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About Marg ERP 9 +

What is Marg ERP 9+? 

Marg ERP 9+ is one of the best GST accounting software in India. It is GST ready and provides automation of various ERP components. Marg ERP 9+ incorporates different modules and provides full control of functions like inventory management, sale, distribution, procurement management, accounting, single entry system, among many others.

Marg ERP 9+ is a customer-driven business accounting software that is developed for automation of most repetitive, time-consuming, and tedious processes. It manages your accounts, reconciles bank transactions, and generate reports of all your financial activities. Marg ERP enables you to generate MIS reports to evaluate your daily progress.

Features of Marg ERP 9+

Marg ERP 9+ comes with cutting edge features that improve the accounting and bookkeeping functions of your business. It helps you to grow and make your workflows more efficient. Here are a few features that help you do that:

  1. Data Transfer: Organizations can create and maintain their master data. Organizations can share master data with their various branches. Marg ERP 9+ enables users to share other financial details and plans like pricing policies, scheme launch, item wise pricing, discount policies, and taxation policies.

  2. Web Reports: Marg ERP 9+ offers you standardized and comprehensive reports of your business. Generate MIS reports, along with collective and individual reports like sales, purchases, stocks, and outstanding bills, among many others.

  3. Invoice Corrections: Marg ERP 9+ allows users to check for mismatch conditions by uploading and downloading the invoices and eradicating it through the system.

  4. Multiple Branch Control: Operate all your branches from a single place and create performance reports branch wise from your main office, to keep track of your operations.

  5. Integration Modules: Connect the various business applications that you use to manage your business with Marg ERP 9+ and automate your back-end business operations.

  6. Billing Invoicing: With this billing software module tracks all the invoicing, sale amount, no. of invoices, margins, and maintain sale report.   

Price for Marg ERP 9+ 

Marg is available in the market in three different plans; they are: 

  1. Basic – Rs. 8100/- per year
  2. Silver – Rs. 12600/- per year 
  3. Gold – Rs. 25200/- per year

Marg ERP 9+ is available for demonstration, please request a call and our sales team will get in touch with you.

