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NetApp VDI

Sold by : NetApp


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About NetApp VDI

What is NetApp VDI?

NetApp VDI is an application virtualization solution that enables IT companies to design digital workspaces. It helps by creating a dependable EUC (end-user computing) experience. NetApp VDI helps in creation of a virtualized solution. E.g., a PC is hosted on a centralized server in a data center and the data can be obtained through an endpoint device such as tablets, laptops, etc.

NetApp VDI offers a versatile real-time deployment function for companies. This application virtualization software is built to work in any environment. The software creates an elastic workforce that needs the VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) system that are secure, flexible, and powerful. It ensures that all the apps and data are stored in the cloud space or on-premises virtually and are readily accessible to your remote employees

How NetApp VDI Will Transform Your Traditional IT Infrastructure 

NetApp VDI addresses the issue of unpredictable workload in a convoluted virtual desk infrastructure. It gets away with the requirement of re-architecting the VDI by providing enhanced NetApp HCI GPU nodes. It allows users to run virtual desktops with numerous other user apps simultaneously with high-quality performance. The software smartly deploys HCI tools across the unified data center and unleashes the true power of virtual desktop infrastructure. At the same time, NetApp VDI simplifies the architecture management and scales both computation and storage resources. 

What are the benefits of using NetApp VDI?

Here are some major benefits of using NetApp VDI:

  1. A 5-6 times improvement for specific types of medical imaging applications.
  2. Performance improvement for various kinds of CAD-based programs. 
  3. Enhanced output with reduced power consumption. NetApp VDI’s performance is comparable to NVIDIA Pascal.
  4. NetApp VDI facilitates remote working with a secure application interface. 

What is the price of NetApp VDI? 

NetApp VDI price varies based on your IT infrastructure needs. Please request a call and our sales professionals will contact you and help you further with the purchasing process.

Sold By : NetApp

Get NetApp VDI support 32 Chatting right now

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NetApp VDI Features

This VDI software allows IT teams and companies to create virtual computers that can be deployed smoothly remote working functions.
The software helps in driving an elastic workforce that is enabled to work remotely from remote locations with seamless access to data.
NetApp VDI provides a completely encrypted system to protect any organizational data from getting leaked.
Companies of various trades can utilize NetApp VDI as per their operational requirement to boost their workforce’s productivity. It can be personalized for a wide variety of jobs.
NetApp VDI works with all types of storage systems be it cloud or on-premise. Companies can store their data in a virtual desktop environment and work seamlessly.

Get NetApp VDI support32 Chatting right now

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NetApp VDI Specifications


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A. Yes, NetApp VDI has a pre-existing VMWare integration that allows users to create virtual machines easily.
A. NetApp VDI requires two hardware equipment for working, which are: 1. NetApp HCI 2. SolidFire
A. NetApp VDI is built for handling both public and hybrid cloud infrastructure with ease. It is built to run multiple workloads simultaneously.
A. Techjockey offers a demo before purchase for NetApp VDI. Please request a call to get your demo scheduled.
A. No, the unique design of NetApp VDI allows companies to perform non-disruptive scaling with zero downtime.

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