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NetApp AFF A-Series

by : NetApp



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NetApp AFF A-Series logo

NetApp AFF A-Series


by : NetApp

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Brand: NetApp

Type: Hardware

Free Trial Available: No

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NetApp AFF A-Series Overview

What is NetApp AFF A-Series?

NetApp AFF A-Series is a powerful scale-out platform, generated for visualizing environments. The entire array is structured by combining top-graded data management facilities with low latency performance, multi-protocol support and integrated data protection, which assures non-disruptive operations.

Enterprises get to accelerate more of their data and move vital business information in and out of the cloud in a hassle-free manner. The entire series of flash arrays are a combination of powerful, smart, and tested solutions, depending on futuristic cloud technologies, which are capable of delivering fast, efficient, and secured infrastructure as per users’ business needs. 

What are the key qualities of ONTAP data management solution which powers up NetApp AFF A-Series?

  1. High Availability: The software offers multi-site resiliency for continuous data access. Users also get access to non-disruptive maintenance protocols and can even use the same to upgrade or scale-out clusters.
  2. Data Protection: ONTAP data management software offers integrated remote backup and disaster recovery processes along with zero data loss replication.   
  3. Compliance and Security: The solution assures multi-factor admin access, top graded data encryption for data at rest and in-transit, and multi-tenant security of shared storage. 

NetApp AFF A-Series Pricing

NetApp AFF A-Series pricing is available on request. To find out more about the product, feel free to request a callback. 

NetApp AFF A-Series Benefits

  1. Simplify IT Operations: Organisations get to unify data services across NAS and SAN environments, both in the cloud and on-premises. IT teams get to secure their data with top-graded data protection and cloud backup and recovery functions.  
  2. Reduce Data Center Costs: Users can minimize their data center footprints by storing up to 2PB of data in a 4U compact system. Further, infinite data reduction technologies deployed by NetApp AFF A-Series help users save SSD storage by 5 to 10 times. 
  3. Accelerate Applications: In NetApp AFF A-Series, users can accelerate machine learning and artificial applications with the lowest latency. They also get to support two times more workloads and can reduce the application response time by half, by leveraging modern NVMe-based SAN infrastructure. 

NetApp AFF A-Series Features

  • checkbox Build your Hybrid cloud with ease Cold data can be tired to the cloud with Fabric Pool in an automated manner. Users can also protect their data by leveraging
  • checkbox Provision storage in minutes The NetApp ONTAP System Manager helps users provision storage in just 10 minutes. They can even upgrade firmware and OS with a
  • checkbox Integrated data protection The device features a variety of NetApp data protection software, like NetApp SnapMirror and NetApp SnapCenter, assuring
  • checkbox Modernize with advanced NVMe NetApp AFF A-Series supports NVMe/FC connectivity for multiple high-end and midrange systems, enabling users to cut the
  • checkbox Scale without disruption Users can integrate multiple controllers, modern technologies and SSD sizes to protect their investments. The all new NVMe based
  • checkbox Business continuity and fast disaster recovery NetApp MetroCluster assures synchronous replication protecting the entire system and SnapMirror assures more flexible business
  • checkbox Security Enterprises get to achieve level 1 and 2 FIPS 140-2 compliance powered by self-encrypting drives. Admins can also configure

NetApp AFF A-Series Plans & Pricing

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NetApp AFF A-Series Specifications

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NetApp AFF A-Series FAQ

Q. How does NetApp SnapCenter software in NetApp AFF A-Series, simplifie application management? arrow

A. The software offers application-consistent data protection and clone management facilities assuring simplified application management proceedings.

Q. What type of security management facilities are offered by NetApp AFF A-Series? arrow

A. NetApp AFF A-Series assures top graded security based on measures like multi-factor authentication, storage level file security, role-based access control and secured multitenancy.

Q. Is it possible to use NetApp AFF A-Series for maintaining NAS containers? arrow

A. Yes, the storage device can be used to monitor scalable NAS containers, of up to 20PB containing 400 billion files, featuring a single namespace.

Q. How does NetApp MetroCluster software in NetApp AFF A-Series assure accurate business? arrow

A. The NetApp MetroCluster software integration assures accurate business by providing synchronous replication processing for the stored data.

Q. What type of security features are being offered by NetApp AFF A-Series? arrow

A. The storage device hosts a variety of security features like auditing and logging monitors, secure purge other than writing once and read many WORM file locking ability.

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