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Adopting the Trend of Server Virtualization: The Story of HCIL

Enterprise data centres store a large volume of data and applications, which further continues to grow at a rapid pace. With time, it becomes difficult for IT professionals to meet the ever-increasing demand for data storage with existing data centre infrastructure and organizational silos. To meet users’ needs for faster and better services, IT professionals are increasingly migrating to a hosted data centre and adopting the benefits of server virtualization. Server virtualization divides one physical server into multiple isolated virtual private servers to provide easier backup and faster redeployment at reduced costs. Further, a company doesn’t need to be tied down to a particular type of server from a specific vendor, as virtual machines can run on any type of server.

One of the clients of Techjockey also opted for the virtualization of data centre server and other best data storage server solutions to meet the proliferating demand of its users.

The Client

Hughes Communication India Limited (HCIL) is a subsidiary of Hughes Network Systems, LLC. (Hughes), which is headquartered in Germantown, Maryland, USA. It is the world’s largest provider of broadband satellite networks and services.

The Business Problem

In order to effectively manage its third data centre, HCIL had to ramp up its IT and facility management operations quickly within 18 months. HCIL needed to virtualize its servers across the organization to improve security and operational efficiency, and minimize downtime through centralized IT management and automation.

At the same time, HCIL was planning to deliver a range of private cloud solutions powered by software-defined infrastructures for large enterprises, which often require seamless orchestration of workloads in a secure manner across their infrastructures.

To address its IT and customer challenges, HCIL decided to implement a SDDC (Software-Defined Data Centre) from scratch. However, this required its engineers to engage in research and development before putting together different pieces of a software-defined architecture – computation, storage, networking and management. SDDC also had to contend with diverse customer demands, such as, supporting various technology standards and security solutions. While HCIL wanted to seek outside help for accelerating this process, it was not able to find suitable experts in the market.

The Solution

To address its IT and customer-related challenges, the client preferred seeking outside help. After spending several days in searching and evaluating several IT-related products in the market, Tapan Pattanayak, Assistant Manager – IT at HCIL came across Techjockey and found it as an ideal platform for fulfilling all its IT-related needs. We at Techjockey helped the client in getting customized tools for data storage of server and server virtualization at competitive prices. With advanced IT-related solutions, HCIL was successful in improving its mobility and employee productivity.

  1. IBM Storwize 3700 – This entry-level hybrid system by IBM helped in data storage of server by providing a simple storage solution. It assisted the client in addressing customer performance requirements and infrastructure consolidation needs.
  2. VMwareVMware worked by liberating IT services from the complexity of specialized hardware. HCIL was successful in creating unmatched cloud-era infrastructure with virtualization of data centre servers. Vmware also helped HCIL in server consolidation after reducing the hardware cost by a factor of 10.
  3. Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus – As Techjockey is a Gold partner of Microsoft, it helped HCIL in getting the best deal for Microsoft Office 365. With Office 365, HCIL employees can store and share files online from anywhere and at any time. They can also use tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, no matter where they are. Additionally, the five-layer security helps HCIL in keeping its customer data secure.
  4. Citrix Net Scaler VPX 200 MBPS – NetScaler VPX by Citrix Solutions helped in web and application load balancing by virtualizing remote access services and the power of latest applications.

With the help of all these IT-related solutions, HCIL can now successfully keep its services compatible and robust to support customers’ needs.

“It was pleasure working with TechJockey Infotech as a solution provider who helped us with new technology, seamless support and reasonable prices.”  – Tapan Pattanayak, Assistant Manager –IT (Hughes communication India Limited)

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