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Unitech HT630

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About Unitech HT630

HT630 Rugged and Compact Portable Terminal and barcode reader is a reliable solution made by Unitech Global to provide businesses with an efficient data collection terminal. The equipment is ideal for companies that are engaged in retail, field services, and warehouses. HT630 is a multi-purpose device that provides high performance and reliability. Multiple memory cards can also be incorporated in the equipment which provides the capability to operate on intensive data capture applications. This barcode scanner is IP54 rated against dust and moisture ingress, and has an integrated laser for 1D barcode reading. It is rugged and light in weight, ensure the ease of use.  


Sold By : Unitech Global

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Unitech HT630 Features

CPU 80MHz RISC Memory - 512K/2.5MB/4.5MB/8.5MB. Flash ROM 256K with DOS-based system. Keypad - 26 alphanumeric keys + one scan trigger. Display - 128x64 pixel. Volume adjustable by software. Real Time Clock - System date and time.
Main Battery - One rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack. Backup Battery - 120mAH/3.6V for SRAM memory backup. Li-ion recharging 2.5 hours in Docking Station. Operating Time over 12 hours.
Types - UPC-A/E, EAN-8/13, Codabar, Code 39, Code 39 full ASCI, Code 93,Code 32, Interleaved & Std. 2 of 5, EAN 128, Code 11, Delta, MSI/Plessey,Code 128, Toshiba, EAN 128.
Interface - RS232 communication port. Handshaking - Xon/Xoff or CTS/RTS. Protocol - None, or Multi-point for multi-drop installation. File transfer built-in Kermit server. Bluetooth BT V2.0+ EDR( Enhanced Data Rate Compliant). Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g (WEP & WPA-PSK & WPA2-PSK Security).
C Language - MSC, Borland C, Turbo C. JobGen Plus - A Windows-based program generator. Form Caching - A built-in program generator. DLL library available for 16/32-bit C++, VB, VFP and Delphi.
IP Rating IP54. Drop test 1.2-meter / 4-foot drop threshold. Dimension 165(L)mm*60(W)mm*35(H)mm. Weight 230g with battery pack. Operation temperature -5 ~ 50°c. Storage temperature -20 ~ 70°c. Humidity 5% ~ 95% RH non-condensing.

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Unitech HT630 Specifications

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subhash kakade

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very helpful and no pressure.



Mar 14 2018

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Unitech HT630 FAQs

Although the 2-D code can be used to encode many characters, if necessary, the length can be changed to encode fewer characters. The amount of data in a variable-length barcode is limited by the number of symbols. The number of these depends on the capability of the barcode reader.
The wide variety of barcodes allows you to find a suitable system to meet your requirements. If you want to make sure which barcode type is the most suitable for you, the key criteria are the amount of data to be encoded, the space available to print the barcodes and the data type to be encoded.
Nowadays, there are hundreds of available barcode symbol systems. However, only a few are widely used. Each of these ‘symbologies’ has unique barcode patterns, spacing modes, and data encoding rules. There are two basic types of barcodes: 1-D and 2-D barcodes. 1) A 1-D barcode is a one-dimensional line-type code with the data arranged in bars with spaces between them. The U.P.C./EAN symbol system is a typical 1-D barcode. 2) 2-D barcodes use another dimension to encode the data. There are two main types of 2-D barcodes: Stack and matrix type symbol systems. The stack type consists of many one dimensional symbols stacked over each other. The matrix type consists of blocks or lines formed by squares and geometric patterns. In addition, there are also hybrid type 2-D symbol systems and other variations.
The barcode scanner has an automatic decoding and recognition capability. This allows the barcode reader to map the bars and spacing into the correct characters and avoid read errors. The accuracy of the recognition is very high with an error rate of only one in more than 3 million characters.
Yes, The barcode readers usually support many commonly used systems. Typically, more barcode scanners can recognize 1-D barcodes than 2-D ones. However, some of them can support several commonly used 2-D formats. Barcode scanners models from different manufactures support a variety of Barcode systems.

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