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What is AlignBooks? AlignBooks software is one of the best accounting software that offers a large range of online business finance and account management options. It has been specially designed to help business entrepreneurs, accounting authorities, tax experts, chartered accountants, and other business administrators as per their convenience. The main objective behind the creation of AlignBooks accounting software is to focus on highlighting the business process and make organizations take a giant leap in their respective industries. AlignBooks accounting software helps manage incentives and track sales linked to each salesman providing complete sales management. It lets you design your own print documents as per the requirements of your company. It allows the automatic deduction of TDS as per the norms and seamlessly integrates payroll with absolute transparency. With AlignBooks software, you can complete financial accounting for all organizations of all sizes. It also ensures optimum data security as it makes role wise user access rules for enhanced security. AlignBooks Features AlignBooks offers several beneficial features for its users; here are a few listed below to get acquainted with the software: Workflow Approval User Access Multi-Currency Dashboards & MIS Reports Multi-Location Email and SMS Alert User-Defined Fields Import from Excel Salesman Tracking AlignBooks Price in India: AlignBooks is available in four different packages. Here are the details of the plans: For Micro and Small Enterprise – Rs. 10,000/- Basic – Rs. 2,000/- per year Premium – Rs. 4,000/- per year Ultima – Rs. 6,000/- per year Price to renew your older packages are: Basic Renewal – Rs. 2,000/- per year Premium Renewal – Rs. 4000/- per year Ultima Renewal – Rs. 6,000/- per year For Micro & Small Enterprise Renewal – Rs. 10,000/- For more inquiries regarding the software, please request a call. Our sales team will connect with you shortly. Check out the best free alternative of AlignBooks tally ERP 9 GST free download AlignBooks software is one of the best accounting software that offers a large range of online business finance and acc... Read More About AlignBooks
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Last Updated on : 15 Jun, 2021