5 Best Agriculture ERP Software in India 2019

The Indian agriculture sector accounts for 18% of the country’s GDP and 50% of the India’s workforce. Technology is playing a crucial role in developing this crucial sector. Agriculture biotechnology has made it possible to grow crops even in deserted areas. Water, fertilizers, manure, and other required materials to grow a crop can be used judiciously with the help of technology. Agriculture ERP software also forms a part of modern technology in which agro firms are investing.

To keep track of procured seeds and fertilizers, produced and distributed crops, agro companies need reliable and scalable agriculture ERP software. It is a complete solution that helps maintain day-to-day operations, checks product quality, manages accounting, inventory and more.

List of Best Agriculture ERP Software in India

  1. Krisol ERP

Description: It is a complete agriculture ERP software that helps with more than managing inventory of crops. Depending on business requirements, it can be customized to suit various business processes, such as supply chain management, finance, HR, distribution & trading, CRM, etc.

Other Facets:

  • Improves productivity on the same area of land due to optimum utilization of resources
  • Extra stock is not left idle and instead distributed using stock management function
  • Its CRM module facilitates management of crop sale activities, order details, customer information, etc.

Key Feature: You can record and maintain complete data from crop sowing to harvesting. You can also track the sales history of all farmers.

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  1. CropIn SmartFarm

Description: SmartFarm is a robust and easy-to-use solution for farm management. It is a smart agriculture solution that is revolutionizing farming with accurate output predictability.

Other Facets:

  • You get advice for your crops based on the weather forecast
  • It helps you adhere to the compliance for perfect farm management
  • You can develop insightful business reports

Key Feature: CropIn SmartFarm comes with the ‘alert log’ feature which sends reminders regarding the situation that needs your immediate attention, such as pest infestation, crop diseases, etc.

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  1. PanAgro

Description: It is a comprehensive agriculture ERP software suitable for agro-businesses of all sizes. It can be easily integrated with handheld devices like smartphone & tablets to determine crop productivity, regulate sales, and track farmer attendance on the go.

Other Facets:

  • You can define tasks, assign them and track their status anytime.
  • Its BI tool helps in enhancing operational efficiency by providing with real-time information.
  • It facilitates the maximization of productivity by optimizing utilization of resources.

Key Features: It is a complete solution which captures and records activity details belonging to different fields such as nursery, agronomy, and contract farming.

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  1. Satya FIMS

Description: It is a Farmer Information Management System (FIMS) that helps you capture, record and manage complete data related to farmers’ personal details, their livestock, farm, etc.

Other Facets:

  • It suggests you crops on the basis of soil health card
  • Considering demand and distribution, it recommends the future stock
  • It gives land information based on khasra, longitude, and latitude

Key Features: It provides farmers with soil health card that carries crop-wise recommendation about nutrients and fertilizers to be used for enhancing the productivity of crops.

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  1. Aahaar ERP

Description: It is one of the best agriculture ERP systems for managing different functions in the food manufacturing and export business. This agriculture software can be deployed in flour mills, spices factory, sugar mill, FMCG, frozen food store, ready-to-eat outlets, and more.

Other Facets:

  • It helps in managing the accounting and finance functions
  • It is an advanced analytical reporting system
  • Its fully updated taxation module lets you charge the applicable tax rate in invoice

Key Features: Aahaar ERP from Dataman group allows you to manage all your sites from a centralized location.

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