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6,000 (Lite) /device/year

  • The above price is starting with basic modules and features
  • Just Billing Professional Module price will be INR 12,000 /device/year

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Just Billing is an easy to use and intuitive software/application that looks to build a platform for retailers and quick service restaurants (QSRs) that will work as a complete business solution. It runs on both the Android and Windows platform and makes it easier for the users to keep a track of business and focus on customer service. This in turn helps in improving business turnaround. Multi store retail management become much easier and real time with cloud based back office management. Just Billing works with or without Internet. And all this comes without the added baggage of maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure!

Product Features

Today billing systems are fast replacing the cash drawers. Unlike cash drawers, the billing systems has the option of maintaining stock, keeping a tab on employees, offer customer loyalty and do more in addition to billing. Furthermore, it also helps in reducing the cost of maintaining business. Just Billing lets users conveniently generate invoices, run customer loyalty program, manage and monitor sales, procurement activities, optimize inventory, manage accounts, taxes and reports at the store level or consolidated analysis at the cloud back office anytime.
Below are certain features of the software:
  • Invoice (print, SMS, email, Whatsapp)
  • Real time visibility (web based business management portal to manage business from anywhere and anytime)
  • Recipe management
  • Track stock transfer
  • Inventory management
  • Supplier management
  • Accounting
  • Real time reports (sales, customer information, inventory, food quality and taste, daily store expenses)
  • Secured and easy backup and maintenance
  • Multi -location
About The Company

Founded in 2012, EffiaSoft provides comprehensive and affordable Business Management Solutions such as billing, inventory, procurement, ERP, CRM, human resource, accounting and e-commerce applications on cloud and mobile platform to Micro-Small-Medium business as service. Recognized and backed by global technology leaders like Google, Microsoft, IBM & NASSCOM and trusted by global customers, EffiaSoft believes in providing comprehensive yet simplified ERP to SMEs with increased affordability and quick implementation using patent holding technology innovations. To abate the various problems faced by SMEs in ERP implementation, the company strives to bridge the gap between high-end, over complicated, expensive ERP solutions and the low-end limited functionality ERP products. By providing ERP software as a service on the cloud, we deliver best in class service, minus the recurrent expenses of installing and maintaining an in-house server-based ERP application.

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