15 Best Audio Editing Software for Cross Platform Use in 2024

15 Best Audio Editing Software for Cross Platform Use in 2024-feature image
February 6, 2024 21 Min read

Have you ever been left marvelled by a video’s music or a movie’s background track? Well that is achieved all thanks to the audio editor online tool. Audio mixing software is generally used by music directors, sound engineers and music producers.

Generally, the best audio editing apps support export of edited audio files in different formats such as MP3, MPEG, WAVE, Windows media and much more.

Thus, the best audio editing software allows beginners and professionals to clip unwanted portions of an audio file, improve its quality and export it into different formats.

What is Audio Editing Software?

An audio editor software or app helps you to modify and tweak an existing audio file. You can remove or add voice overs and tunes, increase or decrease tempo, club different audio files to play them as a single audio and much more.

You have the option of recording live audio and then editing or loading the existing audio file onto the timeline of your audio editing software. These applications are generally used by musicians and EDM artists to add pre-recorded instrument sounds and royalty free background music to their compositions.

Benefits of Video Audio Editor for Professionals and Beginners

Paid and free online audio editors offer several benefits to sound editors just starting their career and even those who command a healthy experience in this field. A list of such benefits would include:

  • Accessing the audio in random order

Using the best sound editor, you can access and edit an audio from any point in its run time, irrespective of the sequence in which it was originally recorded.

  • Editing that doesn’t compromise quality

By using a software to complete sound edit online, you can move certain sections of an audio without compromising its original quality.

  • Digital signal processing

With sound editing software, you can carry out digital signal processing on a particular part or the entire audio file in real-time.

  • Import and export of multi format audio files

Both paid and free music editing software solutions are compatible with audio files in different formats such as MP3, MPEG etc.

  • Editing of large sized audio files

Audio files, background tracks and music used in films and TV serials which are enormous in size can be easily edited through best free audio editing software.

How Audio Editors Help You Master the Art of Doing Audio Edits?

Most audio editing software offer cross platform functionality, that is, they work fine on windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS etc. You can carry out single track and multitrack editing and make use of external plugins such as VST, AU and much more.

Wondering how to use these tools for perfecting your audio tracks. Take a look at some such features here that provide support for best audio editing experience.

  • Volume automations

You can automate the volume levels of certain sections of your audio to make them impactful. Audio editing software also provide the option of simulating vocals and instruments at increased or decreased decibels for selecting the right combination.

  • Muting sections

Muting sections help with making an audio crisper. For a song consisting of vocals and instruments, you can choose to mute the vocals to make the track instrument heavy and vice versa.

  • EQ and compression effects

By changing the EQ settings, you can adjust bass and treble levels to add more power to your track. Compression effects help to make sounds of certain instruments more prominent as compared to others.

  • Bundled effects such as reverb and noise removal

Many a times unwanted noises with low frequency may start to show up in an audio. Removing them is also difficult. For such cases, you can use the noise removal effects of audio editing software which effectively help eliminate noises from the background.

15 Best Audio Editing Software for Windows, Mac, YouTube and Android

  1. Adobe Audition CC
  2. Ocenaudio
  3. Audacity
  4. Acoustica
  5. Amadeus Pro
  6. Fission
  7. TwistedWave
  8. Logic Pro X
  9. Reaper
  10. FL Studio
  11. Ableton Live
  12. Cubase
  13. Voice Pro
  14. Music Editor
  15. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Best Audio Editing Software: An Overview

Generate amazing audio tracks using software for audio editing. You are further free to use these applications for editing voices, music, mp3 and such other files in different audio formats. Let us have a look at some of the best video audio editing apps in the next section.

Best Audio Editing Software for Windows 10

  • Adobe Audition CC

Unique Characteristics: Best for professional audio editing

audio editing software

Adobe Audition CC is an audio editor online used for its ability to function as a single track as well as a multitrack editor. While you would witness Adobe Audition CC updating itself for more advanced features regularly, its multitrack version helps add several layers of sounds onto one another.

