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Best Petrol Pump Management Software in 2024

What is Petrol Pump Software?

Petrol pump software is used for managing the fuel and gas at petrol pumps. Petrol pump management system functionalities include petrol pump billing to accounting, deep meter reading, sale and purchase. A petrol pump software can help you improvise your service level. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Petrol Pump Management Software

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Brand: G Net Softwares


4.6 out of 5

(9 user reviews)

Pump count is India’s first window’s based software for Petrol Pumps. Running successfully from last 11 years. The operation of Pump count is a... Read More About PumpCount img

₹15,000 /Year

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Brand: Young Minds Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd


4.6 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

PetroSoft is a cloud-based petrol pump management system using which owners can monitor the inflow and outflow of particular stocks, track sales position... Read More About PetroSoft img

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SOFTGUN Petrol Pump Software

SOFTGUN Petrol Pump Software

Brand: Softgun Pagaria Computers


4.6 out of 5

(21 user reviews)

SOFTGUN is a multi-utility petrol pump software for the efficient management of gas stations and petrol pumps. Apart from the precise accounts and invento... Read More About SOFTGUN Petrol Pump Software img

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Brand: Innojar Tech Pvt. Ltd


4 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Manage your petrol pump's operations profitably with LePetro petrol pump management software... Read More About LePetro read review arrow

₹4,800 /Year

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Petro Genius

Petro Genius

Brand: Cogxim Technologies


4.3 out of 5

(9 user reviews)

Petro Genius Software by Cogxim Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best petrol pump management software in India that has been certified by the Rajastha... Read More About Petro Genius img

₹13,500 /Year

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My Lucky Meter

My Lucky Meter

Brand: Supernova Solutions


4.5 out of 5

(7 user reviews)

My Lucky Meter is a complete Petrol Pump Management Software designed to help petrol pump owners manage their stock and increase profitability. This Petr... Read More About My Lucky Meter img


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Brand: Techno Career Tips


4.4 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

Petrocab software is a best Desktop based Petrol pump management software and fuel management software. It is highly customizable with dynamic dashboard an... Read More About Petrocab img

Price On Request



Brand: Keshav Solutions


4.2 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

PetroMunimji is a petrol pump management tool to provide all-in-one solution for petrol pump operations.... Read More About PetroMunimji read review arrow

₹25,000 /Year

Software Window Gas Agency Software

Software Window Gas Agency Software

Brand: Elixir Technologies


3.9 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Software Window LPG Gas Agency Management solution is designed specifically for traders who deals with liquified petroleum gas. The goal of creating this... Read More About Software Window Gas Agency Software img

Price On Request

Oilex Petrol Pumps

Oilex Petrol Pumps



4.5 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Oilex Petrol Pump is a petrol pump management software that supervises all your regular activities. The petrol pump management software offers modules tha... Read More About Oilex Petrol Pumps img

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Last Updated on : 19 Jun, 2024

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Best Petrol Pump Management Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Most of the petrol pump software in the market are available offline except a few. Depending upon your requirement, you can opt for the most suitable option.  

You can take this software for single user or multiple users, depending upon your fuel station’s needs. However, you need to pay extra depending upon the number of users.

The cost of a petrol pump management tool depends on the number of users and customization needs. Also, you need to pay the annual maintenance charge (AMC), which is not quite high.

Yes, top petrol pump solution provides the credit sale maintenance facility.

You can send messages to your customers for payments at the minimal charge of 10-20 Paisa per message.

Recently, some petrol pump software vendors are coming up with mobile apps to help petrol pump owners manage their fuel stations on the go. To know more, feel free to contact us.

Yes. But each petrol pump will be counted as a separate license.

It’s not possible with the offline version. However, you can schedule reports on an email address, and those will be shared automatically.

Petrol Pump Management Software Reviews




“Time-Saving: Automates routine tasks, giving you more time to focus on other important work.”

