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Best Audio Mixing Software in 2024

What is audio mixing software?

You can record music, prepare audiobooks, create podcasts and trim files for short video clips with audio mixing software. The beauty of audio software is that it provides young musicians, beginners, and professionals an opportunity to create high fidelity sound documents for multiple purposes. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Audio Mixing Software in 2024

  • top product arrowCubase PRO
  • top product arrowCubase Artist
  • top product arrowLogic Pro X
  • top product arrowAdobe Audition for teams
  • top product arrowAudacity

Best Audio Mixing Software

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Cubase PRO

Cubase PRO

Brand: Steinberg Media


4.7 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Cubase PRO is a professional music production software used for composing, recording, mixing, and editing music and audio tracks with advanced features and... Read More About Cubase PRO read review arrow

₹21,731 /quantity

Cubase Artist

Cubase Artist

Brand: Steinberg Media


4.4 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Cubase Artist with a rich feature set tailored to instrumentalists and songwriters who put music first, Cubase Artist offers all you need to develop your s... Read More About Cubase Artist img


Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X

Brand: Apple Inc


4.3 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Logic Pro X is a sound editing software, created by the brand Apple. Logic Pro X enhances the creative power of the user. It enables them to produce music... Read More About Logic Pro X img

$200 /quantity

Adobe Audition for teams

Adobe Audition for teams

Brand: Adobe


4.0 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Adobe Audition CC for Team is an audio workstation for audio professionals and musicians. This audio editing software is mainly used for finishing, precis... Read More About Adobe Audition for teams img

₹26,076 /User/Year



Brand: Audacity

Be the first to review

Audacity is an open-source and cross-platform audio software that is free and easy-to-use. This multi-track audio recorder and editor is suitable to run o... Read More About Audacity img

Price On Request

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Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro

Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro

Brand: Program4PC


4.5 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Audio Converter Pro, as the name implies, is an audio converting software which converts audio for music formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, RA, OGG, FLAC,... Read More About Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro img


FL Studio

FL Studio

Brand: Image Line Software


4.5 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

FL Studio is a widely regarded music producing software. It offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to produce music. FL Studio, the audio editing... Read More About FL Studio img

$99 /Quantity

WavePad Audio Editing Software

WavePad Audio Editing Software

Brand: NCH Software

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WavePad is a fully-featured audio and music editing software designed for audio professionals. The software enables users to record and edit voice, music... Read More About WavePad Audio Editing Software img

Price On Request



Brand: Apple Inc

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GarageBand is an audio editing software developed by Apple. It allows users to create different types of music and podcasts as per their tastes. The softw... Read More About GarageBand img

Price On Request



Brand: Reaper


4.3 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

Reaper is a digital audio production software that offers MIDI recording and full multitrack audio, besides the normal functions of audio mixing, processi... Read More About Reaper img

$60 /Licenses

Last Updated on : 09 May, 2024

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Software listed

Best Audio Mixing Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Audacity, Adobe Audition, FL Studio, WavePad, and AudioDirector are some of the most widely used music mixing software for audio mixing. 

Soundop, Adobe Audition, Avid Pro Tools Studio, Ashampoo Music Studio, and Audacity are some of the best software that you can use on your PC. 

To mix music, you can use audio mixing software where you will get multiple audio filters and effects to manipulate audios.

No, most of the music mixing programs falls under your budget and some of them even offer a free plan. 

The main difference between free and paid audio mixing software is that the free version provides limited features as compared to the paid one. 

Audacity, GarageBand, Logic Pro, Adobe Audition, Reaper, etc., are some of the best audio mixing software that you can use to create podcasts. With these software solutions, you can trim, cut, and even rearrange audio clips for your podcast.

Audio Mixing Software Reviews


Cubase PRO


“Cubebase pro comes with a excellent features. The great thing is that there updates are always so amazing. I curiously waits for their update.”

- Chirag Agrawal

See all Cubase PRO reviewsimg

Adobe Audition for teams


“Essential Sound consolidates most-used tools in one panel, Direct export to Adobe Media Encoder CC, More user-friendly for first-time or novice customers”

- Chetan Singh

See all Adobe Audition for teams reviewsimg

Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro


“It comes with a lot's of conversion formats. Pretty straightforward to use.”

- Koushik Ghosh

See all Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro reviewsimg

Audio Mixing Software Price List In India

Audio Mixing Software Cost
Top Audio Mixing Software Starting Price Rating
Cubase PRO₹21731.00 /quantity4.7
Cubase Artist₹23802.91 4.4
Logic Pro X$199.99 /quantity4.3
Adobe Audition for teams₹26076.00 /User/Year4.0
Program4Pc Audio Converter Pro₹2097.00 4.5
FL Studio$99.00 /Quantity4.5
Reaper$60.00 /Licenses4.3

Buyer's Guide for Top Audio Mixing Software

Found our list of Audio Mixing Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What are Sound Mixing Software?
  • How Do We Evaluate and Select the Best Audio Mixing Software for You?
  • Types of Audio Mixing Software
  • What are the important features of Sound Mixing software? 
  • Best Sound Mixing Softwares Comparison 
  • How to find the best music mixing software?
  • What is Sound Mixing Software Used for? 
  • What are the Benefits of Sound Mixing Software? 
  • Implementation of Sound Mixing software
  • How Much Does Sound Mixing Software Cost? 

