactions. Various accounting operations are also configured to be managed within this module.
  • Planning & Production: The proficient module expedites the process of resource planning and optimal utilization. The module also includes intuitive features for smooth production with reduced efforts and improved performance.
  • Costing: Thos costing module deals with calculating current standard cost stored at the item level, labour and overhead costs, actual costs and other associated aspects.
  • Plant Maintenance: The overall maintenance of plant including asset management, maintenance and repair issues can be well addressed with this excellent module in the solution.
  • Quality Control: Quality control is a module defining the standards to be maintained while production, quality analysis and comparing with actual product leading to reinforcing the control measures effortlessly.
  • Payroll: Including pay structure defining, employee management, capturing employee details, attendance management to the salary calculation, all automated features make the most crucial payroll processes simple and easy with this module.
  • MIS: Integrated with powerful MIS and customizable reports based on various filter criteria, the solution empowers the businesses with useful analytic data thereby supporting in effective decision making.
About The Company
Syscon Solutions is a software product development company established in the year 1996.  Syscon has right mix of professionals with manufacturing company back ground with domain expertise and Technical team with expertise on Microsoft Technologies. Syson endeavours to deliver cost effective, off-the shelf and user-friendly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and to provide high ROI (Return on Investment), low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and faster deployment for various manufacturing industry verticals . The company provides continuous functional and technical enhancement to the ERP software as well as constant support for our users in order to help them to reduce the cost of operation and serve their customers better.

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