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Farmer Information System (FIMS) is a web based ERP for FPC/FPO which help farmers with managing various day to day activities in farming. The software emphasizes on usage of IT in agriculture to optimize the usage of resources and ensure that quality agro products are produced. The software takes into account the various activities like procurement of seed/fertilizers, tracking weather information, checking soil health information, pre and post-harvest management.  
Product Features
FIMS takes into account the various pain areas of agriculture sector like procurement of quality seeds, fertilizers, trainings, checking soil health information and weather information, pre and post-harvest management, marketing linkages & demands. The software aims at getting the farmers good quality produce, good market price, good social and economic status.
Below are certain features of the software:
  • Farmer personal information
  • Farmer livestock/cattle information
  • Farmer Land information (Khasra/Longitude/latitude wise)
  • Farmer Irrigation information
  • Farmer Soil health card
  • Farmer Pre-harvesting demand (Seeds/Seedlings/Fertilizers etc.)
  • System recommended crops based on soil health card
  • System generated Future stock based on demand and distribution
About The Company
Satya Infosys is a Noida based company which focuses on developing software’s which can be used across industries like Logistics, agriculture etc. 

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