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  • Implementation charges INR 2000
  • AMC charges will be INR 9000 of solution cost

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Jewelmine POS is retail Jewellery Software with inventory, accounts, bar-coding, billing and much more for entire retail Jewellery industry. Jewel mine Software is a web based application which helps in making day-to-day decisions with granulated control on master data. A user can control inventory movements from a central warehouse or at individual stores. Enables user to coordinate purchase with suppliers, as well as manage loyalty & promotions programs from a single location.

Product Features
Jewelers have to deal with an array of activities on a daily basis and dealing in precious metals makes it even difficult as the jeweler has to take care of the smallest things. There are multiple chores which need to be looked at to effectively undertake operations at a Jewellery store. Jewelmine is a gem which helps jewelers manage all operations of their store effectively and efficiently with lease human intervention as the system itself posts multiple entries while a status is changed.
Below are specific modules of the solution:
  • Accounts: The module has groups like Bank accounts and loans, Capital and cash accounts, expenses and incomes, purchases and sales, stock accounts, debtors and creditors
  • Customers:  A user can add customer details and manage all the necessary information pertaining to a specific customer
  • Suppliers:  Helps add supplier details and manage material supplied by such suppliers
  • Inventory and stock: Takes into account the tagged and untagged stock and create the required SKUs and manage multiple heads under each of the SKUs like making charges, weight, wastage in %, hallmark charges, etc.
  • Barcode Tag:  The solution is compatible with various tag printing machines like Citizen, Argox, TSC, Zebra, etc.
  • Purchase: Helps take care of bullion/ornaments being purchased, Gold/silver being exchanged, etc.
    • Purchase Return
    • Ornamental Sales
    • Bullion sales
    • Ornamental sales return
    • Bullion sales return
  • Sales order from customer: User can take orders of ornaments and maintain status of order with delivery date and change the status of order, for this the system will automatically post relevant journal entries in the system
  • Job order to Smith: Post taking order from customer for a specific design the status needs to be changed and the system will automatically post relevant journal entries for the same and take into account the necessary actions for the same
  • Jewel Repair from Customer: Takes into account the specific orders which have come for repairs and tracks them accordingly
  • Refinery issue: Refinery Issue transaction system will automatically post the journal entries and update the corresponding ledgers closing balance
  • Savings scheme: One of the most prominent activities with jewellers, the system allows creating saving schemes and setting the scheme type as mount or gold
    • Voucher Entry
    • Point of sales
    • Reports  
About The Company
Auromine Solutions was founded in 2009 keeping both Indian markets and International businesses in mind. Auromine POS Software has been recognized as a Web-based POS Software which provides end to end business automation solutions in Java technology (J2EE). The company’s vision is to empower all kinds of businesses with small, big and medium sized operations with their POS software solutions that fit their specific business needs.

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