Best Voice Changing Apps for Android and iOS: Free and Paid

Best Voice Changing Apps for Android and iOS: Free and Paid-feature image

Ever wonder what could happen if you take on the voice of your favourite celebrity, an animal or an alien? This is exactly what best voice changing apps do. With their easy to use interface and amazing background effects, you can alter the way you sound for indulging in some creative and fun activities.

What are Online Voice Changing Apps?

Voice changing apps are ideal for changing the pitch and tone of an end user’s voice. Call voice changer for PC can be used for recording audios & sharing the same via social platforms & emails. The best voice changing apps further support a range of sound effects and voice overs for applying them to audio files in real-time.

Voice changing software offers voice editing features like recording conversations, sound management and more. Best call voice changer for PC and mobile supports the following functionalities:

  • Replaying pre-recorded voices
  • Creating new ringtones
  • Integration with online games & chat programmes
  • Option to create file from simple text files
  • Loading files into MP3/WAV formats
  • Voice distortion

We all have unique voices and it just seems so magical that by using voice changer for call apps, you can change every aspect of your intonation. The Best Voice Changing Apps are the ones that amend attributes associated with your speech to make it sound not so much like your own voice.

How Do Call Voice Changer Apps Work?

Voice changer for PC & mobile help convert your voice into the preferred voice of your choice. This could be a robot, female/male, animals, etc. Voice editor apps also make it easy to add voice effects and customize them as you like it.

Voice changing software lets you add new effects during voice recordings or the next time you open a file. Popular voice changing software perform the best when used for creating fun audio recordings and sharing them hassle free.

There are multiple types of filters available such as robots, animals, insects, child, women and men. Adding new effects is easy and can be done while doing voice recordings or even the next time when you open this file. Create some fun audio recordings and share or import them hassle free using online voice changers.

The following are the simple steps involved for experimenting with different voices:

  • Once a voice changer for mobile receives an audio input, it applies different filters to make alterations in a voice.
  • On the basis of the kind of filter that you choose, the tone, pitch, frequency, loudness, and softness can be increased or decreased to give the audio a new sound.
  • You can apply different background and sound effects now to the recordings made.

Possible Uses of Apps as Voice Changer Online

Best voice changer software & apps are fairly popular among voiceover artists and musicians for playback.

They are also useful for real time recording of audio or changing your voice by applying a filter mid call to make it sound funny. Some other prominent uses are listed below.

  • Face filters: Voice changing apps offer face filters for adding humour and fun to recordings made.
  • Location sharing: Best voice changing apps let you share locations on bitmoji maps with ease.
  • Self-made filters: Self-made filters make it easy to customize the application for marketing and advertising purposes.
  • Snap streaks: Call voice changer apps provide snap streaks for keeping conversations private.
  • Easy broadcasts: Voice changer for PC & mobile can be used to broadcast content to co-workers, friends, etc.
  • Importing audio files: Voice changer apps make it easy to import all your files to add further effects to them.
  • Voice modulation: Voice modulations like alien, baby, robot, etc. is easy with voice changing software.
  • Sharing files: Voice changer online let you share audio/voice files using various social media platforms.
  • Voice recording: Voice changer for PC & mobile offer voice modifiers for voice recording and applying filters to these voices. 
  • Clarity in speech: Voice modulator online solutions can be adopted by vocal coaches and speech therapists for helping people obtain clarity in their speech.
  • Entertainment: Call voice changer online apps are entertaining as they let you use the voice of cartoon characters, animals, actors and celebrities.
  • Altering amplitude: Best voice changer app for android during call lets you alter the tone and amplitude of your voice to prank friends.
  • Quick sharing:You can record your altered voice call as a sharable file and then send it to others over mail, skype or discord.

15 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android & iOS During Call

  • AndroidRock Voice Changer

Best for: Filters for attaching additional effects

voice changer for calls app

Rating on Google Play Store: 4.4/5

This voice changer app for android provides a number of voice filters which help give a funny touch to your speech such as martian, old man, child, chipmunk, etc. In addition to recording live audios and then altering them, you can upload local audio recordings present on your device for applying new filters to them.

Features of the best voice changer app for Android:

  1. Once you have recorded an audio, you can view and edit it at a later stage too.
  2. The voice changer app for android lets you share your recordings over bluetooth and social media channels.
  3. You can add additional effects to an audio already laced with a filter.
  4. You can listen to the recording with your changed voice before saving it.


  1. It has an easy to use interface and simple controls.
  2. It is suitable for voiceover artists lending their voice for cartoon shows.


This app does not support changing voice on live call.

Pricing of AndroidRock real time voice changer android: This voice modulator online is a free voice changer application and can be downloaded from Google play store.