Features of Adobe Audition CC Audio Editing Software for PC:

  1. Adobe Audition CC, one of the best audio editing software for PC offers support for external audio plugins such as VST, VST3, AU and more.
  2. Built-in audio restoration tool, which helps remove recurring noises from the entire file.
  3. You can save your most used actions under the favourites menu for one click implementation. .
  4. Option to change the audio editor app’s interface as per individual preferences.
  5. Intelligent detection and removal of unwanted beats.

Adobe Audition CC Pros and Cons

  • Easy to record and edit voice overs.
  • Quick removal of even faint noises in the audio track.
  • The software has a steep learning curve for beginners.

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Pricing of Adobe Audition CC: The price of Adobe Audition CC starts from ₹27768per month.

  • Ocenaudio Audio Mixing Software

Unique Characteristics: Best for noise suppression

audio editor app

Ocenaudio audio mixing software has a clean editing interface, which makes it easy to use for beginners and advanced users. This video audio editor offers a host of noise removing operations along with an option for adding notes to all the edits made with help from add markers tool. This tool is available on the original timeline of the audio editing software.

Features of Oceanaudio Audio Mixing Software:

  1. Ocenaudio has extendable support for VST plugins and AU plugins.
  2. The best sound editor provides as well as equalizer and pitch adjustment for raw audio.
  3. You can highlight timecodes of your edits with one click.
  4. This sound edit online tool provides the option of exporting files in different formats.
  5. Ocenaudio is suitable for small and large sized audio files.You can further use this free online editor for changing the metadata of an audio file before rendering it.

Oceanaudio Pros and Cons

  • Apply effects in the background while at the same time working on some other audio.
  • It is an intuitive song editing software for beginners and professionals.
  • The software might close abruptly while rendering your output audio.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS

Best audio editing software for PC pricing details:  Ocenaudio can be downloaded free of cost.

  • Audacity Audio Editing Software

Unique Characteristics: Best for multitrack editing and auto tuning

Audacity is an open source free music editing software. It provides enhanced editing tools such as multitrack editing, auto tuning and suppression of noise and other unwanted sounds in your original audio.

Use the software for recording audios from varied sources as well as adding effects like trimming, normalization and fading in/out.

Features of the Audacity Editing Software:

  1. Audacity, one of the best free audio editing software, provides support for external plugins such as VST, AU and  LV2,
  2. You have the option of importing and exporting audio files Oggvorbis, FLAC and M4A.
  3. You can record live audios through an inbuilt microphone and then enhance it.
  4. The software supports 16-bit, 24 bit and 32 bit audio files.
  5. Editors can perform undo unlimited number of times for retracing the sequence of editing an audio file.

Audacity Editing Software Pros and Cons

  • Developers can access the source code and add functionalities as Audacity is open-source.
  • Large number of keyboard shortcuts for quick editing.
  • Interface of Audacity is a little sluggish.

Platforms: Linux, macOS, Windows

Best audio editing software for Windows 10 pricing: Audacity, one of the best audio editing software for PC, is available free of cost.

  • Acoustica Sound Editor

Unique Characteristics: Best for high resolution of audio files

Acoustica editor online is used for high resolution editing of 32 bit audio files. The software is preferred for single track and multitrack editing of songs and background tracks.

Moreover, while editing a clip on a timeline, you can use the audio editor for compressing and stretching audio clips.

Features of Acoustica Sound Editor:

  1. This audio editing software has a host of audio restoration tools for removing unwanted noises in the background.
  2. It offers support for VST, AU and more such external plugins.
  3. Acoustica is the best sound editor because it renders output audios, which are compliant with different broadcasting standards.
  4. Multitasking support available on different soundtracks.
  5. Translation of audio files into different languages French, German, Italian, Japanese and more.

Acoustica Sound Editor Pros and Cons

  • You can easily access editing tools with one click using this best audio editing app.
  • Isolate sounds in a track from different instruments such as that of a piano, drums and guitar
  • No regular updates for older version of Acoustica. So, you might have to switch to the latest version.

Platform: Windows, macOS

Accoustica audio editing app’s pricing: The price of Acoustica audio mixing software starts from ₹4426.11.

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Best Audio Editing Software for Mac

  • Amadeus Pro

best audio editing app

Unique Characteristics: Best for one click access of favorite editing tools

Amadeus pro is a user-friendly sound edit online tool that supports multilayer editing of audio files available in different formats such as Apple lossless, Wave, MP3 and AAC.