What are Sound Mixing Software?

You can record music, prepare audiobooks, create podcasts and trim files for short video clips with audio mixing software. It provides young musicians, beginners, and professionals with an opportunity to create high fidelity sound documents for multiple purposes.

Mixing and mastering software offer built-in editing capabilities for generating high quality audio sounds, voiceovers, singular notes, and multi track recording. End users use the best music mixer software for editing, trimming, and filtering audio sounds with perfection. It helps in generating one of a kind phone ring tones to more professional, high definition audio files with sound effects.

How Do We Evaluate and Select the Best Audio Mixing Software for You?

Music mixing software enables audio editors to record and edit music files. It is used for merging, arranging, and manipulating different audio files. You will find multiple audio mixers in the market, but which one should you choose? Therefore, to help you find the right software, we have compared some of the best sound mixing software based on factors like features, pricing, usability, etc. 

While comparing music mixing programs, we have considered features like auto ducking, audio editing, audio clipping, and so on. Not all the software will offer these features, some offer them for free and some under premium subscription. 

Moreover, we also compared audio mixer software solutions based on their free trial, free version, and paid plans. In the list, you will also find mixing software for music that provides free version for beginners.

Types of Audio Mixing Software

Audio mixing software comes in different categories based on the needs and type of audio you need to produce. Audio editing software is used for editing and mixing audios. Music creation software helps in creating different musical compositions. Let's find out more about these types in detail below:

  1. Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs): With DAW software, you can easily record, edit, and mix your audio projects. They are suitable for musicians who need a comprehensive solution.   
  2. Audio Editing Software: Audio editing software offers specialized tools for editing audio like audio repair, audio restoration, noise cancellation, and so on.  
  3. Podcast Production Software: This software type streamlines the recording, mixing, editing, and publishing of podcasts. It comes with features like automatic leveling, remote recording, etc.  
  4. Music Production Software: Music production software lets you produce music by clubbing together multiple pre-recorded samples and loops.

What are the important features of Sound Mixing software? 

Sound mixing software comes with features like equalization, diverse effects, and plugins for creative enhancements. Planning, spatialization controls, and automation enable precise sound manipulation. Compatibility with various formats, real-time monitoring, and collaboration features enhance its functionality for professional audio production.

  1. Auto Ducking: Audio recording software offers this interesting feature called Auto Ducking through which certain parts of an audio can be muted. For example, in any music playing you can reduce the volume of background music to listen clearly to the lyrical section. 

  2. Clip editing: Users prefer audio editing software for maintaining layer stacks, creating mirrored fades, capturing new sounds, streaming podcasts, adding effects, and editing prerecorded files.

  3. Smart tempo: Smart tempo is an advanced feature of audio editing software. Through this feature, an end user can match the timings of different tracks in a project. 

  4. Flex time: Flex time helps in editing the timing of single notes in a waveform separately. The advantage of having sound mixer software here is that you don't have to slice the note out of the clip to edit it.

  5. Multiple file formats: Most audio software supports multiple audio file formats such as MP4, PCM, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, AC3, OGG Vorbis, ALAC, AAC, WAV and MP3. The best audio editors come with all these file sharing/saving versions. 

  6. Plug-ins: Plugin support is a handy tool for sample manipulation, synthesis and compression. Pitch shifting and time stretching are other add-ons available in audio mixing software. These capabilities come pre-installed in audio mixers for PC and mobile. 

  7. Multichannel support: The best software for mixing music supports multiple tracks by providing multichannel support for each track. You can also record tracks for multichannel audio files and save them directly. 

  8. Auto pan: Through the auto pan feature, it is possible to play around with tracks for performing frequency edits. This technicality also helps scan tracks aside from providing users the advantage of using filters separately. 

  9. Prototyping: Audio recording software uses the audio track function for identifying chords so that end users can drag these to make references. You can also use it for key modulation and chord substitution.

Best Sound Mixing Softwares Comparison 

Best Sound Mixing Software Comparison 
Metrics Pricing Key Features Integration Industry
Adobe Audition Starts from INR 1,678.54/month Create a podcast. Re-arrange any song Record and edit audios Adobe Premiere Pro Sonix Entertainement
Logic Pro X Available on request Professional songwriting Beat-making Sound editing and mixing. Not available Music
FL Studio Available on request Audio recording Automation clips Automation clips SYQEL Regroover Krotos Music
WavePad Starts from INR 321.93/user/month Audio capture Audio restoration Audio editing DirectX Virtual Studio Technology DLL plugin MixPad multitrack Journalism
Audacity Free Record live sound Convert music tapes Change the pitch Kasm Workspaces Notetracks Cleanvoice Education, Research, and Marketing

How to find the best music mixing software?