  • Voice Changer with Effects

Best for: Converting text into audio format

Rating on Google Play Store: 4.4/5

The online voice changer to girl voice app offers voice changing not only into female voice but also in around forty other types of sound effects such as zombie, extra-terrestrial being, helium gas, in reverse and much more. Once you have edited your original voice, you can set it as a ringtone or alert for incoming notifications. The app also has the option of creating images with your edited recordings and then posting them on Facebook.

Features of best voice changing apps

  1. This voice changer for mobile lets you both record live audios live as well as upload pre-recorded audios.
  2. You can share recorded audios on WhatsApp, emails and Facebook.
  3. The app has the ability to parse a text and then convert it into audio format.
  4. You have the option of previewing your voice recorded with filters before saving it.


  1. It offers multiple sharing options for your recordings.
  2. You can download your funny voice rendering in MP3 format.


Some of the effects, though different, sound exactly the same when applied.

Pricing of online voice changer app: The app can be downloaded for free from the app store though in-app purchases may require unlocking some filters.

  • Super Voice Editor

Best for: Inbuilt mic support for live recording voices

Rating on Google Play Store: 4/5

Super voice editor voice changer for calls app lets you apply several filters on your speech to make it sound funny and then record it in HD format. Regarded as one of the best voice changer apps during call, it allows you to easily share your edited voice recordings with friends. MP3 cutter is its special feature that can be used to cut voice from any existing audio file. 

Features of Super Voice Editor, one of the best voice changing apps

  1. It provides filters such as alien, girl, robot, etc.
  2. Recorded audios can be sent across messaging apps.
  3. It is also suitable for musicians and singers as it provides designated filters such as studio reverb effects.
  4. The app saves all your recordings on your device’s local storage folder.
  5. You can live record your voice through the app’s inbuilt mic or upload an already existing file on to your system.


  1. You can add concert and theatre style affects to make your singing appear more melodious.
  2. You can customize the parameters of each filter to alter your pitch, tone and amplitude.


If the app crashes midway, all your saved data would be lost.

Pricing of Super voice editor voice changer for mobile app: Voice Changer with Effects is a free voice changer solution and can be downloaded free of cost from the android app store.

  • RoboVox Voice Changer

Best for: Directly uploading of voice recordings to the sound cloud

best voice changing apps

Rating on Google Play Store: 4/5

The online voice changer to girl from boy app also offers more than 30 creative filters, which help you change your pitch and intonation. You can change the parameters of each filter to control the degree to which your voice is changed.This male to female voice changer online has an inbuilt voice recorder along with the option of uploading pre-recorded audios.

Robovox online voice changer features

  1. You can upload your funny voice recordings directly to sound cloud.
  2. The app lets you share your recordings on mail as WAV files.
  3. Once you have edited a track, you can set it as your ringtone.
  4. It offers features such as audio playback and parrot voice that repeats your phrases in the bird’s voice.
  5. The app is also capable of conducting real time spectral analysis.


  1. It has an engaging interface suitable for beginners.
  2. The app offers enhanced pitch and amplitude modulation features.


The app may abruptly freeze while you are recording your voice.

Robovox voice modulator online pricing: The Robovox voice editor app can be purchased from Google play store at ₹120.

  • MagicCall – Voice Changer App

Best for: Testing multiple voice filters

Rating on Google Play Store: 4/5

This call voice changer online lets you play pranks on your friends and change your voice live on call to that of a child, old man, girl or boy, etc. The real time voice changer app also lets you switch between multiple voice filters on the same call. All your edited audio recordings are stored under ‘My Recordings’ tab where you can easily access them and re-edit using additional filters.

Features of MagicCall best voice changer app during call

  1. The app lets you test different filters on your voice before you choose the appropriate one for the call.
  2. In addition to filters, you can even play sound effects such as kissing, clapping etc.
  3. You earn free points when you register for the first time for making in-app purchases.
  4. Refer this app to friends and earn cash prizes.
  5. It offers robust support through email for resolution of queries.


  1. The app has an easy to use and intuitive interface.
  2. The app is relatively quick when it comes to exporting recordings.


It has limited voice changing filters when compared with other apps.

Pricing of MagicCall best call voice changer app: MagicCall is a free voice changer app can be downloaded free of cost but it also has the option for doing in-app purchases.

Best Voice Changing Apps for iOS

  • Voice Changer Plus

Best for: Trimming feature to edit unwanted parts

Rating on Apple App Store: 4.5/5

This video voice changer online for iOS offers several filters and effects including child, old man, phrases in reverse, characters from star wars, etc. You can live record your voice or add a pre-existing audio file and then apply effects on them with this voice changer app for iOS.

