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Marg Mandi Software offers a single solution for commission agents, looking to gain increased operational effectiveness in Mandi industry. Available for deployment on premise, it requires not more than only installation, greatly simplifying the processes like financial accounting, vikray parchi, auction sales, lagat, consignment, bikri, nakal, mudat, adhat, mahajani accounting, inventory, sales tax & VAT reports, e-returns, and many more. With MIS reports and 1000's sales reports, leading up to full implementation and adoption, users can manage the most complex facets of Mandi trade with this versatile solution. 

Product Features

Marg Mandi Software comes with full set of tools and serves as a helpful ally in calculating commission agents’ commission, labour and mandi tax. The solution provides distinguished features for complete management of purchases, accounting operations, and MIS. Customizable reports can be generated based on various filters with just a few clicks. Available as standalone software and network version, the solution is equipped with utmost data security and accuracy. The solution supports multi-currency, units, godowns and financial years from a single platform. Salient features of Mandi software include:
  • In-built calculator and cash return adviser
  • Monthly calendar with appointment diary and note pad
  • Suppliers, customers and personal directory
  • Data security with auto-backup and carbon copy system
  • Sale, purchase, Bank, Ledger and data freezing features
  • Auto recovery of bill for unsaved bill due to power off
  • Any report printing from anywhere
  • Cheque printing potion
  • Operator control system
  • Back date billing support
  • Separate modules and exclusive features to manage mahajani, aadhat & trading, mahajani interest, crates management (party wise and whole), vat return, item, bill and party wise expense, and multiple weight entries
About The Company

Marg Compusoft is well known name for providing pharmaceutical, customized software and IT solutions. Known for its high quality IT solutions and services, Marg has been engaged in satiating the automation needs of various sectors including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, excise, retail etc. With a customer base of over 600000, 370 support centres and 1200 ERP clients, Marg targets to reach a new success horizon. With customer centric, technology oriented and regular innovation approach, the company is well known for its Accounting and ERP solutions.

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