There is also this inbuilt feature for dividing a single soundtrack into its relevant subsidiaries.

Features of Amadeus Audio Editing Software for PC: Amadeus makes it easy to remove hissing noise from all your voice tracks.

  1. Easy transfer of recordings to a CD using few simple clicks.
  2.  East to obtain high quality audio output from dated or damaged files.
  3. It provides the option of adding metadata such as artist’s or song’s name to your audio files.
  4. Robust editing tools for changing the speed, pitch and tempo of sound recordings.

Amadeus Pro Pros and Cons

  • It is compatible with audio unit plugins.
  • You can customize your most used actions for quickly implementing it in a single click.
  • Advanced editing tools need to be accessed from file menus and it will take time for you to know where everything is.

Platforms: MacOS

Best sound editor’s pricing: Amadeus Pro audio editor app is priced at ₹4432.76.

  • Fission

Unique Characteristics: Best for quick editing through keyboard shortcuts

audio mixing softwares

What makes fission the preferred audio mixing software for mac users is that you can quickly conduct editing operations through keyboard shortcuts. This video audio editor boasts of a drag and drop functionality for adding audio files to your timeline.

As an end user, the software further gives you the advantage of not just cropping or trimming audio files but also splitting into many any available long file.

Features of Fission Sound Editor

  1. Fission is one of the best sound editors because it lets you amplify both- certain sections or the complete audio file.
  2. Seamless editing of waveforms for your music and background tracks.
  3. You can make use of a batch processor for editing audio and then obtaining it in a different format.
  4. It is a suitable sound editing software for beginners for stretching or squeezing parts of their audio files.
  5. iPhone and iPad users can create custom ringtones using the software.

Fission Sound Editor Pros and Cons

  • Easy and intuitive interface.
  • You can achieve quick editing of your sound clips without losing the quality of the original file.
  • Fission has limited capabilities when it comes to highly complex editing.

Platform: MacOS

Fission music editing software’s pricing: The cost of Fission best audio editing software for mac is ₹2142.12 plus local taxes.

  • TwistedWave Audio Editing App

Unique Characteristics: Best for multitasking

TwistedWave audio editor online is the preferred tool for sound editors on the move. The audio editing software keeps running in the background, rendering your audio files.

While, you work on another soundtrack on your timeline. Compression, limiting or equalization, TwistedWave makes it all easy for you.

Features of  TwistedWave Audio Editing App:

  1. The audio mixing software has a silence detector for detecting and removing silent gaps in your audio files.
  2. You can separate different instrumental tracks as individual tracks.
  3. As one of the available best audio editing apps, in TwistedWave, you will find support for  external VST and AU plugins.
  4. The audio mixing software supports editing of high-quality audio up to 32 bits.
  5. TwistedWave has a simple to use and intuitive interface, which allows end users to record live audios or upload existing files for editing

TwistedWave Audio Editing App Pros and Cons

  • You can carry out editing processes such as changing the pitch and rhythm of the audio.
  • TwistedWave is a bit erratic in releasing new updates to the software.

Platforms: macOS, web

Pricing of TwistedWaveaudio editing software for PC: This best audio editing software for PC, TwistedWave, offers a free trial of 30 days after which it can be purchased at ₹5903.94

  • Logic Pro X Sound Editor

Unique Characteristics: Best for combining different audio tracks for a single composition

video audio editor

Logic Pro X video audio editor is a popular tool among beginners and professional sound engineers. It offers the feature of Smart Tempo, where you can combine different audio tracks to create a unified tune. Music synthesis, audio effects or drum notations, name it and this software does the job for you.

Features Logic Pro X Sound Editor:

  1. Logic Remote feature using which you can control edits through iphone and iPad.
  2. With a step sequencer, you can introduce melodic sequences onto your editing timeline.
  3. Using sampler and quick sampler, you can convert random sounds into instrumental tunes using Logic Pro X, one of the best sound editors. .
  4. The live loop feature of Logic pro X allows you to place pieces of music in a non-sequential manner.
  5. It provides enhanced editing tools such as gating tools, stutters and  filters.