Features of Voice changer plus online voice changer

  1. You can preview your edited recording before saving them.
  2. With its trim feature, you can cut out unwanted parts of a recording.
  3. The app allows you to add new effects to already edited recordings.
  4. It is a suitable app for singers to tune their voice to make it more melodious.


  1. In addition to iPhone and iPad, the software is also suitable for iPod touch.
  2. The app has an engaging and intuitive interface.


The app is not compatible with devices working on iOS versions older than iOS 11.

Pricing of Voice changer plus real time voice changer iOS: It is a free voice changer app. It can be downloaded free of cost but it has the option of in-app purchases for accessing additional filters.

  • Live Voice Changer

Best for: Equalizer support for changing a voice’s tone

voice changer for mobile

Rating on Apple App Store: 4.5/5

This voice changer for calls app contains more than eleven effects which can be used for changing the gender to make your voice sound like a famous celebrity or any other character. Live voice changer is one of the best voice changing apps as it continues to record in the background while you can undertake any other task.

Features of Live voice changer for mobile

  1. An equalizer changes the tone of the voice to tweak irregularities in an audio.
  2. The best voice changer app during call has more than ten reverb effects.
  3. The app is compatible with external stereo systems for you to play recordings on speaker.
  4. It lets you share all your audio recordings with others through social media apps.


  1. The app can be used for voice training by professional musicians.
  2. It offers an inbuilt loop playback and noise reduction feature.


The app occasionally freezes midway while recording an audio

Pricing of Live voice changer app for iOS: Live Voice Changer is available both as a free voice changer solution as well as paid application. The price of online voice changer to girl voice starts from ₹146.67.

  • Voicemod

Best for: Multilanguage support and sharing audio/video clips

real time voice changer

Rating on Apple App Store: 4.4/5

Voicemod is the best free online voice changer which is compatible with VRChat as well as Discord and thus suitable for live game streaming. The male to female voice changer online app also provides other filters such as chipmunk, children and robot. More filters can be unlocked in the paid version of the app.

Voicemod online voice changer male to female features

  1. This female voice changer online app lets you add filters to even your face during video calls.
  2. You can share your recorded audio and video clips through messaging and social media apps.
  3. It is suitable for musicians as it has the option of implementing auto tune filters to their audio files.
  4. The app is available in different languages.


  1. The best voice changer app for iOS offers a soundboard to obtain DJ themed voice samples.
  2. The app is useful for editing of audio and video content.


The sound effects may be less pronounced on speaker as compared to earphones/airpods.

Pricing of Voicemod video voice changer online: Voicemod is a free voice changer platform. It can be downloaded free of cost from the apple app store.

  • Call Voice Changer – IntCall

Best for: Multiple sound effects

Rating on Apple App Store: 3.8/5

One of the best call voice changer apps, IntCall is used for altering voice in real time even while on a call. You can also change from one voice filter to another midway during a call.It is a suitable real time voice changer iOS app for altering pitch or increasing/decreasing the amplitude. Moreover,

Features of best voice changer app for iOS during call:

  1. It provides multiple sound effects such as cartoon voices along with tools to help you change your diction to a different language.
  2. All calls in this call voice changer online app are made using VoIP.
  3. It offers different paying plans such as a subscription plan and a pay as you go plan.
  4. The app lets you listen how a filter changes your audio before you make the call.


  1. The app has an engaging interface, which makes it suitable for use by  beginners.
  2. You can choose between altering the pitch of your normal voice or applying a filter altogether.


This best voice changer app during call is a bit pricey as compared to other apps.

Pricing of IntCall male to female voice changer online app: The call voice changer online app offers a trial version for 3 days. The price of the paid app starts from ₹79 for 2 minutes worth call time.

  • Another Voice Changer

Best for: Changing the surround sound

Rating on Apple App Store: 4.7/5

The online voice changer male to female is suitable to record funny textual messages replete with filters for sending them across to your friends. Another voice changer app also has a dedicated community where you can see creative content shared by other users. Considered among the best voice changing apps, Another voice changer has some appreciable sharing options for edited audios such as mailing to self and uploading to iCloud drive.

Features of free online voice changer

  1. The app has more than forty sound effects including that of a baby, alien, chipmunk and much more.
  2. The app stores your favouriteU audio messages on your device’s local storage.
  3. In addition to change in voice, you can even change the surround sound to that of an echo, underwater, fan and much more.
  4. You can easily share your recorded funny voices using social media platforms.


  1. It enables you to check out content of other creators using this app.
  2. The app provides the unique feature of creating voice-based memes.


New users might complain of the app inadvertently freezing and closing.

Price of Another Voice Changer for mobile app – This voice modulator online can be downloaded free of cost from the Apple app store.

