Petrol Pump Management: Oil’s Well That Ends Well

petrol pump management softwarepetrol pump management software


Do you know? India is at the third place, right after the USA & China for the number of active petrol pumps. So, what these petrol pump owners in India are doing to match up with customer expectations & ensure profitability.

Petrol Pump Management Software

The petroleum industry in India is one of the fastest growing sectors. Its overall growth rate was 13% in the recent past. Due to such high demand, many new petrol pump licenses have been issued across India. This puts India in the third place, behind US and China, for the number of active petrol pumps. A petrol pump in India dispenses a monthly average of 1,40,000 litres of petrol and 1,80,000 litres of diesel. Managing and selling such large volumes of fuel is no easy task. This has made petrol pump management equally important.

Petrol Pumps in India: Issues & Challenges

When it comes to petrol pump management, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scene. Managing the volatile stock, tracking sales record and handling accurate accounts data are some of the key challenges surrounding day-to-day petrol pump operations. Since petrol and diesel are evaporable with a dynamic pricing system, petrol pump employees have to be on their toes for handling the stock and keeping a track of pricing and accounting. Complete dependence on manual efforts further increases the chances of errors in stock management, accounting and meter reading, leading to productivity loss. Fortunately, top petrol pump software can come to their rescue.

Key Benefits of Petrol Pump Software

accounting billing

A petrol pump management software is equipped to handle the challenges surrounding the three main operational segments of any petrol pump: accounting, sales and stock management.

  • Accounting & Billing: A petrol pump management software can handle account maintenance, generate invoices, generate vehicle number-wise billing reports, purchase order reports, challan information, budget tabulation and reports, and maintain purchase register. Bookkeeping for a petrol pump becomes easier as these reduce the chances of errors significantly.
  • Sales: Maintaining various sales reports like challan registers, reports on fuel sold, sale registers according to item, bill collection and generating credit sales statement are some of the key functions that a petrol pump management system can perform. Since it integrates different verticals of sales, reporting and analysis of daily and bulk sales are much easier.
  • Stock Management: As discussed previously, a petrol pump has to manage a huge volume of evaporable fuel. Furthermore, a petrol pump management system can generate reports for item-wise closing stock, slow-moving stock, and items that need to be re-ordered from distributors, for easier stock management.

A good petrol pump management software that is trusted for all these functions is LePetro.

The LePetro Advantage

LePetro is a comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly system which provides an end-to-end solution for different petrol pump operations. It’s a Windows compatible software with significant features for:

  • Detailed meter reading system
  • Evaporation handling
  • Handling sales of engine oil, water & lubricants
  • Ability to check stocks using gauge
  • Powerful security system
  • Automatic backup system
  • SMS facility

Because of the extensive service that this petrol pump management software provides, handling different operations becomes much easier. It can also inform the management about stocks that need to be refuelled, generate sales reports for different periods, create reports and process bookkeeping operations. If a petrol pump is Batman, then LePetro is its Alfred, a support system through thick and thin.

Wrapping Up

Using a petrol pump management software like LePetro will be very beneficial for any petrol pump. Not only does it smooth overall operations but also help in understanding KPIs and making changes to sales and advertising techniques accordingly (using sales reports across verticals). This in turn, would create a win-win situation for a petrol pump and yield better results.


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