- Nishant Goyal

See all PumpCount reviewsimg



“Using it for past 8 months, having all kinds of features like stock management, employee management, p&l account, very easy to use, and over all support is good”

- Guna Shekar1424

See all PetroSoft reviewsimg

SOFTGUN Petrol Pump Software


“We are fully satisfied with this software, The service is excellent, and we confirm that Pagaria Computers Pvt. Ltd. have installed SOFTGUN.”


See all SOFTGUN Petrol Pump Software reviewsimg

My Lucky Meter


“This is just the software I was looking for I was able to manage the petrol pump really easily with this software.”

- Malay

See all My Lucky Meter reviewsimg



“Users Friendly software to enhance my business growth, Good support work from company. ”

- Sharel D'sa

See all Petrocab reviewsimg

Petrol Pump Management Software Price List In India

Petrol Pump Management Software Cost
Top Petrol Pump Management Software Starting Price Rating
PumpCount₹15000.00 /Year4.6
LePetro₹4800.00 /Year4
Petro Genius₹13500.00 /Year4.3
My Lucky Meter₹10000.00 4.5
PetroMunimji₹25000.00 /Year4.2

Buyer's Guide for Top Petrol Pump Management Software

Found our list of Petrol Pump Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Petrol Pump Management Software?
  • Common Features Of Petrol Pump Management Software
  • Advantages/Benefits of Petrol Pump Management software
  • Importance of Petrol Pump Management Software?
  • Why Petrol Pump Management System So Important
  • Petrol pump management accounting in an excel sheet 
  • How to maintain petrol pump accounts in Tally?
  • Modules of Petrol Pump Management Software
  • Marketing strategy for Petrol Pump

What is Petrol Pump Management Software?

Petrol pump management software used for managing the fuel management system and Gas station. Also managing back end functions at a petrol pump is a cumbersome task. From petrol pump billing to accounting, deep meter reading, and sale & purchase, all need to be managed on a day-to-day basis to ensure a profitable fuel selling business.

Petrol pump owners often complain about shrinking profit margins with increasing competition. Further, the higher cost of operation and the cumbersome petrol pump excel sheet are the major concern for them. There is not much to differentiate in terms of the product, and they are completely dependent on improving their service level.

Petrol pump management system: To compete in the market, petrol pump owners need right tools of the trade and manually performing all petrol pump operations will not serve the purpose, as it’s error-prone and time-consuming. With the use of a petrol pump software, employees can manage daily shift and cash tally. The sale of high-speed diesel, petrol, lubricants, etc. can be handled efficiently with the petrol pump solution. Also, petrol pump owners can track dip reading & pump meter reading and have better control over these.

Common Features Of Petrol Pump Management Software

Petrol pump Billing Software: owners have to manage the fuel stock as well as look after the process of billing and accounting. And, with the scarcity of skilled resources, managing all these processes profitably becomes difficult for petrol pump owners. An effective tool to solve these challenges is petrol pump system software with these essential features:

Petrol pump accounting in Tally: Tally Solution help to automate the accounts and finance in a petrol pump system. tally specially designed this feature to petrol pumps and gas station in India.

Party Wise Vehicle Master: Petrol pump software online enables its users to store multiple vehicles of a party seamlessly. This way, vehicle details can be recalled easily at the time of credit sales entry.           

Create Multiple Organizations & Financial Year: Best petrol pump management software enables the user to carry forward the closing balance from one financial year to another.

Rate Master: This feature is useful to keep track of fuel rate on different dates and across different locations. By keeping track of rate fluctuations in a given period for a specific location, petrol pump owners can have better control over profit margins.

Tanker Movement Tracking: Using the best petrol pump software, you can track the tanker movement to prevent the theft of fuel. Also, the fuel consumption by tankers and their location can be tracked with the use of top petrol pump management software. And, if you want to maintain your fuel stock at multiple locations, that too is possible.

Nozzle Wise Daily Sale: With nozzle-wise daily sales report, petrol pump owners can track sales from each nozzle. It can also help in calculating the sale of all types of fuel from separate nozzles.

Vehicle Wise Sales Report: Petrol pump owners also need to understand the source of revenue – Whether they are getting more traffic from two-wheelers or four-wheelers. Among four-wheelers, the demand can vary between HSD & MS.

