4 Must Have Attributes of Petrol Pump Management Software

| Created on October 26, 2018

Updated on August 20, 2021

4 Very Beneficial Attributes of Petrol Pump Management Software_1


Managing a petrol pump is no cakewalk. Stocking volatile fuel, tracking sales record and maintaining accurate accounts data are just a few of the key challenges that petrol pump employees handle on a daily basis.

4 Very Beneficial Attributes of Petrol Pump Management Software

Petrol and diesel’s dynamic pricing system along with their evaporable nature makes it all the more difficult for petrol pump employees, who have to be on their toes to ensure complete accountability and inventory control. Dependence on manual process poses further challenge in maintaining error-free stock management, accounting and meter reading. All of these further leads to the loss of workflow efficiency, which impacts your business’s bottom line.

This is where petrol pump management software comes into the picture.

Petrol pump management software helps filling stations in digitising their operations and decreasing redundancies in stock management. You might be curious how it does so. Well, let’s find out.

4 Must Have Attributes of Petrol Pump Management Software

1. Integrated Accounting & Billing

Accounting and billing are integral functions of a petrol pump, which this software very much assists with. Petrol pump management software can help your fuel outlet employees in easily managing and keeping a track of accounts on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual basis. Its advanced computing lets you generate receipts and bills instantaneously, and it works in tandem with non-cash & online payment options. The billing & accounting advantage offered by petrol pump software helps in reducing the workload of your employees, as they simply have to administrate these processes instead of performing them from A to Z.

2. Absolute Control Over Your Inventory

Managing volatile commodities like petrol & diesel requires precision and an eye for detail. The slightest discrepancy in your inventory count equates to massive loss in profit margins for your business. To counter this, a petrol pump software comes with a dedicated module that helps in keeping an accurate record of your inventory. It considers meter reading & miscellaneous sales to ensure that sales records match your inventory numbers. Not only does petrol pump software lets you keep a track of fuel, but you can also create MIS reports based on your inventory.

3. Efficient Way to Manage Sales

With a petrol pump software, maintaining fuel sales register, bill collection, challan registers, and credit sales statement, is by and large automated and simplified. These key functions help your fuel station employees get smarter with sales strategies and identify opportunities for improving sales numbers. Petrol pump software integrates different verticals of sales and analytics to ensure enhanced performance.

4. Assured Data Protection

Built with current encryption standards and security considerations, petrol pump software ensures that your data remains yours, and doesn’t fall into the hands of someone else. You can delegate access to the software, assign super-users and limit the amount of data available to each employee. Data protection is a serious thing in today’s digital driven society and petrol pump software acknowledges and ensures that.

Which Petrol Pump Software Should You Choose?

Now that you’re aware of the advantages of using a petrol pump management software, you might be wondering which solution you should go with. A well-designed petrol pump management solution like Cogxim Petro Genius integrates accounting, billing, reporting, sales management & inventory into one nifty tool.

Some of key features of petrol pump management software are:

  • Detailed meter reading system
  • Fuel evaporation handling
  • Managing sales of engine oil, water & lubricants
  • Powerful security system
  • Automatic backup system
  • Ability to check stocks using gauge
  • SMS facility- to communicate with customers

A petrol pump management software like Petro Genius will be beneficial for any petrol pump. Its detailed modules coupled with rich features will surely make your petrol pump pop and sparkle, like a diamond in the rough.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us to leverage the power of petrol pump software in your fuel station.


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