Top 12 DVD Burning Software for Windows and Mac Users (Free & Paid)

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November 21, 2022 17 Min read

With DVD burning software, you can quickly backup your photos and videos to a disc and ensure that your information is safely preserved for a long duration of time.

Most of the disk burner tools support export and import of files in different formats such as WAV, MPEG, MP4 and MP3. Further with support from feature for DVD authoring, you have the of customizing menus and chapters of the burned disc.

What is a DVD burning software?

A software for burning CDs is a tool which helps you transfer media content (audio, video) etc. from your desktop or laptop onto a compact disc. By using a dvd writer software, you can speed up the process of copying content. The dvd burning tools also provide the option of writing content in different formats such as MP4, MP3, AVI, MKV etc.

Many free dvd burning software provide the feature of customising the menus of DVDs and Blu-Ray disks. Moreover, modern day disk burning tools also provide the option of creating secure backups of your files protected with passwords and encryption.

Why is Disk Burner Software Still Relevant in 2020?

If you try hard enough, you might recollect that it was ages ago that we last handled a DVD. The advent of modern-day data storing mechanisms meant that DVDs had to bow out. In fact, working with an ISO dvd burner in the present time might make you feel that you are handling technology of an era long gone.

But hold your horses. Storing data on DVDs through video burner software isn’t all bad. This is because instead of magnetically storing data as in the case of hard drive, SSB or thumb drive, data on DVD is stored using lasers.

The advantage here is that magnetically stored data has a shorter shelf life as compared to laser printed one. Hence DVDs can hold on to critical information for a much longer duration of time as compared to a thumb drive or hard disc.

Burn DVD Windows 10 Vs Burn DVD Mac OS

Although CD DVD burning software is available for both Windows and macOS devices, the process of dvd burning in itself slightly varies for both these operating systems. We list the major differences.

For windows

  • Put the CD in the slot which will open an auto play dialog box.
  • Select the option ‘Burn files to disc’ for files other than audio files.
  • Drag and drop the desired files into the CD and the process of burning would begin.
  • For audio files, the dialog box will take you to windows media player from where you can drag and drop your desired audio tracks.

For Mac OS

  • The process of burning is the same as windows for files other than audio files.
  • Put the CD in the slot. Drag and drop the chosen files and then select the burn to disc option.
  • For audio files, open iTunes. Open Preferences and then click on the Burning option. Next click on audio cd option
  • Create a playlist of audio files to be burned as you can only burn a playlist. Once done, select the burn disk option. The process will begin.

DVD vs Blu-Ray: Which one to choose for DVD burning software?

This is a question which even veterans can’t clearly answer. When using a image burn software, if I use a Blu-Ray for ripping my files, will it make any difference? Worry not, we have got you covered.

  • Storing capacity

A DVD can hold a little less than 5 GB data. On the contrary, Blu-Ray can hold almost 10 times the data. So, if your software for burning CDs does not support spanning, it is advisable you burn large files (movies etc.) to blu-ray.

  • Image resolution

While a CD promises viewing in 480p, a Blu-Ray disc can take the viewing experience several notches higher as it is capable of running videos in 1080p.

  • Pricing

Blu-Ray has grooves with higher precision as compared to CDs. This means that they need a designated blu-ray player for reading them as normal CD players can’t read them properly. Hence Blu-Ray is significantly costlier than a CD.

List of 12 Best & Free DVD Burning Software for Mac and Windows

  1. Nero Burning Rom
  2. Burnaware
  3. WinX DVD Author
  4. Ashampoo
  5. Vegas DVD Architect
  6. Finder
  7. Disco
  8. Disc Burner
  9. iDVD
  10. Filmora Video Editor
  11. ISO Burner
  12. Wondershare DVD Creator

DVD Burning Software for Windows

  • Nero Burning Rom

dvd burning software

License Type: Paid

Nero DVD writer was one of the earliest and most robust disk burning software. It has an easy to use and engaging interface and recognises most of the disc types available in the market. The dvd burner for pc has a disc span feature which allows copying a large file into more than 1 disc.

