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Mixcraft 9

Sold by : Acoustica


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About Mixcraft 9

What is Mixcraft 9?

Mixcraft 9 is a multitrack sound recording studio system that is created by musicians for musicians. The software features an easy-to-use interface along with powerful audio editing and recording tools. The software has a lightning-fast sound engine, accompanied by reality-defying and time-stretching pitch-shifting technology. It also supports audio interfaces, third-party plug-ins, and other hardware controllers. The software is more than a recording studio. Along with audio recording, it offers professional-quality video editing tools. Users can add various transition effects, scrolling texts, and titles to their videos. You can convert your video into a variety of web-friendly formats.

How has Mixcraft 9 turned audio recording into a seamless process?

By using Mixtrack 9, users get to record unlimited audio and instrumental tracks. The software offers a wide array of audio editing and audio mixing tools. It houses a massive loop library consisting of 7500 professionally created loops, sound effects, percussion samples and more. It broadens the users’ sound palette. Mixcraft 9’s Performance panel allows users to record their tracks directly into dedicated slots and make real-time edits in them.

Pricing of Mixcraft 9

The software is available in two different categories:

  1. Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio- It is available at Rs. 11,246.52/-
  2. Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio- It costs Rs. 5661/-

If you are interested in using the software, you can request us for a callback. Our experts will get back to you. We will also provide you with an activation key and other help related to license renewal.

Latest Version of Mixcraft 9

The latest version of Mixcraft 9 software was launched on 4th February 2020. The makers of Mixcraft 9 have added some advanced features and improved the old ones. 

  1. It has more translated strings to support different languages.
  2. An exclusive MIDI Editing option has been added to draw velocity, in case one note is selected.
  3. With the latest version, users get an added ability where they can add a stop button on armed track slots within the performance panel.
  4. Users can also play LOW CPU demo projects with this latest version.
  5. To ensure that low or nil battery charge of the system doesn’t cause any hindrance in the user’s work, the latest version of Mixcraft 9 has an inbuilt warning system.
  6. It provides a timely warning about possible audio performance issues that can happen due to low battery.
  7. The latest version of Mixcraft 9 is capable of loading Waves VST3 plugins at a faster rate than the previous ones.

Compatible Platforms of Mixcraft 9

Mixcraft 9 can be used in -

  1. Windows: 7, 8 and 10 versions
  2. MacOS: Mac OS X 10.5 and later versions.

What are the benefits of using Mixcraft 9?

This sound recording and editing software offers a lot of beneficial features to its users -

  1. Advanced Routing and Control- The Routing and Control feature of Mixcraft 9 includes nested submixes, native sidechaining, advanced MIDI routing, and track grouping.
  2. Modular Synthesis- The software has a complete Eurorack-style virtual modular synthesizer that also houses 45 modules and 100+ presets. This enables users to create massive and complex patches with ease.
  3. Vocoder Tracks- Mixcraft 9’s Vocoder allows users to add vocoder sound in their tracks with a single click.
  4. Mixer Panels- The software provides immediate control to its users so that they can balance the effects on every channel, including Oscilloscope, Parametric EQ Compressor, Gain, drive, etc.

Sold By : Acoustica

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Mixcraft 9 Features

Mixcraft 9 allows users to record their audio to the point of perfection with its intuitive interface and lightning-fast sound engine.
The software has an in-built performance panel that provides features of live performance and loop-based compositions. You can trigger MIDI and audio loops with a MIDI controller or regular keyboard.
Mixcraft 9 has multiple powerful editors and automation tools, which allow users to edit, create and record tempo-synced and patterned MIDI automation with ease.
Mixcraft 9 has a massive library of powerful samplers, classic synthesizers, electric pianos and more, using which users can add various effects seamlessly.
The software has a massive collection of musical instruments starting from rock organs to classic synthesizers and electric pianos, enabling users to create and edit professional quality music.
Mixcraft 9 provides a wide range of video editing tools with which users can crop, edit and crossfade video clips. They can also add titles, scrolling texts, and transition effects, and do much more.
The software provides support to numerous hardware control surfaces, which include Novation LaunchPad, as well as mixing boards that are compatible with Mackie Control.

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Mixcraft 9 Specifications


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Mixcraft 9 FAQs

A. Users can convert any monophonic audio clips into MIDI with a single click. This is possible because of the Melodyne Engine integrated within the software.
A. The software provides a variety of automated plugins and controls like MIDI controller, tempo-synced LFOs and an all-new streamlined interface.
A. Yes, techjockey provides the demo of Mixcraft 9. If you are interested, send us a demo request and schedule your preferred date and time.
A. Users need to have the following setup in order to use Mixcraft 9 - ? Operating System: Windows 7 SP1, 8 or 10 ? RAM: 8GB ? Processor: ? A minimum of 1.8 GHz Dual Core CPU. We would recommend a Quad Core or higher processors. ? 32-bit or 64-bit. ? Hard Disk: 2GB of free space is required for installing the software. ? You will also need good quality USB, Sound cards, or Firewire sound devices.
A. The software has a mobile application known as Mixcraft Remote that allows users to control their audio files on-the-go. With this mobile app, you can perform all the significant functions of the software.

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