  • Snapchat

Best for: Text animations and templates

Rating on Google Play Store: 4.3/5

Rating on App Store: 3.6/5

Snapchat call voice changer app is an all-in-one application suited for both voice modulation and picture messaging. The call voice changer for android and iOS devices supports several voice filters along with the single click file sharing option. Also, there are several fun expression effects that let you change any recording into selected voice character of your choice.

Features of Snapchat Call Voice changer Android & iOS:

  • Preparing multimedia messages or snaps
  • Stickers and visual effects
  • Customizable emojis
  • Easy compilation of snaps into storylines
  • Inbuilt camera to record videos
  • Animated logos
  • Text animation
  • Intro Maker and various templates


  • Option to save files in app’s memory is the best
  • Public stories, bitmoji & snapmaps for connecting with other people
  • Geofilters for promoting events
  • Snap steak for motivation messages is a plus
  • Photo editing


  • High data consumption is a minus

Pricing: Snapchat is a free voice changer app. It also offers various in app purchases available on its official website.

  • Skype Voice Changer

Best for: Parameter sliders for adjusting sound effects

Rating on Google Store: 3/5

Skype Voice Changer app helps with changing voices in any video, sharing and uploading them on a platform of your choice. The best voice changing app supports different voices and effects for personalizing all recordings. Skype voice changing app also makes replaying of pre-recorded sounds quite easy.

Features of Skype Voice Changer:

  • Sound transformation for modifying voices
  • Previewing sound effects
  • Replaying of pre-recorded sounds
  • Recording conversations
  • Audio editing
  • Parameter sliders for adjusting effects


  • Quick installation process
  • Slider option for changing voices is easy to use
  • Multiple formats like OGG, FLAC and WMA for converting recordings


  • Limited features under free version

Pricing: Free trial edition available for 14 days. Price of this voice changing app starts from Rs 2186.

  • Voice Changer by Handy Tools Studio

Best for: Adding sound effects

Rating on Google Store: 3.9/5

Voice Changer call voice changer app offers multiple voice effects for creating funny audio & video files. The voice editor app also supports interesting voice changer effects like minions, Star Wars and transformers. Inbuilt parameters available too for doing voice editing.

Features of Voice Changer by Handy Tools Studio:

  • Voice changer for phone calls and messenger
  • Superhero voices and film roles for editing purposes
  • Audio playing, calling & recording


  • The app is the best for practicing singing
  • Impressive sound effects


  • Too many ads in the app

Pricing: This call voice changer android is available as a free voice changer app.

  • Clownfish Voice Changer

Best for: Friendly interface & integrated voice converter

Rating on Google Store: 4.3/5

Clownfish voice changing app is ideal for making real-time changes and modifications in voices. The best voice changing app offers multiple utilities like recording videos, doing video game chats and playing jokes on a phone. It also supports a system taskbar for running the app in the background.

Features of Clownfish Voice Editor App:

  • VST compatibility
  • Text to speech reader
  • Music player
  • Sound player through keyboard shortcuts
  • Integrated voice converter
  • Inbuilt spell checker


  • User-friendly settings
  • No need for extraordinary system requirements
  • Option to choose from around fourteen voices
  • Translation feature for changing the language of incoming messages in a plus
  • Multiple plugins also available
  • Easy to use and equally easy synchronizations


  • Complicated configuration settings

Pricing: Clownfish is a free voice changer app.

  • FunCalls

Best for: Attempting voice changer during calls

Rating on Google Store: 2.8/5

Rating on App Store- 3.6/5

FunCalls voice changer during calls ongoing is preferred for adding voice effects and making fun prank calls. The voice changing software lets you switch between multiple modes and add effects like helium, high voice and maniacal notes. Built-in simple controls make it easy to record conversations as well.

Features of FunCall Call Voice Changer Android & iOS:

  • Cross-mobile support
  • Possible to make international calls
  • Background effects and sounds
  • Changing voice during calls


  • Hilarious voice and sound effects
  • Module for making cheap international calls is the best
  • Easy to use call recording functionality


  • Sometimes making prank calls do not extend beyond a minute

Pricing: FunCalls is a free voice changing app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I change my voice during a live call?

    Yes. By using a voice changer for calls app, you can easily change the pitch and amplitude of your voice. You can use the best voice changer apps during calls to apply different creative filters for changing the intonation midway between a call.

  2. Are these best voice changing apps legal?

    Call voice changer online apps are legal as long as you alter your voice only for pranking known people and having fun. However, we highly advise against using best voice changing apps for bullying, threatening or committing any unlawful activities, which might invite legal scrutiny.

  3. Is it possible to export my recordings to different formats?

    Yes, many real time voice changer apps let you export your recorded audio files to MP3, WAV and other such formats.

Published On: October 1, 2020

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