Logic Pro X Sound Editor Pros and Cons

  • Logic Pro X supports formats such as WAV, ALAC, AAC and MP3.
  • Ample tutorials for beginners.
  • Certain aspects of Logic pro X require a steep learning curve.

Platforms: macOS

Pricing of one of the Best Audio Editing Software for Mac: Logic Pro X music editing software is priced at ₹ 15,500.

Best Audio Editing Software for YouTube

  • Reaper Audio Editing Software

Unique Characteristics: Best for multichannel editing

Reaper online audio editor is enabled with multitrack and multilayer editing. The free music editing software also has a dedicated forum where you can get guidance for your queries and obtain resources for bettering your editing process. It is a suitable software for stretching audio files for complex tempo changes.

Key Features of Reaper Audio Editing Software:

  1. The best sound editor is fast to load and offers multichannel support.
  2. It can process audio files in high quality of up to 64 bit.
  3. Support for external plugins such as AU, VST3 and DX.
  4. This sound edit online tool has a number of studio-quality effects for enhancing your audio files
  5. Reaper as one of the best free audio editing software offers both negative and positive playback offset.

Reaper Audio Editing Software Pros and Cons

  • It provides functionalities such as pitch and time shifting.
  • Host of learning videos for you to grasp the basics of the audio editing process.
  • Some users might find the interface a bit bland.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS

Best audio editing software for PC Pricing: Reaper offers a free trial. You can obtain the paid license starting from ₹4428.12.

  • FL Studio Audio Editor Software

Unique Characteristics: Best for EDM artists and musicians

free online audio editor

FL Studio is a suitable song editing software for budding musicians and EDM artists. It comes replete with time stretching and pitch shifting features as well as multilayer editing. It also comes with automatic noise suppression tools.

It also provides a filter plugin for effectively removing unwanted sounds.

FL Studio Audio Editor Software’s Features:

  1. Use this best audio editor  for support for more than fifty external plugins.
  2. You can upload your project as a MP3, WAV, DWP or DS. Support available for even more such file options. It offers professional audio editing tools such as effect chains and  sidechain control.
  3. While editing, you can add notes for reference in this best audio editor app for android.
  4. FL studio has one of the best piano roll features, which helps with proper placing of instrumental tunes.

FL Studio Pros and Cons

  • It extends VST support for utilising third party plugins.
  • You can easily create your own music with pre-set music samples offered by the software.
  • The software’s user interface is not highly intuitive.

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android

Pricing of FL Studio audio editing software for Android: The price of one of the best audio editing software for Android  offers a free version. Fees of paid license starts from₹7306.40. You can also look into the best FL studio alternatives!

  • Ableton Live

Unique Characteristics: Best for editing MIDI tracks

best sound editor

Ableton live free online audio editor offers inexhaustible support for MIDI tracks, which means that you can conduct editing for more than a single layer audio file.

The audio editor online software is particularly useful for upcoming and professional musicians. Ableton live is also popular among DJs due to its crossfading effects.

Features of Ableton Live:

  1. It offers support for over two hundred mono input and mono output channels.
  2. You can use pre-recorded bass, instrument tunes and music for inserting them into your editable audio.
  3. Suitable for importing and exporting files in OGG vorbis, AIFF-C as well as FLAC format.
  4. You can quickly access your most used editing options with just one click.
  5. You can obtain metrics associated with your sound recordings such as tempo and beats per minute.

Ableton Live Pros and Cons

  • It has some creative pre-recorded audio tracks.
  • You can slice a section of your audio, place it somewhere else and yet maintain the original quality.
  • Ableton live lacks useful features such as pitch modification.

Platforms: macOS, Windows

Pricing of Ableton Live, one of the best audio editing software for Windows 10: The software offers a free version for 30 days. The cost of the paid version is pegged at ₹7306.40.

  • Cubase

Unique Characteristics: Best for obtaining concise view of large audio files on timeline.

Cubase sound edit online tool is useful for making sophisticated frequency adjustments to your soundtracks. The song editing software also provides an auto pan feature using which you can quickly traverse through any large audio file on your timeline.

Features of Cubase Music Editing Software

  1. Its plugin sentinel system ensures that third party plugins are not harmful for your system.
  2. Good number of audio filters and effects to make your YouTube videos creative.
  3. It helps you create high speed workflows for faster audio edits.
  4. You can create background beats and add them to your musical tracks.
  5. You can record instrumental tracks and vocals for adding hem to your soundtrack.