Pending Challan Report: You can derive customer wise/product wise challan report with a petrol pump management tool. Pending challan reports can also be viewed easily to maintain accountancy reports and send remainder messages to customers. Also, there can be vehicle wise challan entry to prevent confusion.

Advantages/Benefits of Petrol Pump Management software

Efficient Financial Management: From voucher entry today balance and party wise balance, all inventory needs can be handled with a petrol pump software. You can also maintain profit & loss account and balance sheet in a hassle-free manner. Not to forget negative cash and stock reports, everything is possible with fuel station management software.

Complete Inventory Control: Top petrol pump management system helps in reducing fuel loss with effective meter reading and dip reading. Monthly sales reports can be generated and tank stock details can be maintained automatically. You can also manage pump machine readings with fuel management software.

Hassle-Free Billing: You can maintain vehicle wise billing in a periodic manner with petrol pump management software. All other types of billings like item wise billing, party-wise billing, transaction wise, and cash/ card wise billing become easy and efficient with petrol pump software. Billing can be performed on a monthly, weekly and fortnightly basis as per your business requirement.

Extensive Reporting: This useful module of petrol pump software helps in efficient stock reporting by keeping tabs on item wise closing stock. Further, all types of sales reports, be it Party/ Item wise or Item/ Party wise can be generated using petrol pump management software. You can be on top of purchase challan register with every analytic detail available readily.

Facility to Create Multiple Tanks: CNG pump software makes it possible to manage multiple fuel stations through a centralized platform. From managing multiple fuels dispensing nozzles to fleet management and tank storage, all can be handled with a petrol pump software.

Gas station management software: Petrol pump software advanced feature to manage gas station CNG, LPG and others. With this application maintain all the activity in one control network. Inventory, Filling, refilling, billing, records, attendance, gas theft.

Importance of Petrol Pump Management Software?

A petrol pump management software in India is an ideal solution for those who want to enhance their fuel business and get consistent profit margins. Designed using the latest technology, top petrol pump software is ideal for petrol pump managers and staff to ensure simple and easy workflow. Top petrol pump management system can provide complete insight into the inventory, profitability and cash flow.

It helps Indian petrol pump owners maintain the accounts related to inventory and organize their fuel station activities at just a fingertip. Further, the sales staff can handle details related to sales and purchase with accuracy to ensure nothing slips through the crack.

Petrol pump dealership profit: No matter, you are running a petrol pump in a big city or a small town, petrol pump management solution is important to discover growth opportunities.

Why Petrol Pump Management System So Important

A petrol pump software in India can help you improvise your service level. This is what you want to stand apart from your competitors! As you know, quality and quantity matter the most to a customer walking into your fuel station. To maintain the trust of your customers, you cannot compromise on any of these factors. So, petrol pump management solution becomes even more important. It can help you with fuel stock management, petrol pump accounting in Excel, billing, dip calculations, machine reading, etc. Fuel management software also provides facilities to manage multiple tanks and fuel dispensing nozzles. Purchase, sales and receipts for multiple shifts can be recorded and shift register can be consolidated for the day.

Petrol pump management accounting in an excel sheet 

It is a solution for those who are looking for budget-friendly petrol pump software as it allows to download free data in excel sheet and who wants to enhance profit margins in India. A Petrol station management system is ideal for managers and staff to ensure an easy workflow. A petrol pump management system can provide complete insight into the inventory, profitability and cash flow.

Accounting software for petrol pump is a must for owners who wants to maintain the accounts related to inventory and organize their fuel station activities at just a fingertip. Further with a petrol pump accounting software the sales staff can also handle details related to sales and purchase with accuracy to ensure nothing slips through the crack.

How to maintain petrol pump accounts in Tally?

Finding the right petrol pump billing software online is really a difficult task and unique task, using a tally software for petrol pump would ease the day to day operations. A Petrol pump accounting in tally software is used to organize task and it has main features covered in it like petrol and diesel purchases, Lubricants Management, Supermarkets, Accounts & Statutory and MIS Reports.

