Sales Force Automation Software

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Channelplay's Selling. Everyone seems to hate it. People hate being sold to, and most sellers also only seem to do it grudgingly. Yet, every single person in the world makes a living because things get sold. Might as well do it better. We exist to help people sell better. When people sell better, customers have pleasant experiences, sellers have better careers, their companies have richer shareholders, economies do better and countries progress. That's Channelplay's raison d'etre. Almost everything we do involves selling, or creating a better environment for selling, or providing an enabler for selling.
Our Sales Outsourcing and Sales Training services ensure the availability of appropriate human resources for selling, our Visual Merchandising and Loyalty Programs help us create effective and motivated retail environments. Further, our Mystery Shopping and Market Research services help measure performance and drive improvements. View More

1View-Mystery Shopping Software

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Price: 17.00 INR /shop

1View is a mystery shopping management software that enables managers to float opportunities globally which are viewed by shoppers on their desktop portal and android/iOS based apps. View More


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Price: 700.00 INR /users/month

1Channel is a cloud based sales force automation software that focuses on complete field sales customer relationship management. It is designed to help you analyse, plan, manage and get any real time insights into your field sales & marketing activities. View More

Channelplay is a leading sales force automation, shopper marketing & channel management company in India. Managing over 5000 field staff, and working with over 60 clients in diverse industries, they deliver high-performance solutions that help potential clients increase their sales at the industry's best ROI.