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Uttara ERP is an integrated, end-to-end solution catering to the accounting and basic documentation requirements in the organizations. With a holistic approach to the ERP automated solutions, this software enables effective resource planning and management in the enterprise. The software provides relevant information within reasonable response time thereby allowing the organizations to establish credibility with suppliers and customers. With intuitive features, Uttara ERP serves as a decision support system to the companies.



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About Uttara Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Uttara Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is a IT company which provides trainings on software development tools and is also known for best in class next generation web/mobile/ERP applications. The company has undertook innovative practices to develop products with advanced technology and deliver state-of-the art automation solutions. There are a kitty of products that the company delivers that can be implemented across industries like Manufacturing, Financial consulting, automotive services, etc.
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₹ 2000000.00

  • "CRM (Customer Relationship Management): The software provides effective CRM features that provide full control and tracking of quotations
  • enquiries
  • sales orders and invoicing control among other crucial operations. The software also empowers the organization with effective analysis. SCM (Supply Chain Management): Uttara ERP contains exclusive automation solution to analyze and manage purchase orders
  • inventory accounting and extended control. Quality control and management: Quality control and management module in Uttara ERP allows the organizations to deal efficiently with customer-driven quality. The software allows the organizations to define and analyze the quality control parameters for effective and more productive operations. Financial Control and Accounting: Various accounting operations including the transactions
  • ledger entries
  • maintenance of balance sheet and P&L account
  • assets and depreciation in addition to other accounting operations have been automated in the software thereby relieving the accounts departments from painful and tedious financial control and accounting tasks. Accounts Receivable and Payables: A complete record of accounts receivable and payable can be maintained on fingertips using the easy to use modules. Payroll: Payroll structuring
  • deductions
  • leave management and many more payroll related tasks can be efficiently performed with the Payroll module. MRP (Material Requirement Planning): The software facilitates organizations with effective material requirement planning with easy to use module that provides complete information about the material used. Manufacturing/Production: The manufacturing or production functions can be streamlined and well managed with the Manufacturing/Production module incorporated within the solution."


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