Modules of Petrol Pump Management Software

Most used petrol pump management systems in India are specially designed for petrol pumps to manage their credit sales, vehicle details, nozzle wise daily cash sale and testing. It covers all day-to-day activities at a fuel station in terms of meter reading, fuel shrinkage system, accounting, reporting, and so on. Here’re some of the essential modules of the petrol pump management solution:  

Petrol Pump Meter Reading System: Dip reading and petrol pump meter reading are important functions of any fuel station. This module is used to track the fuel sale with every transaction and shift wise total sales. It also considers fuel loss due to evaporation or theft. Evaporation threshold varies from one location to another depending upon the average temperature. A petrol pump management system can be used to keep tabs on fuel sale and manage testing & handling loss and evaporation loss entries.

Credit Sale: Petrol pumps customers pay in both ways, cash and credit. Making credit sale entry along with tracking challan number and vehicle details, and handling nozzle wise credit sales are easier with a petrol pump billing software.

Shift System: Petrol pump dealers employ people on a shift basis and give wages according to the number of shifts worked and their competency in providing high-quality service to customers.

Shift/ daily Income Report: Top petrol pump software can help the owners in fetching the shift wise and daily basis income accurately. Income report is generated in terms of opening stock, dealer commission, fuel sale (total) & the actual sale (considering evaporation) and operating expenses.

Fuel Shrinkage System: An effective fuel shrinkage system is important to monitor the dispensing of fuel using fuel cards and track fuel loss due to evaporation. Also, fuel theft at the time when the tank is decanted can be controlled. 

Sales & Purchase Reporting: Daily shift sheet and cash tally can be tracked with petrol pump system software. Also, fuel management software assists in tracking compartment wise purity along with managing the tank stock.

Fuel management software: it is the best fuel stock monitoring and tank wise stock of high-speed diesel (HSD), motor spirit (MS) and other products can be handled using a petrol pump management system. It allows you to maintain fuel inventory at the best level with the help of stock ledger, stock valuation reports.

Petrol pump accounting software: The accounting management module of fuel management software helps in managing ledger, journal book, cash book, voucher entry and printing. Also, daily transaction summary and outstanding payable and receivable can be generated with petrol pump accounting software.

Petrol pump accounting in an excel sheet: Due to this software you no need to prepare a petrol pump daily sheet, all report feature is maintaining with this system application.

Marketing strategy for Petrol Pump

For running a petrol pump you should have a proper petrol pump business plan. Your main focus should be on best customer service, like keeping your store with clean windows, floors and restrooms. A facility of pollution check should be there. Petrol theft should be strictly avoided. Using a Petrol ERP system software is a must as it helps the easy flow of day to day activities.

Buyer's Guide

Ready to invest in a petrol pump solution? Here’re a few things you need to consider before making the final purchase. Else, you will end up buying a petrol pump management software that doesn’t serve your purpose.

Define the Need

The first step to buying a petrol pump software is assessing your specific business needs. Depending upon your specific needs, you can look for customized solutions with selective features and modules.
You can also perform an internal assessment with your petrol pump staff to know what modules they require. Are there any particular operational challenges they are dealing with? Accordingly, you can choose the best petrol pump management software that is customized especially for your fuel stations. 

Budget Constraint, If Any

Multiple options for cost-effective petrol pump management software are available at different price models. Depending upon the number of users, the price will change. Also, you need to buy licenses depending upon the number of petrol pumps you are managing right now. If you opt for a monthly/ yearly subscription, you can save a considerable amount.

Demos Availability

Opt for petrol pump management software demo or trial versions, if available, check if free demos or trial versions are available.  This is especially useful, as you cannot make a significant investment in the software without knowing it inside out. Invest in a petrol pump management software only if it fits the bill and offers the modules you want. 

User Experience (UI)

UI plays an important role when it is about choosing the right petrol pump management software. The software you choose must provide user-friendly features. It will help you use it seamlessly and generate sales and stock reports quickly.

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