Free trials, short demos and video tutorials are some of the prerequisites for selecting an audio editor. However look for the following functionalities in paid and free audio editor for identifying the best software for mixing music.

  1. Noise reduction tool: Music mixing software for streaming has a noise reduction tool available for filtering out unwanted noises. All you have to do is highlight the section and let the software analyse it for filtering and finally removing unwanted noise.

  2. Import/export: You can easily import and export music into almost all available formats within a few minutes. Encoder file and keyboard shortcuts are tools used for exporting/importing audio files.

  3. Audio settings: Music mixing software for streaming has audio setting options for identifying presets and finding soundtracks that may need editing. There is also a preview option available to check how the effects sound like before finally saving them.

  4. Customizable toolbars: With the best audio mixer software, you can alter not just the look of the sound editing window but also edit the toolbar row itself for creating a column of only selected tools.

  5. Audio extraction: Extract audios from videos, manage songs and search for metadata in files through the best available music mixers. End users are also allowed to edit metadata tags and convert common formats for an all-round musical experience.

  6. User friendly interface: Lastly, paid and free audio software provides an intuitive interface for optimizing the quality of audio recordings and shots. This platform is speedy, accurate and provides qualitative processing tools for enriching your audio collection.

What is Sound Mixing Software Used for? 

Sound mixing software is used to blend and adjust audio elements like music, voice, and sound effects, to create a balanced audio mix. It allows professionals in music production, film, and other audio-related fields to manage volume levels, apply effects, and tune various audio parameters for an immersive listening experience. 

Additionally, audio mixing software offers tools for spatial placement of audio elements, enabling the creation of a three-dimensional sonic environment. Sound mixers can also be used to correct imperfections, remove background noise, and achieve a professional-grade sound that meets the desired audio standards for different media formats.

What are the Benefits of Sound Mixing Software? 

With good audio mixing software, you can collaborate with other musicians to work on a project. Moreover, it can help synchronize audio with visuals and create a seamless and immersive viewing experience. Let's find more benefits of using the best sound mixing software: 

  1. Professional Audio Production: It enables users to create high-quality audio productions by combining and adjusting different sound elements, such as music, voice, and effects. 
  2. Precision and Control: Users can precisely control the volume, pitch, and timing of individual audio tracks, allowing for fine-tuned adjustments to achieve the desired sound balance. 
  3. Creative Freedom: Sound mixing software provides a platform for experimenting with various effects and arrangements, allowing artists and producers to explore creative possibilities and develop unique sounds. 
  4. Enhanced Quality: It helps improve the overall audio quality by applying equalization, compression, and other audio processing techniques to eliminate unwanted noise and enhance the clarity of the final mix. 
  5. Multitrack Editing: Users can work with multiple audio tracks simultaneously, enabling the creation of complex and layered soundscapes. 
  6. Automation: Sound mixing software often includes automation features, allowing users to program changes in volume, panning, and other parameters over time, reducing the need for manual adjustments. 

Implementation of Sound Mixing software

To implement sound mixing software, you need to install the software and configure its settings. Next, you need to connect your audio recording device and start recording. Then you can edit this audio and export it in your desired file format. Here are the steps you need to follow to implement sound mixing software. 

  • Step 1: Download and install the mixing software as per your requirements. 
  • Step 2: Once installed, configure your software setting 
  • Step 3: After that, connect your recording device to your computer. This allows you to record and input audio into the software. 
  • Step 4: Next, create and manage your audio project with settings like sample rate, bit depth, channel count, etc. 
  • Step 5: After that, you can start recording your audio or import existing files 
  • Step 6: Next, edit your audios with filters, effects, delay, chorus, distortion,etc. 
  • Step 7: Use compressor and equalizer to adjust your audio quality  
  • Step 8: Lastly export the final mix as a high-quality audio file (WAV, MP3) for sharing or further processing. 

How Much Does Sound Mixing Software Cost? 

The cost of audio mixing software depends on the vendor and the features it offers. On average, music mixing programs cost INR 2097/month. Most of the software is available on a subscription basis, annually or monthly. However, many vendors also provide lifetime licenses to use the software. 

The cost of mixing software for music will also depend on the features it provides. For example, software with basic features will cost less than software offering advanced audio mixing features. In addition to that, the cost of software maintenance, training materials, or customer support will also be added up to the software cost. Therefore, it is better to look at the complete cost breakdown of the music mixing software before buying it.

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