Cubase Pros and Cons

  • The best free audio editing software lets you edit pitch and tempo of your audio tracks.
  • With the audio alignment tool, you can mix multiple audio tracks into a combined file.
  • Beginners might find the learning curve too steep.

Platform: Windows and macOS

Pricing of best audio editing software for Mac: Cubase can be used as best free audio editing software through trail support version. The cost of the paid license starts from ₹8604.93.

Best Audio Editor for Android

  • Voice Pro

Unique Characteristics: Best for encrypting edited soundtracks

Voice Pro audio editing software lets you import and export audio files in different formats such as MP3, WAV etc. By using this audio editor online tool, you can convert your sound recordings as mono or stereo type recording.

There is available also an option for securing recordings with passwords.

Features of Voice Pro Audio Editor App for Android:

  1. You can add additional background music to your audio files.
  2. Voice Pro is one of the best audio editor app for Android because it lets its end users encrypt soundtracks for secure transfer to another device.
  3. In addition to recording audio files, you can also record incoming and outgoing calls.
  4. The software can transcribe your audio file in around forty different languages.
  5. The app has an auto gain feature for reducing unwanted noises in audio files.

Voice Pro Pros and Cons

  • The software creates automatic backup of your edited files.
  • You can avail information about any new editing function within the app itself.
  • Voice Pro has limited functionality when it comes to complex editing of music tracks.

Platforms: Android

Pricing of best audio editing software for Android: Voice Pro is available for download at ₹805.76.

  • Music Editor

Unique Characteristics: Best for editing metadata of music tracks

Looking for a music editing software freely available. Music Editor audio editor app could be the answer here. The platform helps professionals and hobbyists skilfully edit music tracks.

You can compress or squeeze your audio tracks. The best audio editing app lets you create customized ringtones for your android device.

It also provides a ‘Volume Booster’ feature through which you can amplify the volume of a certain section of the audio track.

Features of Music Editor Audio Editor for Android:

  • With the free online audio editor, you can merge different audio files.
  • This is one of the available one audio editors because it supports conversion of audio from one format to the other such as MP3 to AAC, MP4A and WAV.
  • With this free music editing software, you have the option of editing the metadata of each file such as song’s title and artist’s name.
  • Music editor lets you both mute a certain section of your audio or remove it altogether.
  • You can reverse a complete song and play it as such to figure out any anomaly.

Music Editor Pros and Cons

  • The best audio editing app lets you compress audio by changing its sampling rate.
  • You can easily access your work under the ‘My Creation’ section.
  • Professional sound editors may find the app’s editing tools a bit simplistic.

Platforms: Android

Music Editing Software Pricing: Music editor is a free online audio editor that can be downloaded from the app store at no extra cost.

  • Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Unique Characteristics: Best for multichannel playback through USB interface

sound edit online

Audio Evolution free online audio editor has an intuitive interface that is suitable for newbie sound editors. What makes it one of the best audio editor app for android is that you can carry out multitrack editing, split audio files and remove them completely from the timeline.

Features of Audio Evolution Mobile Studio:

  1. You can use this best audio editor for android with a USB interface.
  2. This best free audio editing software offers advanced editing tools such as compressor, EQs and reverb.
  3. Audio evolution supports import and export of files in multiple formats such as MP3, AAC, AIFF and FLAC.
  4. Automatic backup of your rendered files to Google drive.
  5. You can carry out on unlimited undo/redo actions on audio and MIDI files.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio Pros and Cons

  • It supports multichannel playback.
  • You have the option of adding tempo or time signature changes to your edited audio tracks.
  • The app may crash during rendering due to which all your edits might be lost.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Pricing details of best audio editing software for Android: The audio editor app can be downloaded free of cost from Apple and Android app stores. There is support available for in-app purchases as well.

Our Take

Any audio software can be deemed worth using only if it supports converting your soundtracks into different formats. The functionality of song editing software should be such that it can be used by a beginner as well as a professional.

Lastly, it should also provide the additional option of recording vocals and instrumental tunes for adding those to existing audio files on the timeline.

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