Features of Nero Rom Best Software for Burning CDs

  • You can protect your burned CDs using passwords and digital signatures.
  • Encrypt data on disk before viewing it on any other device.
  • The software gives you a warning for creating a data backup before it deteriorates.
  • Nero allows you to recover any data lost on the computer’s hard drive.
  • Nero makes use of a drag and drop feature to facilitate easy copying of files.
  • Fast paced burning of files from source to destination folder even for large files
  • Easy to obtain customer support services through Nero’s live chat service.File sharing via folders and links in emails
  • It has a steep learning curve for beginners

Pricing of Nero dvd writer software: Nero software for burning CDs is priced at ₹4,301.42.

Steps to Use Nero Free DVD Burning Software

We provide a step by step analysis on how to use Nero image burn software.

Step 1: Open the software and select the option ‘New’. You can now select your project type and CD type. After that drag the files you want to burn.

Image burn software - Nero

Step 2: In the upper menu, you will see the option of ‘Image Recorder’. This is useful for burning to Disc image. Once you select this option, a window will open. Click the option of Burn to initiate the process.

dvd burner software

Step 3: The saving box will open where you can select the image format and also the location on the local drive where you want to save the image.

dvd authoring software

  • Burnaware

dvd writer software

License Type: Paid

Burnaware is one dvd burning tool that professional and home Windows users swear by. In addition to disc burning and image creation, Burnaware is also useful for making audio track extractions from a file and doing data recovery. It supports all disc types including blu-ray and M-Disc.

Features of Burnaware free dvd burning software

  • It is suitable to burn multisession as well as bootable discs.
  • Burnaware offers three features including a commercial one for business use.
  • The software has designated error codes for users to understand issues with their file or system in case of burn failure.
  • Burnaware takes a low amount of CPU memory even while burning large files.
  • It offers a multilingual interface for ease of access of users from different ethnicities.
  • It has a clean and easy to use interface.
  • Burnaware offers advanced features such as UDF partition and byte-byte verification.
  • It lacks the ability to burn content from one disk to another

Pricing of Burnaware video burner solution: Burnaware offers a free version. The paid license costs ₹1470.31 per user per year.

  • WinX DVD Author

License Type: Freeware

WinX DVD author is one of the best free dvd burning software for windows. The best cd dvd burning software accepts files of different formats including MKV, FLV and MOV. What makes it a sought after image burn software for Windows is that it creates menus and inserts subtitles for home dvds.

Features of WinX DVD Author free dvd burning software

  • It is useful for burning files which are to be viewed in the 16:9 or 4:3 format.
  • WinX dvd burner Windows 7 boasts of deinterlacing, decoder and encoder for high quality video and audio.
  • It is capable of burning large sized files quickly and can burn a whole hd movie in less than an hour.
  • WinX free dvd burning software for Windows 7 provides an inbuilt video editor for editing burned videos.
  • The software provides an inbuilt YouTube video downloader for hassle free downloads from the platform.
  • Can be used even with minimum knowledge of computer-based skills
  • The dvd burner software windows 7 supports Dolby digital AC-3 audio.
  • It offers limited functionalities for professionals and experienced personnel

Pricing of Winx DVD author, the best software for burning CDs: This dvd burner for windows 7 can be used free of cost.

  • Ashampoo

free dvd burning software

License Type: Freeware

Ashampoo software for burning CDs is considered to be one of the fastest in the business for copying audio, video, music, MP4 files, images to discs. This free dvd burning software supports rewritable discs which you can use to erase for further reuse. Ashampoo provides customizable burning settings for an enhanced user experience.

Features of Ashampoo dvd writer software

  • The software offers a number of preloaded songs for users to download and export in MP3, WAV and WMV formats.
  • Inbuilt normalization tool of Ashampoo removes volume discrepancies.
  • It offers a robust audio player to preview audio files before burning them.
  • Ashampoo free burning software is suitable for burning high quality movies in 720p and 1080p format.
  • With its disc spanning feature, you can split large sized files to be burned into smaller segments and stored across multiple discs.
  • Ashampoo provides password protected backup of your files
  • It is the perfect software for burning ISO images.
  • An update to a new version may wipe out your data from the old version of the file.

Pricing of Ashampoo dvd burning tool: The iso dvd burner can be downloaded free of cost.

  • Vegas DVD Architect

License Type: Paid

Vegas DVD architect is a professional disk burner software which comprises a drag and drop feature for hassle free burning of files. The video burner tool lets you choose the background and menu setting on your DVD. You can also make use of the preset HD templates to customize the menu on your disc as per your need.