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Sold By : Marg ERP

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Marg ERP 9 + Features

Marg Sales & Distribution Management software is specially designed for the Companies who want to control or manage their C&F/C&A, Distributors, Stockist, Super-Stockists while Sitting at HO. It covers all major operations like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Re-plenishment, Financial Accounting, MIS & VAT reports, Claims and Returns.
Marg Manufacturing software is specially designed for Small Manufacturing / Assembling units to High-end Manufacturing plants, by seamlessly integrating all transactions in production planning, costing, order management, purchase, testing, manufacturing process, inventory, sales, financial management, vat returns, excise till balance sheet.
It is a reporting software for all industries who do their product promotions in the market. software works as a complete tool that provide crucial information on the activities of the sales staff such as- Daily Call Reports, Attendance Reports, Stock & Sales Reports, Client Activity reports etc.
Multi Rate, Price List, & Discount Cash / Credit / Split Invoice & Challan Sales Return & Replacement on Sale Bill Party Wise Rate, Discount and Scheme Salesman / Route / Area Wise Bills & Reports Indication for Loss, Min, Max, New / Old Rate & Expiry Negative Stock Billing Facility Self-Designed Price List (Set Formula in Price List) Sales Return on Same / Separate Bill & Its Adjustment Back Date Stock Position at the Time of Billing Switch Over from Bill to Bill Anywhere Godown Wise Billing & Stock Position Bill Import / Export & Message on Bill Auto Calculation of Levies & no Chance of Manual Mistake Display last four Deals at the Time of Billing View O/s Stock, Ledger. Last Deal of Sale & Purchase Returns, Receipt Payment Bill Modification at the Time of Billing
Display Last 4 Deals at the Time of Purchase to Cross Check Rate Deal, Disc Tax & Cost Purchase Planning & Purchase Order Management Supplier Wise Various Outstanding Reports & Remainder Pending DR / CR & Replacement Notes Auto Barcode / Label Printing from Purchase Bill Fix Sales Rates & Deals at the Time of Purchase Online Shortage Management Purchase Costing Comparison 1000's of Purchase Reports & Analysis Online / Softcopy Purchase
Cash Flow, Funds Flow & Ratio Analysis Budgets / Targets / Credit Limits Online Graph, SMS & E-mail Any Report Export to Word & Excel Sales / Purchase Analysis Gross Profit Analysis Financial, Expenses & Budget Analysis Operator Wise Powers & Boundations with Operator Log Book
All Books of Inventory Brand, Group & Category Wise Inventory Stock Valuation on Multiple Methods Item Wise Gross Profit Primary and Alternative Unit for Each Item Party-wise Price Structure for Items / Groups Multiple Prices Lists of Items Sales & Purchase Order Processing Batch / MRP / Size / Shade / Reference / Serial No. Wise Inventory
Marg ERP9 is subscription-based software that provides you upgrades for free.  
Supervise all your purchases with customers and vendors from a single platform and oversee your fiscal transaction with the other parties. 
This feature is specifically designed for businessmen dealing in huge inventories. Marg ERP 9+ can check the movement of all goods in your warehouse.
Marg ERP 9+ enables you to regulate payroll functions from a single system. It helps you calculate the salaries effectively. 
Make all your bills GST compliant. Marg ERP 9+ accounting software gives you easy billing and invoicing services, that allows you to make changes to the GST rates.
The ERP software provides features for logistical companies to check the movement of goods. It helps keep track of the movement of goods from loading point to dropping point. 
Manage your retail stores with the retail management features of Marg ERP 9+. 
Generate comprehensive MIS reports for your daily operations and gather in-depth view of your workflow performance on different attributes. 
Marg ERP 9+ gives you automated accounting reports on all your expenses.
Supervise your sales force team on the ground and check their daily work report for performance assessment. 
The software manages challan efficiently from the system. You can save all your documents concerning challan and do your work effortlessly. 
This ERP software allows you to manage your inventory effectively. Set alerts for low-stock to prevent stock-outs. Furthermore, Marg ERP 9+ gives detailed insights into the movement of your goods. 
Use Marg ERP 9+ for your manufacturing line. Use it for multiple purposes such as labelling and inspection of batches, recording the date of manufactured batches
helps generate pay slips for your employees.
The software is embedded with a barcode reader that gives you quick POS service. 
This is a sub-feature under CRM module that allows you to give amazing discount offers to your recurring customers.
Use this feature of Marg ERP 9+ for better logistical distribution. 
Marg ERP 9+ offers dashboard functions for detailed insights on how your business is performing.
This works as an extension of CRM module. You can use the system to generate lucrative offers to attract new customers.
The ERP software efficiently manages purchase orders from vendors and also provides templates to create purchase orders with required customizations. 
The software generates reminders for users to get alerts on their pending payment, restocking, etc. 
Marg ERP 9+ allows users to input all the business-related data in the system comprehensively. 
Our retail Point of Sale Software Solutions are designed to address the challenges of Small & Independent Aspirants, Retailers and large multi-store Retail Chains. Their sector specific orientation, built using latest technologies, assure retailers 'a visible improvement' in customer engagement, by helping them source the right product at right price at the right time.
Business owners can get access to the GST portal directly from the software for registering their business and file taxes easily. 
The ERP software integrates with users ongoing APIs for seamless data transfer and easy workflows. 
Marg ERP facilitates working of numerous users simultaneously. Users are provided with self service portals with rights based on their designation for workflows. 
Managers can get a glimpse of the workflow-related data in real-time.  The software also gives insights on things like financial performance, service feedback, employee performance, etc. 
This ERP software facilitates return of goods too. 
The software uses top notch cloud security measures to protect personal business data from attempts of data theft, hacking, etc. 
Business owns can create physical and online backups of their business data according to their convenience.
The software provides automated reporting and easy to use interface for quick learning and seamless working. 
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Buy Marg ERP 9 + 964 People added this product in their cart

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Marg ERP 9 + Specifications

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Get Marg ERP 9 +  support26 Chatting right now

Buy Marg ERP 9 + 964 People added this product in their cart

Call for Marg ERP 9 +  demo2050 People requested to call back

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Marg ERP 9 + Reviews

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Dec 1 2016

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Marg ERP 9 + FAQs

First, you have to download Order app from Google play store (search as Marg Order App) then go to Marg master >e- business >sales man set-up > choose salesman > create a user id and password>in registration id fill mobile id from Order App.
First open app > fill required details> do sync then click on Order > new Order > select client > Order > search item > fill quantity > click on add for more items add >save.
1- If sales man place the order through e order so there is no need for manual punching. You need not come office for order punching. 2- Salesman not to depend on the office for real time information. Like shortage, stock and clients outstanding. 3- Salesman can also track his order status.
Click On Order > Order List > Sync. 1- When first red icon will turn into the green that means order reach to distributors.2-when 2nd icon will convert into green means distributors generated that order into the bill. You can also see Bill preview. And 3rd icon indicates your dispatch status.
Yes, it works offline too but requires the internet when you want to send those Orders.
Busy Accounting Software offers a lot of great features; like financial accounting, multiple location-based inventory management, invoicing, order processing, GST compliance and configurability.
Marg ERP 9+ works offline efficiently offline, but it requires internet for some functions like filing taxes, generate reports for multiple stores.
Marg ERP 9+ Accounting Software is available for both Android and iPhone. You get access to it automatically when you buy the software
It is an on-cloud software that saves all your data on cloud services. Hence, the data is transferrable and quickly accessible for multiple branches.
System requirements to run Marg ERP 9+ are: Processor: Intel Pentium 233-megahertz (MHz) or faster processor (Pentium III recommended) Memory: 128 MB of RAM or greater Hard disk: 180 MB of available hard-disk space; optional installation files cache (recommended) requires an additional 200 MB of available hard-disk space Display: Super VGA (1024 × 768) or higher-resolution monitor Operating system: Microsoft Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 3 (SP3), Windows XP, or later

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