Vegas DVD architect best cd dvd burning software features

  • You have the option of burning blu-ray discs and high definition CDs.
  • Vegas comes with several preset audio and subtitle tracks.
  • The software offers enhanced layout and alignment tools.
  • You can create menus and buttons with easy to use custom graphic options.
  • It supports import and export in multiple formats such as MPEG, MVI, Dolby digital 5.1 etc.
  • It provides parental controls for guardians to better monitor the content their child might be burning.
  • Vegas DVD architect comes with chapter and index markers.
  • The software has a steep learning curve for beginners.

Pricing of Vegas, one of the best dvd burning software for Windows 10: Vegas dvd architect can be purchased for ₹7369.81.

DVD Burning Software Mac Users Should Opt For

  • Finder disk burning software

License Type: Freeware

Finder is a preloaded programme on Mac whose function is to manage files in addition to burning them to a DVD. It makes use of a simple drag and drop functionality for quick copying of audio and video content to the DVD. You can also change how files are visible in the Finder in the form of icons or a list.

Features of Finder software for burning CDs

  • Finder lets you sort your files on the basis of data size, date of creation, type, etc.
  • You can opt for large previews for easily identifying image based and video-based documents.
  • It offers a sidebar which is a shortcut to your frequently used folders, iCloud drive, etc.
  • Finder makes use of an advanced search option called ‘spotlight’ which traverses the whole device for a desired file in a fast manner.
  • It has a simple to use and intuitive interface.
  • Users with different versions of mac can use it for burning and sharing files.
  • It is not suitable for professional use as it does not provide a multitude of dvd burning options

Pricing of Finder dvd authoring software: It comes preinstalled on Mac devices, so you don’t have to pay anything to use it.

  • Disco free Burning Software

free dvd burning software for windows 7

License Type: Freeware

What separates Disco from other dvd writer software is that it provides a discography, i.e. a record of each file burned to every disc. This makes it easier to search for a burned file. The dvd burner software provides the feature of spanning, where it divides a large file into smaller segments to be stored on multiple discs.

Features of Disco disk burner tool

  • Disco is able to burn a disc image from a group of files and detect rewritable discs.
  • It is one of the few video burners which provide support for dual layer dvds.
  • The software creates backups of your files in case you lose them while burning.
  • In addition to being a top notch iso dvd burner, it is also compatible with disc image formats such as IMG, DMG, etc.
  • Disco indexes burned media promptly without the need for manual intervention.
  • Crossroads, Disco’s interface, is highly intuitive and engaging.
  • It is suitable for home users as well as for professional tasks.
  • New updates to the software are no longer available

Disco CD DVD burning software:  Disco dvd burner software for ac can be downloaded free of cost.

  • CentroMedia Disc Burner

disk burner

License Type: Freeware

One of the best dvd burning software by CentroMedia, Disc Burner lets you burn audio, video content in addition to images and other such data on CDs and DVDs. CDs burned using online dvd burner can run on windows devices as well.

Features of Disc Burner for Mac

  • The software supports multitasking as it keeps working in the background continuously, freeing up space for you to do other tasks.
  • You can protect your burned data with password and encryption.
  • You have the option of creating your own data CDs on the basis of existing rewritable discs.
  • Due to the powerful software, you can quickly burn even large files in just 2 steps.
  • This disc burning software has been updated for mac OS X version and above.
  • It is suitable for beginners and has a low learning curve.
  • Some users might find the interface to be plain and less interactive.

Pricing of Disc burner, rated as one of the best software for burning CDs: This dvd burner for pc can be utilised free of cost.

  • iDVD

License Type: Paid

iDVD is a designated DVD burner software provided by Apple for burning important files on Mac devices. It offers support for different file types such as audio, images, video, high definition movies and much more. iDVD software for burning CDs can also be integrated with other Apple products such as iTunes, iMovie, etc.

iDVD DVD writer software features

  • iDVD provides the option of previewing content before you initiate the burning process.
  • iDVD is capable of burning large files without occupying too much CPU space.
  • After burning, iDVD allows you to change DVD menus as per your need.
  • iDVD contains drop zones, where you can place data and even choose to animate it.
  • There are several preset themes in iDVD which can be applied for making creative menu lists.
  • It integrates well with third party applications such as Final cut pro.
  • Projects made in iMovie or iPhoto can be exported to iDVD easily
  • VD is not suitable for professional use.

Pricing of iDVD DVD burning tool: iDVD software estimated cost is around ₹1470.42.

  • Filmora

nero dvd writer

License Type: Paid

Filmora video editor is not just a typical disk burner, it also doubles up as a video editor. It provides for import and export of files in different formats such as MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. Videos produced by Filmora can be viewed across different devices such as iPhone, iPad, Xbox and PS4.

Features of Filmora dvd burning software free

  • After burning video to a DVD, you can directly upload it to YouTube or Vimeo
  • You have the option of altering menus and descriptions of burned files.
  • Users can add texts, shapes or lines before burning images and videos.
  • It offers beat markers to make your burned audio clips easy to edit.
  • Filmora offers preset templates for animations and creative transitions.
  • It has an engaging and easy to use interface.
  • It is useful for video editors who can quickly burn audio and video content on blu-ray and then edit it.
  • Burning of high-resolution files may take longer than expected duration.

Pricing of Filmora cd dvd burning software: Filmora offers a free trial version. The cost of its paid version starts from ₹3316.01.

  • ISO Burner

License Type: Free

ISO Burner DVD author software allows you to extract or burn ISO files which is of unattached file format. The DVD burning software free directly burns your data to CD-R, DVD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RW and more. Due to its intuitive interface, it is simple to use even for beginners.

Features of ISO Burner DVD Writer Software

  • You have the freedom to choose the driver and disk volume.
  • While burning your files, this DVD writer software allows you to change the burning speed or cache size.
  • At any stage of burning, you can quickly exit the process by selecting the abort option.
  • This software for burning CDs provides an extended CD image file which is bootable.
  • This disk burner tool does not require any installation
  • This video burner software cannot be used for Mac devices.

Pricing of ISO Burner: ISO Burner CD software is completely free to use.

  • Wondershare DVD Creator

best paid dvd burning software - Wondershare

License Type: Paid

Wondershare CD DVD burning software has a sleek and user-friendly interface and offers an in-built video editor. In addition to burning DVDs, the free burning software free can also be used for burning blu-rays. It offers a high degree of customization for video projects burned into DVDs.

Features of Wondershare DVD Authoring Software

  • The DVD writer software is compatible with different disc types such as DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R+ and much more.
  • With the video editor offered by this software for burning CDs, you can tweak your images burned on the CD and even add subtitles to your video files.
  • The image burn software can also be used for burning audio files onto CDs.
  • This disk burner tool supports quick burning of CDs in just one click.
  • This disk burner tool provides support for disc formats such as BD-25, BD-50 and BD-100.
  • The video burner tool is compatible with both windows and macOS.
  • Blu-ray DVD output is not available for Mac users.

Price of Wondershare CD DVD Burning Software: The software offers a trial version. The price of the paid version is ₹2210.61 per year.

Find Best Software for Burning CDs: Best DVD Burning Software Comparison

Choosing the best free DVD burning software can be an arduous task as you have to make sure that the DVD writer software of your choice ticks off all your requirements. But don’t you worry. Read through our concise comparison between different software for burning CDs made on the basis of best-in-class features.

Programs/features  Recognition for different CD and DVD formats Inbuilt video editor Menu customization after burning Compatibility with Windows and Mac
Nero ✔️ Windows only
Burnaware ✔️ Windows only
WinX DVD Author ✔️ ✔️(with limited functionality) ✔️ Both Mac and Windows
Ashampoo Both Mac and Windows
Vegas DVD ✔️(including blu-ray and high definition CDs) ✔️ ✔️ Only Windows
Finder ✔️ Mac only
Disco ✔️ It works on Mac only
Disc Burner For Mac only
iDVD ✔️ Only for Mac
Filmora ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Windows only
ISO Burner ✔️ Windows and Mac
Wondershare ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Can be used for both windows and Mac


DVDs are an efficient means of storing important data for a long duration of time in a cost-efficient manner. Use any of the mentioned DVD burning software and copy your audio and video files as well as images and high definition movies.

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